Ayurvedic Treatment For Eye Floaters

The term “eye floaters” is very common now. The number of patients seeking treatment for eye floaters is increasing gradually. What is an eye floater? It just means “Something that floats”. The patient experiences small dark objects – dots, webs, strings, thread, etc. in front of the eyes. It is not fixed, but moving. It darts away when the patient tries to focus on it. So, the name – eye floaters.

Simple eye floaters in a small level is harmless. It is seen in without any visual impairment or any other serious symptom, especially in senile people. But eye floaters are seen as a symptom in many other severe ophthalmic pathologies such as chorioretinopathy, macular edema, high myopia, retinal detachment, vitreous detachment, macular degeneration, etc. In hypertensive retinopathy and diabetic retinopathy also, patients may experience floaters. So, a differential diagnosis becomes absolutely necessary to proceed with treatment.

If analysed on the basis of ayurvedic principles, Vata has a predominant role in pathology. So, to normalize the function of Vata is the main aim of treatment. When coming to the treatment aspect, the disease is to be considered as two groups:
1. Simple harmless eye floaters
2. Floaters associated with other ocular pathologies.

The first group is comparatively easy to treat. Here, the treatment is focused on normalizing the functions of Vata. Sirodhara, Siro abhyanga, Netra tharpanam, etc. with selective medicines are the treatment procedures. Internal medicines are also necessary.

In the second group, treatment is to be done very carefully. The treatment cannot be focused simply on “eye floaters”. The ocular pathology which leads to floaters is more important. So, the treatment may vary from one person to another, according to the clinical condition, existing ocular pathology and other systemic diseases (if any)

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor, I see dark moving small dots in front of my eyes. It started about one year back. I am using spectacles for short sight from the age of 10 years. Now, I am 20 years. Doctors have asked me to ignore it. But, gradually, the number of floaters is increasing. In bright light, it becomes more. Can they be removed by ayurvedic treatment?

In ayurveda, there are successful treatment methods for eye floaters. Before starting treatment, a detailed checkup is necessary. It is to rule out any other diseases such as retinal edema, retinal tear, inflammations, etc. If so, it should be controlled first. After that, treatment for floaters is very easy.

I am a diabetic patient and also suffering from diabetic retinopathy for the last 4 years. Now, I am 61 years old. I have already undergone laser treatment two times. Recently, I experienced dark moving dots and web like shadows in front of my eyes. My friend says he also has some eye floaters and need not take it seriously. Doctor, is it like that? But I want to remove it.

Floaters may appear as a senile symptom and need not worry about it. But, in your case, It is not like that. You said that you are diabetic and have retinopathy also. So, a detailed investigation becomes necessary. It is to rule out haemorrhages, fluid accumulations, leakages, etc. in the retina, and vitreous. These conditions may develop floaters in the eyes. After a differential diagnosis only, treatment should be started.

I am 25 years old computer engineer working 9 to 10 hours daily on my laptop. I am using glasses for astigmatism from 16 years of age. Now I see some floaters in front of my eyes. Is this a serious matter?

It is NOT a serious thing, but NOT normal. Since you are working on computer for up to 10 hours daily, your eyes are overloaded. So, it is better to do something to strengthen the eyes and to improve the functional capacity of the system. It itself may remove the floaters.

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