A Textbook of Ophthalmology in Ayurveda

A Textbook of Ophthalmology in Ayurveda(Second Edition)

A textbook of ophthalmology in Ayurveda is textbook for Ayurvedic students, approved by CCIM
(Central council for indian systems of medicine). This book brings to light, how great is the principles of ophthalmology in Ayurveda. It reveals how every disease can be analysed on the basis of the fantastic ‘Tridosha Theory’.

All aspects of ophthalmology including anatomy, physiology, etiology, prognosis, examination methods etc. are described under separate chapters in a simple and easy approachable way. The diseases and treatment principles are described in the light of practical experience and research trials. Refractive errors, traumatic conditions, symptomatic disorders etc also are brought into tridosha theory. The specific procedures of ophthalmic medications are described in detail. Finally the preventive measures are also added which is highly beneficial at present.

The Textbook is written for Graduates (B.A.M.S) and Post Graduates (M.D) of Ayurvedic Science. 
Price :Rs 450/-