FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Glaucoma

  • I am a glaucoma patient using eye drops for the last 6 years. Even the I.O.P (Intra ocular pressure) is raised and my vision is decreasing. Is there any treatment in ayurveda ?
    • Ans : In your case, a systematic approach is necessary. Before doing external ophthalmic medications, a systematic sodhana treatment such as panchakarma is found to be useful. After that, specific ophthalmic procedures such as anjanam, jalaukavacharanam, tharpanam etc should be done.

  • My eye pressure is 32 mm/Hg in Left eye and 44 mm/Hg in Right eye. For the last 5 years, I am using eye drops for glaucoma. 3 years back, I had undergone a surgery for the same complaint. Still, pressure is not controlled. Now, my vision is getting deteriorated. Can I save my vision by ayurvedic methods ?
    • Ans: By ayurvedic methods, the deterioration can be arrested. But, you have to take medicine continuously for a very long period. The treatment includes external medication as well as internal medicines.

  • I am a glaucoma patient and using anti-glaucomatis drops for the last five (5) years. I.O.P (Intra ocular pressure) is controlled, but vision is decreasing. Can Ayurveda help me ?
    • Ans: Since your I.O.P is under control, it is easy to take necessary measure to improve your vision. For this, internal as well as special ophthalmic procedures are there in ayurveda.

  • I am suffering from glaucoma and am under medication for the same. Now, I am not able to see the peripheral object. Only central objects are seen. Field test was done and peripheral field loss is confirmed. Is there any treatment in ayurveda ?
    • Ans: Field defect is one of the major problem in glaucoma patients. According to ayurveda, it is due to the vitiation of vata. Due to vata predominance, your retina is getting weak and degenerated. In ayurveda, there are methods to control the vitiation of vata and thereby strengthen the retina. This type of management will benefit your eyes.