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Ayurveda is the greatest gifts from the sages of ancient India to mankind. We can trace its documented scientific principles back to the time of Vedas. Which means this is a science that evolved non-stop on clinical evidence over the last 5000 years.

At Matha, Ayurveda is NOT an alternative system for us. It is a mainstream medical system. Matha practices only scientific ayurveda. We have a legacy of 3 generations in the ayurvedic industry. We operate hospitals at Kudappanakunnu and Moongode in Trivandrum. Matha is NOT a holiday resort and you will not find our treatments as part of any tour packages. We keep alive a Small family culture in all our hospital units. For us, patients and their treatment are primary. All other aspects are secondary.

There is an advantage in operating from Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala. Kerala is on the tropical Malabar Coast of South India. The name Kerala comes from the fruit of coconut trees. Kera means coconut, la means land. So, Kerala means land of coconut palms. The story of the name itself is a testimonial to the plenty of natural flora and fauna of this state. Trivandrum is a hub of finest quality raw herbs used in medicine preparation. At Matha, we operate our own GMP certified manufacturing unit for medicine preparation. We prepare all medicines used in our hospital at this vaidysala. We prepare these medicines only for our patients and NOT sold or marketed outside. The region of Trivandrum and state of Kerala has never faced an invasion in its history. Ever. This is the secret behind our unique cultures and traditions, including ayurveda.

We maintain a green and serene atmosphere at our hospital units. This ambience is ideal for holistic healing. We try to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit by treating the root cause of your health concern. Matha ayurveda hospital owns herbal gardens in the pristine tranquil villages on the outskirts of Trivandrum district where medicinal plants are cultivated which are used in the preparation of medicines, and one of the secrets behind the quality of our ayurvedic medicines.

We maintain strict standards of hygiene and quality for treatments and herbal medicines during your panchakarma and ayurvedic treatments. Each raw herb that goes into the preparation of your oils, boluses (kizhi), herbal massage powders (Choornam), medicated ghee (Grithms), decoctions (Kashayam) etc. are sourced exclusively and hand prepared using age-old authentic and traditional processes.

Matha has a system for maintaining a well documented medical history of each patient. This is also followed during our online consultations as well. This is one of our core strengths, that helps is assessing the progress of medical condition over many many years.

A strict ayurvedic diet regimen is followed based on the requirements of each patient. Traditional ayurvedic cooking methods are implemented to help speed up your recovery.

Our therapists and masseurs are qualified, certified as well as highly experienced. They undergo regular trainings programs to update their skill and knowledge.

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Focus areas

Ayurvedic Eye Treatments

The branch of Ayurvedic ophthalmology comes under Shalakya Tantra. Matha focus areas of treatments under Shalakya tantra Department are : Diabetic Retinopathy, macular degeneration, myopia, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa, dry eyes, keratoconus, uveitis, blepharospasm, macular edema, Corneal Ulcer, Corneal Scar, Optic Atrophy, Optic Neuritis (pappiledema), optic nerve weakness, long sight (Hypermetropia), Presbyopia, Rod Cone Dystrophy, Vitreous Humour degeneration, Amblyopia (lazy eye), Iritis, Bell's Palsy, Blepharitis, Retinopathy Of Prematurity (ROP), Eals Disease, CVS (computer vision syndrome), nystagmus, pterygium, ptosis, strabismus squint, CSR - Central Serous Retinopathy, Central Retinal Vein occlusion (CRVO), Branch Retinal Vein occlusion (BRVO), Optic Neuropathy, Keratitis, Corneal opacity, Lattice Degeneration, Conjunctivitis, Eye Allergy, and floaters

Panchakarma Treatments

Ayurvedic detoxification methods, are an excellent way to cleanse your body, lighten your mind and also to enrich your soul. The detoxifying treatments vary from person to person depending on the Vata, Pitta and Kapha predominance of your body constitution.

Pediatric Health

Kids Skin diseases, allergy in children, Pediatric Cold and Rhinitis, Hyperactivity, ADHD, Autism, Cerebral Palsy

Mental Health

General anxiety disorders, Disturbed sleep, Stress-related problems

Skin Conditions

Eczema, Dermatitis, Urticaria, Rashes

Women's health

Menstrual Disorders, PCOD, PCOS, Leucorrhea, Post-Menopausal Syndrome

Muscle, Bone and Joint disorders

Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lumbar Spondylitis, Cervical Spondylitis, Gout, Low Back Ache, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Frozen Shoulder, Joint pains, Knee Pain.


Hearing problems, Tinnitus, Migraine, Headaches, rhinitis, Vertigo, Sinusitis, Meniere’s disease, CSOM - Otitis Media, Otalgia, Otorrhea, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers

Lifestyle Disorders

Diabetic Complications (Neuropathy, Retinopathy, and Overall quality of life), Stress Management, Obesity, Sleep Disorder


Constipation, digestive problems, heartburn

Respiratory health

Allergic Rhinitis, Tonsillitis


Facial Palsy,

Need Help With Any Other Disease?

The right treatment helps preserve your existing eyesight and then make your visual organ healthy. This approach helps to protect and improve your vision. At Matha ayurvedic eye hospital, all treatments are customized for each patient by the treating doctor. The clinical-stage of disease, other systemic complaints, dietary regime, and habitual factors are considered before deciding on a care plan.

First NABH Accredited hospital in Trivandrum as well as Entire South India

Our focus is on providing the best ayurvedic treatment to patients

Our Kitchen provides veg diet suitable for ayurveda and yoga.

Matha is not a research Institute. We do not conduct research on our patients.

We prepare herbal medications in our own GMP certified manufacturing unit.



Also known as Uzhichil or oil Massage. A very fundamental and ancient massage therapy followed strictly on the basis of ayurvedic science.


Also known as Ayurvedic steam treatment. A procedure in which advantage of inducing sweating is made use of. It can be done totally all over the body or locally on the affected part. According to the disease condition, herbs and other medical ingredients are used while boiling the water in order to prepare medicated steam.


A modified form of inducing Swedam. For this, highly effective medicinal leaves are used. They are shredded and made into a bolus (kizhi) using suitable medicated oil and applied over the body. It is used totally all over the body or the affected part according to the clinical condition. The medicinal action of the herbs used will give the desired result.


A highly modified form of treatment procedure used on the head region. Buttermilk is the medium used for medicine preparation. This buttermilk is medicated with appropriate medicines – may be leaves, roots, or even fruits as prescribed by the doctor. It is poured as a continuous stream over your forehead. This treatment has a very distinct action on your nervous system. It also maintains the circulatory system and induces good sleep.


A procedure where the selected medicated oil is poured as a stream over your forehead. The temperature of this medicine is very important, and will vary with the disease as well as the clinical stage of disease also. The result also is dependent on the ingredients used for medication of oil. It has very good action on the central nervous system and brain stem in general.

Mukha lepam

A mode of application of medicines on the face. Usually the medicine is prepared with herbal powder, and made into a paste with suitable liquid. It is applied over the face for a calculated time. When it starts to dry out, it is removed in a scientific way by rubbing softly. It effective in different types of skin lesions of face and also makes facial skin healthy and shining. Hence this treatment also has wide scope in beauty care.


It is a method in which medicine is applied through the nostrils. It is of two types : Marsha Naysam and Prathimarsha Nasyam. In Marsha Nasyam, medicine is applied in large dose. Here, precautions and restrictions are compulsory. However, Prathimarsha Naysam medicine is applied in a small dose. Restrictions are negligible. During Prathimarsha Nasyam, preparation of patient in advance is necessary. Then, thalam is done, as per the doctors advice. Then, patient is made to lie down and fomentation is conducted over the sinus areas, forehead, face and neck regions. After fomentation, the sweat is wiped out. Prescribed medicine is applied in each nostril and made to inhale.


A modified form of inducing swedana. Here, dry medicinal powder is used for the proceudure. It is made into a bolus (known as kizhi) and this kizhi is pressed using hard strokes onto your body. This procedure is uselful to eliminate blockages, obesity, and other types of deposits.


This procedure is a scientific method of draining out the vitiated blood from the body. There are different methods to achieve this. Siravedham, Prachannam, and Jalaukavacharanam are the commonly used methods. A particular method is selected according to nature of disease, age of patient, clinincal stage of disease and site of affection.

Siro Abhyanga

A procedure where the medicated oil is applied all over the scalp and gently massage is done uniformly for a period of 15 to 30 minutes. It is prescribed for healthy people also as a routine practice. Here, the oil is selected according to the body constitution of the person, age of person, etc. This method will help to induce good sleep, delay the aeging processs, improve the functioning of sense organs, especially eyes and general longevity, hairgrowth etc. In diseased condition, the oil should be selected considering the disease and its clinical stage.


Also known as foot massage. Here, medicated oil is applied on the foot and a gentle massage is performed in a scientific way for 15 to 30 minutes. It can be done along with siro abhyangam. Then, it will support and boost up the actions of siro abhyangam.


It is a scientific way of body massage using medicinal powder (Choornam). This medicinal powder will be selected according to the diseased condition of the patient. Mode of massage is also highly charactertic. The main function of this treatment procedure is to dissolve the unwanted deposits and accumilations of anything such as metabolic end products, pathogens, toxins etc.

Sneha Vasti

Sneha vasti comes under panchakarmas. Here, medicine is introduced through the anus. The prescribed medicine may vary from medicated oil to ghee. The muscles and nerves of pelvic region are activated and stimulated, and concerned disase will be eliminated.

Kashaya Vasti

Kashaya vasti also comes under panchakarmas and a very effective method in which different types of medicines including Kashayam mixed with honey , salt etc etc are applied through the anus. It acts in the pelvic region to a great extend.


Simply saying, Vamanam is inducing vomiting. But, it is not simple in its action and its result. Vamanam is one among the panchakarmas. Through vamana, the unwanted deposits, toxins, and pathogens of the body especially the upper part of the trunk is eliminated from the body. Before inducing vamana, these toxic materials are carried to the stomach by various methods such as snehapanam, swedanam, etc. Later, the medicine capable of inducing vomiting is given in prescribed dose. Special care is a must after Vamanam procedure.


A highly specialized treatment procedure in which all the unwanted deposits, toxins, and pathogens are eliminated from the body through the anus. This is induced by intake of special medicinal preparations in the prescribed dosage. Before Virechanam, preparation of patient is necessary during the preceeding days. For this, snehapanam, swedanam etc are used.


A very special mode of medicinal application in the eye. The medicine is made to withstand in the eye using a dough of black gram, so that medicine does not leak out. This procedure ensures maximum level of absorption of the active ingredients of the medicine and optimum result.


Putapakam is a follow up therapy to tharpanam. A specific preparation process is used to prepare Putapakarasom – which is the main medicine for this treatment. In Putapakam, procedure is same as that of tharpanam but, done using Putapakarasom. This treatment rejuvenates your eyes, and clears up your vision.


A Pichu is a special cloth, that is completely soaked in medicated oils or herbal juice. This Pichu is placed on the focus area in your body. The temperature is decided by your doctor, depending on your specific disease condition. The absorption of medicine through the cloth stimulates the circulation, and lubricates the joints. This helps in achieving the desired result.


A very relaxing treatment, where specific medicated oils are first selected by your doctor. This is continuously poured all over your body. The continuous warmth and action of the medicine soothes your nerves, and repairs joints, muscles, nerves and blood circulation problems.


A highly modified treatment procedure in which the medicine, mainly herbals is made into a paste with a suitable liquid media, and applied all over the head uniformly and covered with a selected herbal leaf. It is kept as such for the calculated time. It acts according to the medicine used for procedure. It improves the blood circulation, stimulates the nerves, removes blockages and deposits, boosts brain function and also gives good sleep.


Medicated oils and carefully chosen herbs are allowed to stay on your head with the help of a special cap, open on the top region. This cap is sealed to your head at the bottom region to prevent leakage of oil. This procedure is helpful in direct absorption of active ingredients of medicine to your brain and spinal cord.


Lepam is the primary component of this treatment. Lepam is a herbal medicinal paste that is specifically prepared as per the directions of your treating doctor. This lepam is applied externally over the affected body part and allowed to dry. The targeted application of lepam stimulates blood circulation and nervous function, thereby encouraging direct absorption of active ingredients of lepam.


A gently therapy, using Dhanyamlam. Dhanyamlam is made out of numerous dhanyams (multiple varieties of pulses and grains), which are specially fermented using a traditional and time-tested method. Dhanyamlam is poured as a continuous stream all over your body, while gentle strokes spread them throughout the body. The active ingredients of this medicinal preparation activates nerves, and helps in its absorption. This therapy has very effective anti-inflammatory action and pain-relieving capability.


Kateevasti is prescribed for stiffness, localized pain, and inflammation of the back. The focus body area is kept submerged in medicated oils. To achieve this, A closed off boundary is made of soft black gram dough so that oil does not flow out of desired area. The warmth of the oil as well as the ability to use this medicine directly on the affected site stimulates circulation as well as aids in its absorption thereby relieving pain and stiffness and achieving optimum result.


Upanaham is a method in which selected ingredients are first made into a paste using an appropriate fluid medium. It is applied in a hot temperature over the affected area and covered with selected heral leaves, and tighly bandaged. This is kept overnight.


A mode of treatment on the head, Medicinal powder, mainly herbal is mixed with suitable liquid – medicated oil or herbal juices, and made into a semi fluid form. It is applied over the centre of the top of your head for a prescribed time. The active ingredients of the medicine are absorbed directly inside and acts therapeutically according to the medicine used. Stimulation of Central nervous system, normalizing the circulation, maintaining the fluid system etc are some of its main actions.


A specific variation of Swedam, where milk infused with special medicines is steamed and applied on your face. This therapy is selected for treating conditions affecting nervous system and brain.


A type of sirodhara, where pure milk is medicated with prescribed medical ingredients and poured in a narrow, continuous stream over your forehead. The treatment is selected for various conditions in ayurveda.


A preparatory treatment for panchakarma therapies in a bathtub filled with prescribed herbs and medicines. This treatment makes your body sweat, opens the pores, and makes you receptive to absorb the active elements of the subsequent panchakarma therapies.


A bundle massage with gentle strokes. The bundles (boluses / kizhi) is made with special type of njavara rice cooked with prescribed herbs and medicines. This treatment activates your blood circulation, stimulates nerves, improves muscle functions, and even the bone strength.


A bundle massage that uses strokes with pressure. This therapy is done using bundles (boluses / kizhi) filled with fresh lemons and natural herbs. This treatment relieves pain and stiffness of various types of Musculo skeletal disorders and joint pains.


A specific treatment for knee joint pain. The medicated oil is kept in the knee joint using a boundary created by black gram dough. The temparture is kept uniform during the period. The time is prescribed by your treating doctor. The medicated oils get absordbed. The active ingredients of medicine get directly absorbed through skin to the knee joint and induces its healing properties.

Uro Vasti

Uro Vasti is a specific treatment for chest region. The medicine is kept in lukewarm temperature in the chest region marked by the doctor using dough of black gram.

Siro Udhwarthanam

A very special mode of medicine application on the head. The medicine is powder in form (Choornam) and luke warm in temperature and is used for massage all over the scalp using characteristic strokes. This is very advantageous in kapha dominant diseases by making the channels more clear by eliminating the unwanted deposits and accumilations.


A very important treatment procedure in ayurveda. Here, medicine is in liquid form and poured as a continuous stream on the forehead for the prescribed time. There are different types of medicinal preparations for sirodhara. Medicated milk, Medicated buttermilk, and medicated oil are main among them. The action, effect, and result of the procedure depends upon the medicine. Nervous stimiulation, normalizing the circulation, maintaining the fluid balance of body, improving the functions of CNS are only some among them.


* The above treatments are selected after a detailed consultation with doctor.

What They Say About Us

"The treatment and facilities provided are best.The staff and doctors are very good . A good atmosphere is the best thing I found here. Dr P K santhakumari madam is best and caring . The way she approaches the patient is excellent ."

Hamna Arshad


“Really great treatment and calming surrounding for patients.Dr.Santha kumari Mam ,Dr. Athira,Dr.Heera and therapists Dhanya Chechi ,Suma Chechi and Sreekala chechi were absolutely appreciated for their support and care.Highly recommended ."

Navamy Nair


Frequently Asked Questions

What all should I pack before travelling to Matha for my treatment?

Trivandrum has a very humid weather. Hence light and comfortable cotton clothes are your best choice. We do not allow footwear's worn outside to be used indoors. Hence, indoor slippers (or flip flops) are also necessary. Personal use items such as bath towel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving sets, etc. are also among the items to be packed. As rains are very common, an umbrella would come in handy. If you are in the habit of drinking hot water, a flask would be needed.

In our deluxe rooms, bath towels, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers are provided and need not be packed.

What if I forget to pack something?

We are there for your help. Please inform our reception team members, and they would be happy to solve your problems.

What is my diet going to be at Matha?

Doctors decide your diet based on your clinical needs, your treatments and medicines. However, on a general note, your day starts with tea/coffee/herbal drink. Then you have the breakfast at 9.00 am. This is normally dosa / idli / puttu which keeps on rotating. You may also order for bread toast / upuma. A juice suited for you will be served at 11.00 am. For lunch, we have a typical south Indian diet which consists of chapathy and rice with 3 types of curries. The rice is normally boiled rice. However, you may place a special request for white rice / chapathy only also. Eggs can also be added on request. Evening tea is served at 4.00 pm along with snacks. Dinner is served at 7.00 pm consisting of Chapathy and veg curry. Kanji is also available on request.

Those requiring special diets would be served with the appropriate food as per doctors’ instructions.

How is a day going to be at Matha during the course of my treatment?

A normal day during your cure at Matha would be scheduled as given below. It is a relaxed schedule. The intention is to create an environment enabling you to reset your habits and sleep cycles. You need to spend time with oneself and nature in solitude and silence. Thus, you are able to connect with your mind and soul. This connection will support in natural healing.

06.00 - 07.00 am wake up, daily prayers, meditation and time for daily rituals
07.45 - 08.00 am Preparation for your daily treatments
08.00 - 08.30 am Early treatments
09.00 - 09.30 am Breakfast time
09.30 - 11.00 am Morning treatments, time to connect with your mind and soul
11.00 - 11.10 am light juices
09.30 - 01.00 pm Morning treatments and consultation with physicians
01.00 - 02.00 pm Lunch served in room
02.00 - 04.00 pm afternoon treatments and relaxation time
04.00 - 04.10 pm Evening tea / snack time
04.10 - 05.30 pm afternoon treatments and rest thereafter
05.30 - 06.45 pm Time to interact and meet with other guests
06.45 - 07.30 pm Dinner served in room
07.30 - 09.00 pm Time to fill your mind with good thoughts and get ready for a good sleep.

In addition to the above schedule, internal medicine is an integral part of your curing process. They would be given to you at the right times (early morning, afternoon, evening and before sleep) by our medical team. Yoga is not part of daily routine unless prescribed by your physician.

Is laundry service available at the hospital?

Inhouse laundry service is available. Laundry can be handed over to reception and will be returned after washing. We have only a basic laundry and not a high-end professional service. Pressing / Ironing is NOT done.

How is the weather in Trivandrum?

Trivandrum is the southernmost district of the state of Kerala. The weather remains more or less the same during summer and winter season. The temperatures vary between around 35 to 22 degree Celsius in summer, and between 20 to 32 degree Celsius in winter. We normally have very heavy rainfall during the months of June to august. The average humidity in Trivandrum ranges between 68 to 70 percentage.

Can I plan sight-seeing trips in and around Trivandrum during or after my treatments?

We focus on solving your health concern. Everything else is secondary to us. We recommend you to take maximum rest and to concentrate on your healing during your treatment at Matha.
For patient undergoing eye treatment, sightseeing trips may be allowed only during the initial days of treatment.
For panchakarma treatments, trips are allowed only after the intensive cleansing procedures.
We strongly discourage sightseeing during intensive treatments. Any such trips will be decided only after discussion with the doctors.

What modes of payment do you accept? What about forex services?

We accept cash, cards, and direct transfer to a bank account. We DO NOT accept cheques. Requests for exchange of foreign currency would be handled by reputed forex service companies at Trivandrum.

Can I plan my travel by including trips to other parts of India along with my treatment?

If sightseeing is a serious agenda for you, then our advice is to finish it off before arriving for treatment. Do not stress yourself immediately after completing the treatments.

What about mosquitoes and pests at the hospital?

Trivandrum is blessed with a tropical weather. The abundance of flora and fauna, definitely attracts pests and mosquitoes. Matha uses herbal methods to keep them at bay and to have a safe environment and co-living. We also advise you to keep the doors closed and to use mosquito repellants during the evening times when mosquitoes are most active. We also ask our guests to abide by our policies on food waste management to minimize pests in rooms.

Is yoga a part of my daily activity at Matha?

Yoga is NOT a part of your daily activity unless prescribed by your treating doctor.

What types of room are available at Matha?

We have three main categories of room:
1 -Simple room. This is a basic Non-AC room with a single bed and attached bath. A small side-bed is also available in this room.
2 - Double Room. Here, two beds are available. AC and NON-AC categories of double room are available.
3 - Deluxe Room. These are our premium rooms, with AC and Queen size beds. Bath towels, soap, white sheets, and pillow covers etc. are available in this category.

Are pickup / drop services available?

Pickup / drop services are available from airport / railway station etc. by our own vehicle or one of our trusted partners. Please inform your pickup / drop requirement in advance so that it can be planned.

Why is Matha NOT allowing room booking on travel and booking sites like, TripAdvisor etc.?

Matha is an Ayurvedic hospital, NOT a Resort, NOT a spa and Not a hotel. Being a medical facility, patients have to submit their medical information and complete a medical consultation (either in-person or online) with our medical team to assess the clinical stage of the disease. After this consultation, we can decide treatment plans, duration of treatment, etc. Since treatment booking is possible only after completing the above steps, we have a medical helpdesk to help and guide patients to get treatment.

Our Hospitals

Matha has three hospitals in Trivandrum. You can opt for any one of our hospitals, rooms will be provided based on availability.

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Our Hospitals

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital & Panchakarma Centre

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Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital & Panchakarma Centre

Eye Hospital Road (Moongode - Meppukada Road), Moongode P O Near, Thachottukavu, Kerala 695573

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Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital - Eighteenth Stone

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