Ayurvedic treatment for floaters in the eyes

Floaters means something which seems to be floating. In ophthalmology, this refers to a purely subjective symptom where the patient experiences small dark spots (sometimes other shapes also) in the visual field which are moving freely. In normal case, sometimes, this may be seen (one or two floaters) and it can be simply neglected. But, it is also developed as a symptom of an ophthalmic pathologic condition. 

Floaters can be seen in high myopia, dry eyes, degenerative myopia, thinning of retina, degeneration of retina etc. If headache, blurring of vision, pain, hypersensitivity towards light, etc are seen associated with floaters, the condition should be considered seriously. 

In Ayurveda, this can be considered as a vata predominant ophthalmic condition. In certain cases, there will be association of pitta or kapha also. The treatment is not for the floaters, but for the pathological condition which develop floaters as a symptom. So, the actual disease is to be found out before starting the treatment. It is possible only by examining the patient in detail. 

In short, the treatment may vary from one person to another even though they complain about the common symptom – floaters.