FAQ on Ayurvedic Methods for Prevention of Eye Diseases

  • I am an engineering student, very interested in computer. My vision is so far normal. But, I feel fatty and tiredness of eye after reading or working on computer for a long time. I am afraid my eyes are getting weak. Is there any preventive methods to protect my eyes ?
    • Ans: There are many methods to make the eye more healthy. Internal medicines, external medications, dietary factors, eye exercises, treatment procedures etc are main among them. Before selecting a perfect line of approach for a particular person, his body constitution (prakriti), profession, dietary habits, lifestyles etc etc are to be considered. On that basis, we can give a perfect method to make your eye more healthy.

  • I am a vegetarian housewife, 38 years old. I am not having any considerable vision problem at present . I am conscious of my health. I am practicing Yoga, pranayama, morning walk etc. Is there anything to be done specially for my eyes ?
    • Ans :The things you are doing now are helpful for the eye also. After a small but scientific ophthalmic examination, we can give better advice which is specific to your eyes.