Eye Care Tips For Children

Eye Care Tips for Children

Eye care Tips regarding watching TV, computer etc…

  • Never allow them to read in the lying position
  • Do not allow them to watch TV in the lying position
  • Keep the TV at a height so that it is not too above or below the level of the eye of the child
  • Reading in a moving vehicle should not be allowed.
  • While viewing TV, keep your child atleast 3 meters away
  • Please do not compel the child to read or write before the age of 4 (four) years
  • While working on a computer, let the screen be straight in front of the eyes.
  • Use LCD screen as far as possible.

Eye care tips on daily routines….

  • While going to bed and after rising from bed in the morning, wash the face, eyes and legs with clean water.
  • Have headbath with cold water daily.
  • Apply a little oil on head and massage gently before bath.
  • If you are using medicated oil, it should be strictly against the direction of a doctor.
  • To apply little oil on the foot, either before bath or at bedtime is very good.
  • If there is habit of swimming, goggles are compulsory.

Eye care tips on diet..

  • Confirm that your kid takes food at correct time daily
  • Do not give fried items in empty stomach
  • Avoid too much hot and spicy items. E.g. pickles, masalas etc.
  • Meat of birds is better than other types of meat.
  • Better to use steamed or boiled food than fried items.
  • Make sure fruits are included in the daily menu
  • Green vegetables is absolutely necessary for a healthy eye
  • Cut short junk food.
  • Give supper atleast 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Make sure children take enough water daily