Ayurvedic Treatment for Short Sight (Nearsightedness)

Short sight is very very common nowadays. The main symptom is inability to see distant objects. Hence, this condition is also called nearsightedness. The reason for short sight is a defect in refraction. Light rays are not converged on retina.
Mechanical aids such as glasses, contact lens etc are only supporting aids. When we remove such aids, the problem still remains. Generally, short sight develops in childhood. As child grows, the problem also grows. So does the power of glasses.

Ayurvedic treatment for shortsight at Matha  follows a medicinal approach. The different steps in  ayurvedic treatment are summarized as :
  1. Internal ayurvedic medicines to improve nervous system of eyes. This in turn increases the functional capacity of the organ. 
  2. External ayurvedic treatment procedures. Nasyam, tharpanam, putapakam, aschotanam, sekam etc are just few of them. Medicines selected for these procedures will be specific to the individual. These procedures bring back the refractive media to normal stage. This controls the error in refraction.
  3. Practice of eyeball movements. Scientific eyeball movements  maintain the flexibility and elasticity of eye muscles.  This helps to maintain curvature and movement of structures in normal position. 

A combined action of all these three steps will bring good results.