Eye Care tips for Senior Citizens


Senility is the period when you have to give extreme care for your eyes because there are many eye diseases which may arise at any time without any prior sanction.

So it is necessary to have a regular doctor so that you can have a routine consultation or checkup with him.

Whenever you feel any ophthalmic symptoms, however mild it may be, inform your doctor so that he can direct you to the appropriate place.

Our first advice for you is – “Never use any medicine in the eyes without consulting a doctor. Do not run behind advertisements”.

Because there are chances of developing different types of eye diseases in senility. So, we have to be careful.The eye diseases you have to be careful of are :

Cataract – it is the opacity of lens.
Glaucoma – it is increase in the Intra ocular pressure
Age related macular degeneration (ARMD) – It is the degeneration of the retinal cells.

In ayurveda, the only medicine you can take without consultation for eye is “Triphala”. There are different types of preparations available in the market. Triphala choornam, Triphala grithm, Triphala lehyam, Triphala tablet, Triphala capsule, Triphala kashayam etc. Only an expert ophthalmologist can say which form is suitable for you.

There are some points you have to keep in mind.

  • Ensure good sleep atleast 6 hours per day.
  • Avoid stress and strain
  • Do not give overload to your eyes
  • Cut short the time for watching TV, computer etc.
  • During journey, don’t focus at distant objects.
  • Keep your eyes closed (if not driving) as far as possible
  • Avoid driving in the night.
  • Do not sit awakened in the night for watching TV or reading.
  • Do not forget to apply suitable oil on head before bath.
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