FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Degenerative Myopia

  • My son is now 8 years we noticed his vision problem by the age of 6 years. The doctors told that it is a serious type of myopia and prescribed -5.00 glasses in both eyes. He also told about a laser treatment that can be done after 18 years and to change the glasses until then whenever necessary. Every year, he has to change the glass. Now, it is -8.5 in one eye and -9.5 in the other. Is there any treatment atleast to prevent the progress of disease in Ayurveda ?
    • Ans : Yes. There is . There are methods in Ayurveda to prevent the progress of disease (degenerative myopia) and to increase the vision. It is a systematic and scientific approach which includes internal medicines as well as external treatment procedures.

  • My daughter is 12 years, now using glasses -6.5 in right eye and -7.5 in left eye. She is not able to read small letters even with this glass. Doctors are not suggesting any methods other than using spectacles. In our experience, vision is decreasing gradually. Can Ayurveda protect the vision of my daughter ?
    • Ans: Of course, Ayurveda can help you. There are treatments in Ayurveda to strengthen the retina and to improve the vision. The condition is to be analysed on ayurvedic basis and select appropriate line of treatment.

  • I am now 18years old and my glasses are -10 and -11  in R.E and L.E respectively. It started from -2 in both eyes by the age of 7 years. Vision is clear with the present glass. But, I feel headache and eye pain while reading for a long time and working on a computer. I am afraid that whether I can continue my studies. Is there any treatment in Ayurveda for the above condition ?
    • Ans: Ayurveda can help you in many ways. There are internal medicines and external medications for the eye and very specific treatment procedures to protect your eyes. The medicine should be confirmed after analyzing the problem on the basis of ayurvedic principles. Inpatient treatment will also be necessary.

  • I am 35 years and working as project manager in a software company. Now I am using -10 and -12.5 power glasses in right eye and left eye. Vision is not fully corrected even with this glass. I am highly afraid. If the condition is progressing, I will not be able to continue my work. What should I do ?
    • Ans :I you are ready to follow ayurvedic methods, we can protect your vision in such a way that you can continue your works safely and have a good future. You have to take internal medicines and also undergo inpatient treatment.