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Macular Degeneration Ayurvedic Treatment
Macular Degeneration Ayurvedic Treatment

Macular degeneration is now one of the major causes of blindness. It is now in the first place among the causes of blindness in the working group of population. 

In most cases, patients miss the early stage of the disease. This is because there is no serious visual problem in this very early stage. Only when the vision gets affected, the victim becomes aware of this condition.

Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

  • Blurring and decrease in vision, especially distant vision.
  • Unable to look at a bright light, especially sunlight.
  • Certain areas in the visual field may be missing.
  • Distortion of the vision. i.e., the Patient sees a straight line as curved or zig-zagged.
  • The shape of the object may seem changed. i.e., sometimes objects are seen as large or small in size.
  • Darkness in the center of the visual field, so the patient would be unable to see the focusing object. The central darkness may increase in size and lead to total blackout.
The different visual problems cause confusion among patients. They have a lot of doubts. We have compiled a list of Faq on ayurvedic treatment for macular degeneration

Types of Macular Degeneration

Clinically, macular degeneration is described under two heads :
  1. Dry ARMD (atrophic type)
  2. Wet ARMD (Haemorrhagic type)

Dry ARMD is usually gradual in onset leading to blindness. When examined, hard exudates seen on the retina. In the case of wet ARMD, the onset will be sudden and there will be haemorrhage in the retina.

Ayurvedic theory in the treatment of Macular Degeneration

Identification of the dosha predominance is a vital factor in ayurvedic eye treatment. According to ayurvedic theories, macular degeneration is a Vata-pitta predominant. In the case of dry type, the vitiation of Vata is more. So, Vata-Samana chikitsa concentrating on the head and eye is necessary to manage the case. For this, Brimhana nasyam, Siro vasthi, Siro Dhara, Nethra tharpanam, etc. are beneficial. 

There is a very careful selection method for medicines used in treatments. The medicine varies according to the body constitution of the patient. Age, mental status, habitual factors, etc also play a vital role in medicine selection.

Other systemic diseases get considered while selecting medicines. In the case of the wet type, pitta is more predominant. So, this factor is also considered before selecting the medicines.  

Pittasamana, chakshushya and Rasayana drugs are suitable for this. The treatment procedures should be mainly ksheeradhara, netrasekam, vitalakom, etc.

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