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  • I am a 58 years old man. I am using reading glasses for the last 15 years. Two years back, I felt some changes in my vision. When I focus on an object, it seems to blurred and straight lines curved. When I look at people, the face is not clear. When I went for a checkup, the doctor told that there is some problem with my retina, especially macula. According to his advice, I am using vitamin tablets and de-oxidants. But no considerable result till now. Can Ayurveda help me?
    • Ans: Yes. Ayurveda can do something. But it does not mean that we can cure the disease completely. As you know, it is a degenerative disease. With ayurvedic treatments for macular degeneration, we can arrest or delay the degeneration. So, we can control the deterioration of vision. Anyways, Ayurveda can save your vision from being blind.

  • I am 68 years old now. About 9 years back, I was seeing small dots and thread-like things moving in front of my eyes. The doctor told it is not a serious thing and to leave it off. But my complaints keep on increasing. Now, the doctor told me that an injection inside the eye may sometimes work out. That was also done. But no improvement. Is there any alternative in Ayurveda?
    • Ans: There is a degeneration of macula (the most sensitive part of the retina) of your eye. There are procedures in Ayurveda to strengthen the nerves. This increases the functional capacity of the eye. This helps you to experience better vision. So you can have a trial in Ayurveda.

  • I was quite asymptomatic until 2 months back. Then, there was a sudden dimness in vision in the left eye. I thought it was a problem with my reading glasses. So I went to the optical shop, but no glass was suitable to improve my vision .why is it so? Is there any serious problem?
    • Ans: Glasses are not a solution to all eye problems. There may be something wrong with your retina of the lens. Differential diagnosis is necessary to start treatment. So, after a detailed checkup. Have a diagnosis if there is cataract or any other retinal degenerative conditions.

  • I am 62 years old and had a cataract in both eyes. 6 months back, I underwent cataract surgery in my right eye, but after the surgery, my vision became worse. Why is it so? The doctor says that my retina is weak. Now, I want to save my left eye. What should be done?
    • Ans: There are treatment procedures in Ayurveda to strengthen the retina. The treatment for retina and cataract is different. So you better undergo ayurvedic treatment for your retina problem. Only after that, think of treatment for cataract.

  • I am a 50 years old lady using reading glasses for the last 5 years. I have no hypertension, diabetes or any other systemic diseases. Since one month back, the dimness of vision in my eyes is there. Sometimes, the straight lines seem curved, especially the horizontal lines. Sometimes, I miss the steps while climbing the staircase. Is it a serious problem? I prefer ayurvedic treatment.
    • Ans: It is the starting of a serious problem. It is the initial symptoms of macular degeneration. Since you are in the initial stage, the Chances of a positive result for the treatment are more. Immediate ayurvedic treatment can save your eyes.

  • I am 48 years old businessman doing extensive travel. Nowadays, I find it difficult to face bright light and feel more sensitive to the light. In the bright light, I see small spots like or thread-like objects in front of the eyes. I consulted an ophthalmologist. He told that there is a possibility of macular degeneration in my eyes. I prefer ayurvedic treatment for this problem. Is it possible?
    • Ans: According to Ayurveda, your problem is the ‘pitta-predominant’ condition. At present, it is not a serious problem. Systematic ayurvedic treatment methods can treat this condition. So Start treatment immediately.

  • I am a patient of macular degeneration for the last 4 years.  I am using vitamin tablets and anti-oxidants. 4 months back, there was a sudden loss of vision in the right eye and I can see only shadows. The examination confirmed bleeding in the eye . According to their instruction, I underwent laser treatment. Even after that, the vision has not increased. Can Ayurveda help me? I am also a diabetic patient.
    • Ans: Ayurveda can help you, but only medicine is not enough. Food habits, oil for the head are also important. We have to consider habits like sleep, bath, watching TV, etc. Overall management can save your eyes.

  • I am a middle aged man. When I look at an object, the center portion seems dark. The peripheral part is visible. Why is it so?
    • Ans: It may be due to macular degeneration. We can confirm by FFA and OCT. Fluid accumulation if present is controlled first. After that degenerative changes treated. This is the principle of ayurvedic treatment.

  • When I look at straight lines, they seem curved. There is a general blurring of vision also. Is it a serious problem? Can ayurveda help me ?
    • Ans: It is the beginning of a serious problem. If you are prepared to take ayurvedic treatment procedures immediately, your vision can be protected.