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Eye Care Tips

Everybody is well aware of the importance of the eye, but the number of visually handicapped due to various reasons is increasing all over the world. 

  • That means the existing measures and technologies are not enough to solve the problem. 
  • Secondly, people are not giving due importance to preventive measures.

“Prevention is better than cure” is highly significant in the case of eye diseases. When we think of eye care measures, we have to consider two separate groups:

  1. Healthy Persons
    1. Eye care tips for Children
    2. Eye care tips for Youth
    3. Eye care tips for Old Age Persons (Senior Citizens)
  2. Patents with Systemic Diseases

Eye Care Tips For Children

Eye Care Tips for Children

Eye care Tips regarding watching TV, computer etc…

  • Never allow them to read in the lying position
  • Do not allow them to watch TV in the lying position
  • Keep the TV at a height so that it is not too above or below the level of the eye of the child
  • Reading in a moving vehicle should not be allowed.
  • While viewing TV, keep your child atleast 3 meters away
  • Please do not compel the child to read or write before the age of 4 (four) years
  • While working on a computer, let the screen be straight in front of the eyes.
  • Use LCD screen as far as possible.

Eye care tips on daily routines….

  • While going to bed and after rising from bed in the morning, wash the face, eyes and legs with clean water.
  • Have headbath with cold water daily.
  • Apply a little oil on head and massage gently before bath.
  • If you are using medicated oil, it should be strictly against the direction of a doctor.
  • To apply little oil on the foot, either before bath or at bedtime is very good.
  • If there is habit of swimming, goggles are compulsory.

Eye care tips on diet..

  • Confirm that your kid takes food at correct time daily
  • Do not give fried items in empty stomach
  • Avoid too much hot and spicy items. E.g. pickles, masalas etc.
  • Meat of birds is better than other types of meat.
  • Better to use steamed or boiled food than fried items.
  • Make sure fruits are included in the daily menu
  • Green vegetables is absolutely necessary for a healthy eye
  • Cut short junk food.
  • Give supper atleast 2 hours before going to bed.
  • Make sure children take enough water daily

Eye Care Tips For Youth (Young Generation)

Eye Care Tips for Youth

  • Don’t forget to use plain glasses while riding two wheeler.
  • If on long journey in hot season, use sun glasses.
  • Avoid using headphones while driving.
  • Don’t sit continuously for a long period in front of computer or TV Please give at least 5 minutes rest after one hour.
  • During night, while reading or working on computer let the light source be from behind the head.
  • Smoking is very harmful for your eyes .
  • Don’t stare at images on TV and computer. Practice the habit of blinking the eyes frequently.
  • Keep correct distance and height of TV screen and computer screen.
  • Please obey time schedule for sleep and food.
  • Avoid exposure to too cold (e.g. Air conditioner) while body is too hot and vice versa.
  • Do not take cold water bath just when body is too hot (after play, gym etc)
  • Do not take cold items especially cool drinks while body is sweating.
  • Whenever sweating, wipe off thoroughly before allowing to evaporate
  • Make sure that your helmet has cotton layer inside.
  • Do not forget to wash your face and eye with clean water before going to bed.

Eye Care Tips For Senior Citizens

Eye Care tips for Senior Citizens

Senility is the period when you have to give extreme care for your eyes because there are many eye diseases which may arise at any time without any prior sanction. 

So it is necessary to have a regular doctor so that you can have a routine consultation or checkup with him. 

Whenever you feel any ophthalmic symptoms, however mild it may be, inform your doctor so that he can direct you to the appropriate place.

Our first advice for you is – "Never use any medicine in the eyes without consulting a doctor. Do not run behind advertisements"

Because there are chances of developing different types of eye diseases in senility. So, we have to be careful.The eye diseases you have to be careful of are :

  • Cataract – it is the opacity of lens.
  • Glaucoma – it is increase in the Intra ocular pressure
  • Age related macular degeneration (ARMD) – It is the degeneration of the retinal cells.

In ayurveda, the only medicine you can take without consultation for eye is “Triphala”. There are different types of preparations available in the market. Triphala choornam, Triphala grithm, Triphala lehyam, Triphala tablet, Triphala capsule, Triphala kashayam etc. Only an expert ophthalmologist can say which form is suitable for you.

There are some points you have to keep in mind.

  • Ensure good sleep atleast 6 hours per day.
  • Avoid stress and strain
  • Do not give overload to your eyes
  • Cut short the time for watching TV, computer etc.
  • During journey, don’t focus at distant objects. Keep your eyes closed (if not driving) as far as possible
  • Avoid driving in the night.
  • Do not sit awakened in the night for watching TV or reading.
  • Do not forget to apply suitable oil on head before bath.

Eye Care Tips For Patients with Systemic Diseases

Eye care Tips for patients with systemic Diseases

Systemic diseases which are capable of developing ophthalmic complications are mainly diabetis mellitus, hypertension, infections etc.

1. Patients with diabetis mellitus. 

The first and foremost advise for you -> Don’t hesitate to go for ophthalmic checkup regularly even though there is no vision problem. 

In the early stages of ophthalmic complications such as retinopathy, there will not be any visual disturbances. Here are some tips to be remembered

  • Please avoid self treatment.
  • Avoid hot water head bath if there is no cold or cough.
  • Cut short hot and spicy and sour tasted food items (e.g., pickles, curd, items roasted with masala)
  • Fried items are always unhealthy for your eyes.
  • Make sure that the time schedule for sleep is correct.

2. Patients with hypertension. 

Your ophthalmic complication may be hypertensive retinopathy . There is chances of hemorrhages in the retina which if not handled with extreme care and expertise, is capable of leading to blindness.

  • Keep your blood pressure within normal limits
  • Have eye checkups regularly.
  • Anything too hot is not good for your eyes.
  • Do not spend your leisure time in front of the TV.
  • Do not keep awakened in the night.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Have regular headbath.
  • Avoid stress and strain
  • Do not take hot items in the empty stomach.

3. Patients with Other Infections : 

Any infection may manifest ocular symptoms. Chronic sinusitis, pneumonia, meningitis, viral infections etc are capable of producing very serious ophthalmic complications. So, whenever there are these type of infections, do not hesitate to consult an eye specialist.