Myopia in children: Expectation vs reality

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A common mistake among parents in assessing myopia is to rely only on the power of glasses. The expectation among parents is: "lower the power, better the status of eyes". This is true. But only to a certain extent. A fundamental truth is being missed. We are NOT focusing on the power of the child's eyes. We are concentrating only on the power of glasses.

To have a correct assessment, we need to follow a three-pronged approach. Data on three aspects are vital :
  • Visual acuity of eyes without glasses
  • Visual acuity of eyes with glasses
  • Finally, the power of glasses
Let's try to understand visual acuity. It is a numerical value given to the power of your child's eyes. Not of the glasses that he is using. The difference between the two is important. The ideal value of Visual acuity (or VA) is 6/6 in the Indian system. In the Western system of medicine, it is 20/20. Getting the VA of eyes without glasses is the first step.
The next step is to determine the visual acuity with the existing glass. Is the child getting 6/6 vision with glass? If yes, it means that he is getting a full correction. In this situation, the vision problem may be minor and usually termed as simple myopia. Ayurvedic treatment for simple myopia is easy. Younger the child, better the result. This is true until the age of 15 years. Beyond that age, results are not that easy to come by.

If a full correction is not achieved with glass, then it may be a degenerative condition. This is a serious condition and requires immediate medical attention. We need to look at the history of the rate of degeneration. Usually, a high rate of degeneration is common. This condition may usually be degenerative myopia. Ayurvedic treatment for degenerative myopia is not as easy as simple myopia. Here, the first aim is to arrest the rate of degeneration. Only after achieving this, will we be able to start with reversing the damage done.

Ayurvedic treatment for myopia in children 

Our hospital has an excellent track record in Ayurvedic treatments for myopia. Treatments vary from 12 to 18 days for myopia. Patients get results in a phased (step by step) manner. Patients need to follow Simple eye exercises and medicines at home after discharge. Repeat treatments may be necessary depending on the severity of the case