Eye Care for Children

Ayurvedic Eye  Care Program For Children 

This is a specially developed Eye Care Program for children upto the age of 15 years. This program was introduced in Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital (Kudappanakunnu) in 2007. Over the years, this has developed into a separate division that operates in all the units of Matha Auyrveda Eye Hospitals. 

Why Special Eye Care Programme for children? 

More than 90% of the knowledge we gain is through the visual organ.That means,Educational, and knowledgewise status of the country directly depends upon the functional capacity of the eye of the children of that country.

In other words, the growth of a Nation is through the VISION of the young generation of that country.So everybody, especially the Ophthalmologists are responsible to do their best to kep the VISual organ of the children strong and healthy.Ayurveda can do very much in this field

O.K.How is it possible?

It is to be remembered that, children will not comlain about their visual problems . So the responsibility of finding out the problem turns to the parents.So dear parents please note the following factors which will help you in finding out the case.

  • Is there watering of the eyes while reading or watching the T.V. for a long period ?
  • See whether the child is making mistakes in the school notes ?
  • Is there unexpected laziness in their studies ?
  • Your child is complaining of head ache while reading ?
  • Your child is rubbing the eyes occasionally ?
  • Your child refuse to read the book for a considerable period ?

If you come to notice any of the above facts, do not wait consult an Ophthalmologist immediately.

We can help you through the endless blessings of the great science of Ayurveda.

  1. Giving directions and instructions for their dietary factors.
  2. Find out out in their routine daily life factors which are influencing their eyes-eg: reading habits habit of watching T.V., Computor , journeyetc.- and correct instructions.
  3. Find out and diagnose the disease in time and give treatments.What are these diseases ? Myopia, astigmatisam and other refractive errors, ophthalmic manifestations of other disease if any.
  4. Modified eye exercise methods along with AYURVEDIC MEDICATIONS for each type of refractive error is our speciality. Children are categorized into different roup on the basis of age, body cosstittuion(prakrithy) and treatment is formulated accordingly
  5. Watching T.V.,Computer etc : It is seen that most of the mothers are still unaware of the factors to be rembered while their kids are watching T.V.Computer etc. Size of the creen, distance of the screen, position of the TV, illumination in the room, duration of watching T.V.etc. Are influencing factors.