FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatments for children's eye problems

  • My son is three years old. When he was 10 months old, I noticed squint in right eye. We consulted a doctor. After examination, he told there is vision problem in both eye, more in right eye and prescribed glass -0.75/1800 in left eye and -2.75/180o in Right eye. Also advised surgery for squint. I do not prefer surgery. Is there any method in Ayurveda to try ?
    • Ans: Yes there is. There are treatments to improve vision which include internal medicines, external medications, dietary factors, and practice of scientifically arranged eyeball movements. A combination of all these three will control the problems of your child.

  • My son is 10 years old and he is using myopic glasses -4.00 and -5.00 in each eyes. He started to use glass three years back as -2.00 and -2.25 respectively. Doctors say that it may increase gradually and we have to change the glass accordingly and we can do laser surgery after 19 years. I am not in a status to wait 9 more years to get a perfect treatment for my child. I am also afraid about the condition of vision by this time.  As an alternative system can Ayurveda contribute anything ?
    • Ans: Your son is having progressive myopia. He requires a perfect and scientific management in Ayurveda to improve the vision. The age is a positive factor now. Different types of medicines, external medications and dietary contributions are there. It is to be selected on the basis of predominant dosha, body constitution, etc etc. After a thorough examination, we can decide a treatment plan for your child.