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Keratoconus Ayurvedic Treatment
Keratoconus Ayurvedic Treatment

Keratoconus is a condition in which the cornea of the eyeball becomes conical in shape. The shape of the cornea is spherical. The change in shape may be congenital (by birth) or acquired (developed later). The main reason for this condition is the progressive thinning of the cornea. The curvature of the cornea has an important role in refraction. This curvature focuses the light rays on the retina. Thereby eyes maintain a normal vision. Any defect in the shape will create visual problems. We cannot correct such problems with glass or even by contact lenses.

Ayurvedic theory on treatment for Keratoconus

In Ayurveda, this condition gets diagnosed as the vitiation of vata. This affects the cornea. So, doctors select vata samana treatments for the management of keratoconus. The aim of the treatment is :

  1. To strengthen the cornea so that it will not bulge outwards and will keep the normal shape. 
  2. Improving the functional capacity of the organ and nervous system to improve vision. 
Ayurvedic Eye Treatment follows the various methods as described below : 
  1. Internal medicines – Selected according to the condition of the patient and clinical stage of the disease
  2. External treatment procedures – There are various treatment procedures for keratoconus. Aschotanam, Netra tharpanam, and putapakam are useful in keratoconus. The medicines for these procedures should are selected by an experienced hand only.  
  3. Practice scientifically arranged eyeball movements so that the shape of the eyeball can be kept intact. 

All the above three steps together will serve the purpose. Please visit our Faq on ayurvedic treatment for keratoconus for details.