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FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatments for Geriatric Eye Problems

  • I am 70 years old retired Govt Servant. I am a diabetic patient for the last 11 years, but under control. I can read even small letters with the help of reading glass. But, I am afraid of my vision because I came to know that diabetes is a condition which may cause ophthalmic complication – diabetic retinopathy. So, I want to protect my eyes from retinopathy. Is there any method in Ayurveda ?
    • Ans : Diabetes is a condition capable of developing complications in the eye. But, there are many effective treatment procedures in Ayurveda to prevent these ophthalmic complications. Preventive types of sirodhara, specific eye drops, usage of oil before headbath, etc are some of that. An analytical chekup on the basis of ayurvedic priniciples is necessary to select the suitable medicine and treatment procedures.

  • I am a health conscious person, now 61 years old. I practice morning walk and YOGA. At present, there is not any vision problem for me. I know cataract is very common in old age. Is there any precautionary methods in Ayurveda to prevent development of cataract ?
    • Ans : Of course, there are many methods to protect the eyes and to keep away from vision problems in old age. Anjanam (a special procedure to apply medicine in the eye), nasyam (scientific method of nasal drops),  abhyangam (oil massage on head), intake of triphala etc are main among them. But, if there any systemic disease such as diabetes, hypertension etc, his ophthalmic condition is to be analysed seriousely and the medicine should be selected accordingly because these conditions are capable of developing complications in the eye.

  • I am 65 years old. There is a dark area visible in front of my eyes. Now, I am not able to identify the face of people. Most often, the straight surface seems to be curved and distorted. When I consulted a doctor, the condition was diagnosed as Age related macular degeneration. They also told me that there is no successful treatment for this. Some “injection” inside the eye will give temporary result. I want to know whether there is any treatment for this in Ayurveda.
    • Ans:Yes, there is treatment for this condition. Even though complete cure is not possible, it is manageable. Anyways, inpatient treatment is necessary for the management. After that, OP level simple medicines  should be continued.

  • I am using reading glases for the last 20 years. Now, I am 68 years old. Recently, my vision seems to be decreasing gradually. It is very difficult to read small letters even with glass. Doctors say it is cataract and surgery is the only solution. Can I avoid surgery through Ayurveda ?
    • Ans: If the cataract is in mature stage, surgery is the better choice. But, nerve, retina, blood vessels etc should be intact. If cataract is not matured, surgery can be avoided through systematic ayurvedic treatment. 

FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment For Myopia

FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Myopia - Short Sight

  • I am 22 years old and an myopic patient for 4 years. Now I am using -7 D glasses in Right eye and -8 D glasses in Left eye. I have to work in front of a computer for more than 8 hours per day. Now, I am not able to work that much time. I feel tiredness. Sometimes, I feel floaters and flashes of light. Is it dangerous? Is there any treatment in ayurveda
    • Ans:- The recent symptoms  indicates that your eyes are very weak and the nervous layer is getting damaged. So it is to be considerd seriously.Ther are Ayurvedic methods to save your vision.

  • I am a myopic patient from childhood and using spectacles. Now, I see small dark spots and threads are moving in front of the eyes. What is it ? Doctors adviced to neglect it, but I am afraid of it. Can it be removed by ayurvedic treatment?
    •  Ans:- The new symptoms points to a serious problem in future. Do not consider it “simple”.If you are ready to undergo systematic Ayurvedic treatments AND SPEND TIME FOR IT, YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR EYES.

  • I am myopic from childhood. I am using spectacles (glasses). Last time, when vision is dull, it was seen that vision was not corrected to 6/6 with any glass. So, I am not able to see distant object even with glass. Is there any treatment in ayurveda?
    •  Ans:- That means yours is Degenerative myopia and your nervous layer also is getting involved in the pathology.Donot worry. Ayurveda can help you.    


  • I am 22 years old man and I am myopic from childhoold. I have been using glass for the same. At present,  -14 in Right eye and -12 in Left eye. Six months back, there was a sudden loss of vision in right eye. Doctors told that retina is detached. A surgery was done for it and there was a slight improvement. (C.F – 3 metres). There is no improvement in vision with glass. Why is it so. Doctors told that I have to be careful for the left eye. How to be careful? Is there any treatment in ayurveda to protect my left eye?
    • Ans:- Of course there are methods. Glasses can correct only the refractive error. It has nothing to do with retina. In your present condition, retina is involved. That is why, vision is not improved with glasses.


  • I am a myopic patient from 10 years old. In the beginning, I was using a glass -0.5 D in right eye and -0.75 in left eye. My present power of glass is -8D in right eye and -9 D in left eye. Now I am 22 years old. Why is the power of my glass increasing? At present, i feel blurring of vision even with glass. Doctor has told that there is no use of changing the glass further. What should be done to protect my vision?
    • Ans:- Yours is Progressive myopia.Glasses cannot prevent the progress of the disease. It can only help in refraction. You can strengthen your eyes by Ayurvedic methods.

  • I am 20 years old. Now using glass with -11 D and -12 D. Two years back, when I consulted an ophthalmologist, they told if the vision is constant for 1 year, we can go for laser treatment. But, it was not under control. In every 6 months period, I have to increase the power of my glass. Is there any method in ayurveda to keep my vision at least constant?
    • Ans:You need not worry. Ayurveda can help you in this aspect. By systematic ayurvedic methods, your vision can not only be kept constant, but it can be improved. 

  • My son is 6 years old. He is not able to read on blackboard in the classroom. When we consulted an eye specialist, spectacles were prescribled. Is it a treatment ? Can we remove the spectacles after sometime ?
    • Ans : your child is having myopia. Since he is only 6 years old, there are higher chances for positive results. A combined treatment which includes scientifically arranged eye exersices along with appropriate internal medicines and special ophthalmic medications will help your child to remove the spectacles. 

  • I am 20 year old boy and am using spectacles (glasses) for short sight for the last 10 years. Every year, the power of the glass has to be increased. Why is it so? Can it be stopped?
    • Ans : To change the glass every years means your disease is progressing. It is not simple myopia, but pathological in nature (degenerative). Glass is not a permanent solution for these type of myopia. Medicines to overcome the degenerative changes or atleast to arrest degeneration is necessary. There is successful medicines for this purpose in ayurveda. 

  • I am using contact lens for short sight for the last 6 years. Now, I see flashes of light in front of the eyes. I am afraid of it. Is it a serious problem ? Can ayurveda cure it ?
    • Ans : Seeing flashes frequently is not a good thing. According to ayurveda, it is due to pitta vitiation. If it is increasing, there is a possibility of even retinal detachment. Ayurveda can help you in this condition. 


FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment For Macular Degeneration

  • I am 58 years old man. I am using reading glasses for the last 15 years. Two years back, I felt some changes in my vision. When I focus at an object, it seems to be blurred and straight lines being curved. When I look at people, the face is not clear. When I went for checkup, the doctor told that there is some problem with my retina, especially macula. According to his advice, I am using vitamin tablets and de-oxidants, but no considerable result is seen. Can ayurveda help me ?
    • Ans: Yes. Ayurveda can do something. But it does not mean that the disease can be cured completely. As you know, it is a degenerative disease. With systematic ayurvedic treatment procedures, the degeneration can be arrested or delayed and so deterioration of vision can be controlled. Anyways, Ayurveda can save your vision from being blind.

  • I am 68 years old now. About 9 years back, I was seeing small dots and thread like things moving in front of my eyes. The doctor told it is not a serious thing and to leave it off. But my complaints are gradually increasing .Now, doctor told that an injection inside the eye may sometimes work out. That also was done but no improvement is seen. Is there any alternative in ayurveda ?
    • Ans: There is degeneration of macula (the most sensitive part of retina) of your eye. There are procedures in ayurveda which can strengthen the nerves and thereby increase the functional capacity of the eye so that you can experience better vision . So you can have a trial in ayurveda .

  • I was quite asymptomatic until 2 months back. Then, there was a sudden dimness in vision in the left eye. I thought it was a problem with my reading glass. So I went to the optical shop, but no glass was suitable to improve my vision .why is it so ? Is there any serious problem ?
    • Ans: Glasses are not a solution to all eye problems. There may be something wrong with your retina of the lens. Differential diagnosis is necessary to start treatment. So, after a detailed checkup. Have a diagnosis whether there is cataract or any other retinal degenerative conditions.

  • I am 62 years old and had cataract in both eyes. 6 months back, I underwent cataract surgery in my right eye, but after the surgery, my vision became worse. Why is it so ? The doctor says that my retina is weak. Now, I want to save my left eye. What should be done ?
    • Ans: there are treatment procedures in ayurveda to strengthen the retina. The treatment for retina and cataract is different. So you better undergo ayurvedic treatment for your retina problem and only after that, think of treatment for cataract.

  • I am 50 years old lady using reading glasses for the last 5 years. I have no hypertension, diabetes or any other systemic diseases. Since one month back, I feel dimness of vision in my eyes. Sometimes, the straight lines seem to be curved, especially the horizondal lines. Sometimes, I miss the steps while climbing the staircase. Is it a serious problem ? I prefer ayurveda.
    • Ans: It is the starting of a serious problem. It is the initial symptoms of a macular degeneration. Since you are in the initial stage, Chances of a positive result for the treatment is more. Immediate ayurvedic treatment can save your eyes.

  • I am 48 years old businessman doing extensive travel. Nowadays, I find it difficult to face bright light and feel more sensitive to the light. In the bright light, I see small spot like or thread like objects in front of the eyes. I consulted an ophthalmologist and he told that there is possibility of macular degeneration in my eyes. I prefer ayurvedic treatment for this problem. Is it possible ?
    • Ans: According to ayurveda, your problem is ‘pitta-predominant’ condition. At present, it is not a serious problem and can be treated by ayurvedic procedures. So Start treatment immediately.

  • I am a patient of macular degeneration for the last 4 years.  I am using vitamin tablets and anti-oxidants regularly. 4 months back, there was a sudden loss of vision in the right eye and only shadows were seen. After examination ,I was informed that there was bleeding in the eye . According to their instruction, I underwent laser treatment. Even after that, vision has not increased. Can ayurveda help me ? I am also a diabetic patient.
    • Ans: Ayurveda can help you , but only medicine is not enough. Food habits, oil for head, habits like sleep, bath, watching TV etc also should be taken into consideration. An overall management can save your eyes.

  • I am a middle aged man. When i lookat an object, the centre portion seems dark. The peripheral part is visible. Why is it so?
    • Ans: It may be due to macular degeneration. The confirmation can be done by FFA (Flurescent fundus angiogram) and OCT (Occuar cohot topograph). If there is fluid accumulation, it should be controlled first and after that, treatment for degenerative changes should be taken . It can be achieved by ayurvedic procedures.

  • When I look at straight lines, they seem curved. There is a general blurring of vision also. Is it a serious problem? Can ayurveda help me ?
    • Ans: It is the beginning of a serious problem. If you are prepared to take ayurvedic treatment procedures immediately, your vision can be protected.

FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Glaucoma

  • I am a glaucoma patient using eye drops for the last 6 years. Even the I.O.P (Intra ocular pressure) is raised and my vision is decreasing. Is there any treatment in ayurveda ?
    • Ans : In your case, a systematic approach is necessary. Before doing external ophthalmic medications, a systematic sodhana treatment such as panchakarma is found to be useful. After that, specific ophthalmic procedures such as anjanam, jalaukavacharanam, tharpanam etc should be done.

  • My eye pressure is 32 mm/Hg in Left eye and 44 mm/Hg in Right eye. For the last 5 years, I am using eye drops for glaucoma. 3 years back, I had undergone a surgery for the same complaint. Still, pressure is not controlled. Now, my vision is getting deteriorated. Can I save my vision by ayurvedic methods ?
    • Ans: By ayurvedic methods, the deterioration can be arrested. But, you have to take medicine continuously for a very long period. The treatment includes external medication as well as internal medicines.

  • I am a glaucoma patient and using anti-glaucomatis drops for the last five (5) years. I.O.P (Intra ocular pressure) is controlled, but vision is decreasing. Can Ayurveda help me ?
    • Ans: Since your I.O.P is under control, it is easy to take necessary measure to improve your vision. For this, internal as well as special ophthalmic procedures are there in ayurveda.

  • I am suffering from glaucoma and am under medication for the same. Now, I am not able to see the peripheral object. Only central objects are seen. Field test was done and peripheral field loss is confirmed. Is there any treatment in ayurveda ?
    • Ans: Field defect is one of the major problem in glaucoma patients. According to ayurveda, it is due to the vitiation of vata. Due to vata predominance, your retina is getting weak and degenerated. In ayurveda, there are methods to control the vitiation of vata and thereby strengthen the retina. This type of management will benefit your eyes.

FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Dry Eyes

  • I am 48 years old lady and using reading glass. I feel foreign body sensation in my eye. In the early morning, when I wake up, I face difficulty to open my eyes. There is occasional redness and pain also. When I consulted an ophthalmologist, I was told that I am having “Dry Eye” and prescribed artificial tear for external application for permanent use. Is there any treatment in Ayurveda for Dry eyes ?
    • Ans: There is treatment for dry eye in ayurveda. It is not a simple external eye drops, but a systematic approach. It includes oil application, nasal drops, external medications like tharpanam along with suitable internal medicines. 

    FAQ On Ayurvedic Treatment For Presbyopia (Long Sight)

    • I was 45 years old. Now using presbyopic reading glass. Is there any method so that i can read without glass ?
      • Ans : Presbyopia is a senile change of the eye. To avoid presbyopic glass means to overcome senility. That means it is not possible with a simple medicine. We have to consider even lifestyle, food items, etc. etc. along with ophthalmic medication to handle a case of presbyopia .

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Floaters

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Floaters

    1.       My son, 16 years old complained of seeing dark dots in front of his eye since one year back. He was using glasses from the age of 10 years. At present, -4 .00 is the power in both eyes. Doctors say that it is floaters. We are worried about this condition. I wish to take ayurvedic treatment for this. What result can I expect ?

    Ans: If you are ready for a systematic ayurvedic treatment, you can expect good result. Floaters can be subsided. Since the age of the patient is only 16 years, there is possibility of improving vision and reducing the power of the glass. Your choice will definitely help you. 

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Keratokonus

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Keratokonus

    1.       I am 26 year old IT professional. I am using myopic glasses from the age of 12 years. The power of my glasses were gradually increasing. Two years back, after routine checkup, it was found that vision is not getting fully corrected with glass. After detailed investigations, the condition was diagnosed as keratokonus. Doctors say that keratoplasty (corneal transplant) is the only solution. But, I am afraid of it. What should I do ?

    Ans: By different systematic ayurvedic ent treatment procedures, the vision can be improved. Also, the complications arising out of keratokonus can also be arrested without surgery. A thorough inpatient level management will be necessary for it.

    2.       I am working in the bank and am 32 years old now. My eye problem was diagnosed as keratokonus four years back. Now, there is headache and blurring of vision and eye pain while working on computer and while reading. I find it very difficult to go on with my works. Is there any  solution in Ayurveda ?

    Ans: By ayurvedic approach, headache, eyepain, blurring etc can be controlled. Vision also can be improved to some extent. We hope that you can continue your career without any problems if you follow ayurvedic treatment. 

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa

    1.        My problem was diagnosed as retinitis pigmentosa by 3 allopathic doctors. Now I am 45 years old. My vision is very poor. Night vision is the greatest problem. I can see only central objects. Peripheral objects are not visible. All the doctors say there is no treatment for this. My vision is getting deteriorated day by day. Can Ayurveda help me in any way ?

    Ans : As you know, Retinitis pigmentosa is a very serious eye problem. It cannot be cured completely even in Ayurveda. But there is Hope. There are methods by which the retina can be strengthened and thereby increase the functional capacity of the organ. So, the deterioration/degeneration can be delayed, and can sometimes can be arrested also.

    2.       I am an Retinitis pigmentosa patient, now 35 years lady. My son is 5 years now. I know that this condition is a genetic disorder and so I am afraid about my son’s vision. He is having some problem in distant vision and using myopic glass at present. Is there any method so that his vision can be protected ?

    Ans: First of all, we have to diagnose whether your son is having Retinitis pigmentosa or not. Sometimes it may be only myopia. Anyways, treatments can be done to increase the health of the visual organ and thereby to protect his vision. Since he is a young boy, maximum result can be expected. 

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Cataract

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Cataract 

    • I am 61 years old. There was gradual decrease in vision. I went for a check up. They told that there is cataract and suggested cataract surgery. I went for a second opinion. He told me that it is better to avoid surgery because your nerves are weak and even after a surgery, you wouldn’t get desired result. Whys is it so? Are there methods to strengthen the nerves?
      • Ans:- There are many pathological conditions where the nervous layer-Retina- is affected. E.g.:- Macular degeneration, Retinopathy etc. There are methods to strengthen the retina. After that, you can go for a Cataract surgery.
    • My mother is 75 years old. She is having mature cataract in both eyes. Doctor suggested surgery, but she is afraid of surgery. Is there any other methods in ayurveda ?
      • Ans:-In my opinion, Surgery is better option for mature cataract. But before that you have to confirm that other structures of the eye especially, the retina, is O.K.Otherwise she wouldnot get desired result. In such a condition it is better to maintain with Ayurvedic medications.

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetic Retinopathy

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy

    • I am a diabetic patient. Four months back, there was sudden loss of vision in one eye. Immediately went to eye specialist. He told me that this is vitreous haemorrhage. Laser was done. There was relief. After two months, the same repeated. This time, doctor told simple laser will not work out. Surgery is necessary. Why is it so? Can I avoid surgery by ayurvedic methods?   
      • Ans:- According to Ayurvedic approach, it is a Pitta predominant pathological condition of the eye.By appropriate treatment procedures,  your can be protected from further deterioration.   

    • I am a diabetic for the last 5 years and it is under control. I used to go for eye checkups. Till date, my eyes are perfect. But I have heard of ophthalmic complications of diabetes. Is there any preventive measures so that I can keep my eyes intact
      • Ans:-You are thinking in the right way.Of course there are methods to protect your vision.     

    • I am a diabetic patient. I feel a little blurring of vision. Is it a serious problem?
      • Ans:- At present it is not a serios problem. But it may lead to a serious condition if left untreated.There treatment methods in Ayurveda to control this condition.

    •  I am a diabetic patient. There was sudden blurring of vision. When I went for checkup, the doctor told that there is bleeding in the retina. They suggested a laser treatment. I am afraid of laser. Is it dangerous? Is there any alternative in ayurveda ?

    • Ans:-I am not a person to comment about Laser treatment . But in my practical experience, Ican say that it is not dangerous. In ayurveda there are alternative procedures to prevent retinal haemorrhage. In Laser , the point of bleeding is sealed. BUT, by Ayurvedic methods, the circulation of blood through the vessels is maintained and so the tendency for bleeding is minimized.


    • I am diabetic for the last 20 years. 2 years back, there was blurring in one eye and it gradually increased. Two times, laser was done. 5 months back, a surgery was done, but, even after all these, that eye totally blind. Recently, when I went for a check-up, the doctor told that the other eye also is mildly affected. I was very much afraid. Is there any treatment in ayurveda to protect my other eye?
      • Ans:-If you are ready to undergo  systematic Ayurvedic treatment procedures, you can protect your better eye  and save the existing vision.

    • I am a diabetic patient having diabetic retinopathy (DR). Laser treatment was done 4 times. Even after that, vision is decreasing. Is there any treatment in Ayurveda ?
      • Ans: Yes, there is treatment in ayurveda. But a systematic approach is necessary including restrictions in the dietary and other habitual factors. Very systematic treatment procedures such as sirodhara, netratharpanam using pittasamana and chakshushya drugs will benefit you.

    • I am diabetic for the last 25 years and under insulin therapy. I am also having complication of diabetic retinopathy for the last 8 years. I had haemorrhages several times in my eyes. Laser treatment was done 5 times in each eye. Last laser was done 3 months back, but this time, even after laser, vision has not at all improved. Now the doctor says that a surgery should be done. From his description, I understood that it is risky and there is no guarantee for result. So I don’t like to undergo the surgery . I wish to have an ayurvedic treatment.
      • Ans: I don’t think that surgery can save your vision. A complete cure cannot be guaranteed in ayurveda also. You will not have any adverse effects by ayurvedic methods, instead you can expect some betterment only. Anyways, I hope you can live with medicine with vision under the guidance of ayurveda. 

    • I am a diabetic retinopathic patient. My vision in the right eye is 6/60 in right eye and 6/36 in left eye . Laser treatment is done 3 times in right eye and 2 times in left eye. Is laser having any side effects ? I am not interested in repeating the same treatment since my vision is not getting improved. Is there any alternative in ayurveda ?
      • Ans : Laser is a very advanced technology and so you need not be afraid of it. But, it is not a last word in your case. There are possibilities in ayurveda. Through ayurvedic procedures, your eyes can be protected from deteriorating.

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatment for Degenerative Myopia

    • My son is now 8 years we noticed his vision problem by the age of 6 years. The doctors told that it is a serious type of myopia and prescribed -5.00 glasses in both eyes. He also told about a laser treatment that can be done after 18 years and to change the glasses until then whenever necessary. Every year, he has to change the glass. Now, it is -8.5 in one eye and -9.5 in the other. Is there any treatment atleast to prevent the progress of disease in Ayurveda ?
      • Ans : Yes. There is . There are methods in Ayurveda to prevent the progress of disease (degenerative myopia) and to increase the vision. It is a systematic and scientific approach which includes internal medicines as well as external treatment procedures.

    • My daughter is 12 years, now using glasses -6.5 in right eye and -7.5 in left eye. She is not able to read small letters even with this glass. Doctors are not suggesting any methods other than using spectacles. In our experience, vision is decreasing gradually. Can Ayurveda protect the vision of my daughter ?
      • Ans: Of course, Ayurveda can help you. There are treatments in Ayurveda to strengthen the retina and to improve the vision. The condition is to be analysed on ayurvedic basis and select appropriate line of treatment.

    • I am now 18years old and my glasses are -10 and -11  in R.E and L.E respectively. It started from -2 in both eyes by the age of 7 years. Vision is clear with the present glass. But, I feel headache and eye pain while reading for a long time and working on a computer. I am afraid that whether I can continue my studies. Is there any treatment in Ayurveda for the above condition ?
      • Ans: Ayurveda can help you in many ways. There are internal medicines and external medications for the eye and very specific treatment procedures to protect your eyes. The medicine should be confirmed after analyzing the problem on the basis of ayurvedic principles. Inpatient treatment will also be necessary.

    • I am 35 years and working as project manager in a software company. Now I am using -10 and -12.5 power glasses in right eye and left eye. Vision is not fully corrected even with this glass. I am highly afraid. If the condition is progressing, I will not be able to continue my work. What should I do ?
      • Ans :I you are ready to follow ayurvedic methods, we can protect your vision in such a way that you can continue your works safely and have a good future. You have to take internal medicines and also undergo inpatient treatment. 

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Treatments for children's eye problems

    • My son is three years old. When he was 10 months old, I noticed squint in right eye. We consulted a doctor. After examination, he told there is vision problem in both eye, more in right eye and prescribed glass -0.75/1800 in left eye and -2.75/180o in Right eye. Also advised surgery for squint. I do not prefer surgery. Is there any method in Ayurveda to try ?
      • Ans: Yes there is. There are treatments to improve vision which include internal medicines, external medications, dietary factors, and practice of scientifically arranged eyeball movements. A combination of all these three will control the problems of your child.

    • My son is 10 years old and he is using myopic glasses -4.00 and -5.00 in each eyes. He started to use glass three years back as -2.00 and -2.25 respectively. Doctors say that it may increase gradually and we have to change the glass accordingly and we can do laser surgery after 19 years. I am not in a status to wait 9 more years to get a perfect treatment for my child. I am also afraid about the condition of vision by this time.  As an alternative system can Ayurveda contribute anything ?
      • Ans: Your son is having progressive myopia. He requires a perfect and scientific management in Ayurveda to improve the vision. The age is a positive factor now. Different types of medicines, external medications and dietary contributions are there. It is to be selected on the basis of predominant dosha, body constitution, etc etc. After a thorough examination, we can decide a treatment plan for your child. 

    FAQ on Ayurvedic Methods for Prevention of Eye Diseases

    • I am an engineering student, very interested in computer. My vision is so far normal. But, I feel fatty and tiredness of eye after reading or working on computer for a long time. I am afraid my eyes are getting weak. Is there any preventive methods to protect my eyes ?
      • Ans: There are many methods to make the eye more healthy. Internal medicines, external medications, dietary factors, eye exercises, treatment procedures etc are main among them. Before selecting a perfect line of approach for a particular person, his body constitution (prakriti), profession, dietary habits, lifestyles etc etc are to be considered. On that basis, we can give a perfect method to make your eye more healthy.

    • I am a vegetarian housewife, 38 years old. I am not having any considerable vision problem at present . I am conscious of my health. I am practicing Yoga, pranayama, morning walk etc. Is there anything to be done specially for my eyes ?
      • Ans :The things you are doing now are helpful for the eye also. After a small but scientific ophthalmic examination, we can give better advice which is specific to your eyes.