Ayurvedic treatment for floaters in the eyes

Patients experience floaters as small dark spots in visual field. Other shapes are also seen. Floaters are free moving. In eye treatment, this is a very subjective symptom. Doctors rely only on patient words to evaluate intensity of floaters. Systematic ayurvedic treatment for eye floaters solves this problem only after considering its root cause. 
Floaters  are symptoms of typical pathological conditions of eye. They are a warning that our eyes need treatment. Floaters are seen  in high myopia, degenerative myopia and dry eye conditions. They are also seen when thinning of retina or degeneration of retina occurs.   Certain symptoms, if associated with floaters indicate seriousness of clinical stage. Headache, blurring of vision, eye pain and hypersensitivity towards light are such symptoms.

In ayurveda, floaters is diagnosed as a vata predominant ophthalmic condition. Association of pitta or kapha are also seen. The exact diagnosis and clinical stage are confirmed during first phase of treatment. In the next phase, treatment is NOT for floaters. Treatment is for that particular pathology which caused floaters. So, confirmation of source of floaters is vital before start of ayurvedic treatment. In the third phase, eyes are strengthened to prevent further onset.

Ayurvedic treatment for floaters varies from person to person. The reason is simple. The source of floaters is different for each person. Matha ayurveda eye hospital has a successful treatment protocol for treating eye floaters. Treating the reason for floaters is our primary objective. On achieving this goal, floaters get cured automatically.