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1.   I am diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. The diagnosis is confirmed by 3 different doctors.  Now I am 45 years old. My vision is very poor. Night vision is the greatest problem. I can see only the central objects. Peripheral objects are not visible. All the doctors say there is no treatment for this. My vision is getting deteriorated day by day. Can Ayurveda help me in any way?

Ans: As you know, Retinitis pigmentosa is a very serious eye problem. We cannot cure it completely even in Ayurveda. But there is Hope. There are methods to strengthen the retina. This increases the functional capacity of the organ. Thereby, we can delay the deterioration/degeneration. Sometimes, we can arrest the progress of deterioration also.

2.    I am a Retinitis pigmentosa patient, now 35 years lady. My son is 5 years now. I know that this condition is a genetic disorder and so I am afraid of my son’s vision. He is having some problems with distant vision and using myopic glass at present. Is there any method to protect his vision?

Ans:  First of all, we have to diagnose whether your son is having Retinitis pigmentosa or not. Sometimes it may be only myopia. Anyways, ayurvedic treatment for retinitis pigmentosa to increase the health of the visual organ is available. They can protect his vision. Since he is a young boy, we expect the maximum result.