Information for New Patients

New Patients please read on to know more about Consultation and Treatment process followed at Matha Ayurved Eye Hospital. New Patients are requested to come prepared for the process.

  1. Appointment - Kindly book an appointment by calling 0471-2731352 (Between 9.00 am to 6.30 pm Indian Time) and confirm your appointment. You may also schedule an online appointment by clicking here
  2. Initial Assessment - New Patients will undergo an Initial Assessment which includes a detailed case taking, vision testing, all other necessary investigations including fundus imaging and a preliminary consultation.The Initial Assessment is a very important step where the complete history and the present clinical stage of the condition is analysed by a physician.   
  3. Consultation with Senior Physician - After the Initial assessment, Patients will meet with our Senior Physicians where the diagnosis and the present clinical stage of the condition is finalized. Kindly note that this is an ayurvedic eye hospital and the diagnosis and the present clinical stage of the disease need to be confirmed on the basis of Ayurvedic science. 
Please note: All relevant medical reports of previous diagnosis and treatments need to be kept ready during consultation. 


After Consultation, patients are informed in detail about the treatment needed, duration of treatment, expected results etc. Patients requiring inpatient treatment may get admitted as per the advice of the doctor.

Indicative Treatment Duration

Inpatient treatment usually takes approx 15 to 20 days for a single course.

The exact duration of treatments can be confirmed only after consultation. This is because the treatments and medicines required for each patient needs to be decided based on the present clinical stage of that patient.

Expected Results

Expected Results of a treatment will be explained to a patient by the doctor after the initial assessment and Senior Physician's Consultation.

Need for follow up Treatments

Patients may need to undergo follow up treatments depending on the diagnosis and the clinical stage of the disease. Such Details will be explained to the patient on consultation.

Online/Telephonic Consultation

The Hospital DOES NOT provide online or telephonic consultation. Medical advice will not be given by the hospital or its staff without assessing the patient and the clinical stage of the disease.

Patients may contact us over phone for any queries

Helpline: 98470 57575,