FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment For Myopia

FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Myopia - Short Sight

  • I am 22 years old and an myopic patient for 4 years. Now I am using -7 D glasses in Right eye and -8 D glasses in Left eye. I have to work in front of a computer for more than 8 hours per day. Now, I am not able to work that much time. I feel tiredness. Sometimes, I feel floaters and flashes of light. Is it dangerous? Is there any treatment in ayurveda
    • Ans:- The recent symptoms  indicates that your eyes are very weak and the nervous layer is getting damaged. So it is to be considerd seriously.Ther are Ayurvedic methods to save your vision.

  • I am a myopic patient from childhood and using spectacles. Now, I see small dark spots and threads are moving in front of the eyes. What is it ? Doctors adviced to neglect it, but I am afraid of it. Can it be removed by ayurvedic treatment?
    •  Ans:- The new symptoms points to a serious problem in future. Do not consider it “simple”.If you are ready to undergo systematic Ayurvedic treatments AND SPEND TIME FOR IT, YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR EYES.

  • I am myopic from childhood. I am using spectacles (glasses). Last time, when vision is dull, it was seen that vision was not corrected to 6/6 with any glass. So, I am not able to see distant object even with glass. Is there any treatment in ayurveda?
    •  Ans:- That means yours is Degenerative myopia and your nervous layer also is getting involved in the pathology.Donot worry. Ayurveda can help you.    


  • I am 22 years old man and I am myopic from childhoold. I have been using glass for the same. At present,  -14 in Right eye and -12 in Left eye. Six months back, there was a sudden loss of vision in right eye. Doctors told that retina is detached. A surgery was done for it and there was a slight improvement. (C.F – 3 metres). There is no improvement in vision with glass. Why is it so. Doctors told that I have to be careful for the left eye. How to be careful? Is there any treatment in ayurveda to protect my left eye?
    • Ans:- Of course there are methods. Glasses can correct only the refractive error. It has nothing to do with retina. In your present condition, retina is involved. That is why, vision is not improved with glasses.


  • I am a myopic patient from 10 years old. In the beginning, I was using a glass -0.5 D in right eye and -0.75 in left eye. My present power of glass is -8D in right eye and -9 D in left eye. Now I am 22 years old. Why is the power of my glass increasing? At present, i feel blurring of vision even with glass. Doctor has told that there is no use of changing the glass further. What should be done to protect my vision?
    • Ans:- Yours is Progressive myopia.Glasses cannot prevent the progress of the disease. It can only help in refraction. You can strengthen your eyes by Ayurvedic methods.

  • I am 20 years old. Now using glass with -11 D and -12 D. Two years back, when I consulted an ophthalmologist, they told if the vision is constant for 1 year, we can go for laser treatment. But, it was not under control. In every 6 months period, I have to increase the power of my glass. Is there any method in ayurveda to keep my vision at least constant?
    • Ans:You need not worry. Ayurveda can help you in this aspect. By systematic ayurvedic methods, your vision can not only be kept constant, but it can be improved. 

  • My son is 6 years old. He is not able to read on blackboard in the classroom. When we consulted an eye specialist, spectacles were prescribled. Is it a treatment ? Can we remove the spectacles after sometime ?
    • Ans : your child is having myopia. Since he is only 6 years old, there are higher chances for positive results. A combined treatment which includes scientifically arranged eye exersices along with appropriate internal medicines and special ophthalmic medications will help your child to remove the spectacles. 

  • I am 20 year old boy and am using spectacles (glasses) for short sight for the last 10 years. Every year, the power of the glass has to be increased. Why is it so? Can it be stopped?
    • Ans : To change the glass every years means your disease is progressing. It is not simple myopia, but pathological in nature (degenerative). Glass is not a permanent solution for these type of myopia. Medicines to overcome the degenerative changes or atleast to arrest degeneration is necessary. There is successful medicines for this purpose in ayurveda. 

  • I am using contact lens for short sight for the last 6 years. Now, I see flashes of light in front of the eyes. I am afraid of it. Is it a serious problem ? Can ayurveda cure it ?
    • Ans : Seeing flashes frequently is not a good thing. According to ayurveda, it is due to pitta vitiation. If it is increasing, there is a possibility of even retinal detachment. Ayurveda can help you in this condition.