Prevention of Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes is a major health issue of the eyes nowadays. The number of people suffering from this problem is increasing day by day. Various types of electronic devices we are handling widely has a mjor role in the development of dry eyes.

In almost all aspects of our life, such as information, communication, transportation, medical, education etc etc, we are depending on these devices in one way or other. The technology behind these devices is making use of the functional capacity of our visual organ – the eye.

Now, about more than 90% of the knowledge we gain is through our eyes. Can you imagine a time without mobile phone, laptop, television etc ? No, we cant. That means the workload to our eyes is increasing drastically. And, it is inevitable. So, naturally, this workload will bring out its impact on our eyes. Dry Eye is one of them.

Anyway, we have to overcome this problem. That means we have to make our eyes more healthy and strong enough to shoulder this burden.

How is it possible?

Before coming to a solution, let us understand what actually is dry eye

It is a condition of deficiency in the lubricating system of the eye. The free movement of the eyeball is performed by this lubrication. It is maintained by a tear film over the eye ball. this tear film is made up of three layers. The first outermost layer is an oily layer or lipid layer. This is not the component of tear fluid. It is secreted by specialized cells of the eyelid margin. The second middle layer is the actual tear fluid layer. It mainly contains water and minerals. It is secreted from the tear glands. The third innermost layer is a mucous layer. It is the protective layer of cornea. It is secreted by the mebomian glands of the eyelid.

The symptom of dry eye varies according to the affected layer or the affected structure. Accordingly, the preventive measures, treatment procedures and medicines also will vary.

If the first layer is affected, and deficient in nature, the patient feels dryness. There will be a streching like feeling in the eye. Stringy like discharge and sand like hard deposits will be seen in the eyes especially in the morning when you wake up from bed. Here, vata is the predominant vitiating factor. The properties of vata such as rooksha, laghu, Khara, etc are increased. So vata samana treatment giving importance to snigdha guna is to be adopted. Here, the lubricating oil layer is deficinet. So, evaporation of the tear fluid takes place easily. A head massage with medicated oil, before bath is a protective measure. Ksheerabala tailam, Jeevaneeya tailam, Balaswagandhadi tailam etc can be considered. A cup of hot milk, drinking at bedtime is found beneficial. If the condition becomes serious, systematic treatment such as nasyam, sirodhara, sirovasthi etc can be done as per the direction of an expert. Medicines for these procedures also should be selected wisely.

If the second layer of tear fluid is deficient, patient feels dryness in the eyes. There will be also hot feeling or burning sensation in the eyes. Difficulty to face light source, hypersensitivity towards bright light, etc are other symptoms. In severe cases, there will be difficulty while exposing to sunlight. Here, pitta is the predominant vitiating factor. So, pittasamana procedures are to be adopted as a precautionary step. Washing the eye with cold water freequently gives temporary relief. Water medicated with pittasamana drug such as amla, draksha, chandana, useera, etc are good for eyewash. Drink adequate quantity of water. Add fleshy, water fruits or fruit juices in the daily menu. Headwash with cold water is absolutely necessary. Twice a day is recommended. Morning and afternoon. In severe conditions, systematic treatments will be necessary. Here, sirolepanam, thalam, sirodhara, mukhalepam, netrasekam, aschotanam, vitalakam etc can be done as per the direction of an expert.

If the third layer is deficient, the patient will feel dryness. There will be associated symptoms such as pain, redness, and also inflammatory changes. There are chances of corneal infection. Here, Kapha and pitta are equally vitiated. So, Kapha Pitta samana treatment procedures are necessary. Here, extreme care is needed to handle the case. Eye drops having anti inflammatory properties is recommended. Lodhrum, Triphala, yashti, darvi, etc are drugs having anti inflammatory property and good for the eyes. These can be used to medicate the water for eye wash. Once kapha is getting subsided, only pittasamana treatments can be followed. Systematic treatments such as nasyam, thakradhara, anjanam, etc can be done according to the clinical stage under the guidance of an expert.

To conclude, I want to stress the point – same eye drop for all dry eyes will not solve the problem, Differential diagnosis is absolutely necessary. Take preventive measures to avoid the development. If already developed, go for an expert opinion and treatment because eyes are preceious and vision is the gift of God. Keep it and protect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all should I pack before travelling to Matha for my treatment?

Trivandrum has a very humid weather. Hence light and comfortable cotton clothes are your best choice. We do not allow footwear's worn outside to be used indoors. Hence, indoor slippers (or flip flops) are also necessary. Personal use items such as bath towel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving sets, etc. are also among the items to be packed. As rains are very common, an umbrella would come in handy. If you are in the habit of drinking hot water, a flask would be needed.

In our deluxe rooms, bath towels, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers are provided and need not be packed.

What if I forget to pack something?

We are there for your help. Please inform our reception team members, and they would be happy to solve your problems.

What is my diet going to be at Matha?

Doctors decide your diet based on your clinical needs, your treatments and medicines. However, on a general note, your day starts with tea/coffee/herbal drink. Then you have the breakfast at 9.00 am. This is normally dosa / idli / puttu which keeps on rotating. You may also order for bread toast / upuma. A juice suited for you will be served at 11.00 am. For lunch, we have a typical south Indian diet which consists of chapathy and rice with 3 types of curries. The rice is normally boiled rice. However, you may place a special request for white rice / chapathy only also. Eggs can also be added on request. Evening tea is served at 4.00 pm along with snacks. Dinner is served at 7.00 pm consisting of Chapathy and veg curry. Kanji is also available on request.

Those requiring special diets would be served with the appropriate food as per doctors’ instructions.

How is a day going to be at Matha during the course of my treatment?

A normal day during your cure at Matha would be scheduled as given below. It is a relaxed schedule. The intention is to create an environment enabling you to reset your habits and sleep cycles. You need to spend time with oneself and nature in solitude and silence. Thus, you are able to connect with your mind and soul. This connection will support in natural healing.

06.00 - 07.00 am wake up, daily prayers, meditation and time for daily rituals
07.45 - 08.00 am Preparation for your daily treatments
08.00 - 08.30 am Early treatments
09.00 - 09.30 am Breakfast time
09.30 - 11.00 am Morning treatments, time to connect with your mind and soul
11.00 - 11.10 am light juices
09.30 - 01.00 pm Morning treatments and consultation with physicians
01.00 - 02.00 pm Lunch served in room
02.00 - 04.00 pm afternoon treatments and relaxation time
04.00 - 04.10 pm Evening tea / snack time
04.10 - 05.30 pm afternoon treatments and rest thereafter
05.30 - 06.45 pm Time to interact and meet with other guests
06.45 - 07.30 pm Dinner served in room
07.30 - 09.00 pm Time to fill your mind with good thoughts and get ready for a good sleep.

In addition to the above schedule, internal medicine is an integral part of your curing process. They would be given to you at the right times (early morning, afternoon, evening and before sleep) by our medical team. Yoga is not part of daily routine unless prescribed by your physician.

Is laundry service available at the hospital?

Inhouse laundry service is available. Laundry can be handed over to reception and will be returned after washing. We have only a basic laundry and not a high-end professional service. Pressing / Ironing is NOT done.

How is the weather in Trivandrum?

Trivandrum is the southernmost district of the state of Kerala. The weather remains more or less the same during summer and winter season. The temperatures vary between around 35 to 22 degree Celsius in summer, and between 20 to 32 degree Celsius in winter. We normally have very heavy rainfall during the months of June to august. The average humidity in Trivandrum ranges between 68 to 70 percentage.

Can I plan sight-seeing trips in and around Trivandrum during or after my treatments?

We focus on solving your health concern. Everything else is secondary to us. We recommend you to take maximum rest and to concentrate on your healing during your treatment at Matha.
For patient undergoing eye treatment, sightseeing trips may be allowed only during the initial days of treatment.
For panchakarma treatments, trips are allowed only after the intensive cleansing procedures.
We strongly discourage sightseeing during intensive treatments. Any such trips will be decided only after discussion with the doctors.

What modes of payment do you accept? What about forex services?

We accept cash, cards, and direct transfer to a bank account. We DO NOT accept cheques. Requests for exchange of foreign currency would be handled by reputed forex service companies at Trivandrum.

Can I plan my travel by including trips to other parts of India along with my treatment?

If sightseeing is a serious agenda for you, then our advice is to finish it off before arriving for treatment. Do not stress yourself immediately after completing the treatments.

What about mosquitoes and pests at the hospital?

Trivandrum is blessed with a tropical weather. The abundance of flora and fauna, definitely attracts pests and mosquitoes. Matha uses herbal methods to keep them at bay and to have a safe environment and co-living. We also advise you to keep the doors closed and to use mosquito repellants during the evening times when mosquitoes are most active. We also ask our guests to abide by our policies on food waste management to minimize pests in rooms.

Is yoga a part of my daily activity at Matha?

Yoga is NOT a part of your daily activity unless prescribed by your treating doctor.

What types of room are available at Matha?

We have three main categories of room:
1 -Simple room. This is a basic Non-AC room with a single bed and attached bath. A small side-bed is also available in this room.
2 - Double Room. Here, two beds are available. AC and NON-AC categories of double room are available.
3 - Deluxe Room. These are our premium rooms, with AC and Queen size beds. Bath towels, soap, white sheets, and pillow covers etc. are available in this category.

Are pickup / drop services available?

Pickup / drop services are available from airport / railway station etc. by our own vehicle or one of our trusted partners. Please inform your pickup / drop requirement in advance so that it can be planned.

Why is Matha NOT allowing room booking on travel and booking sites like, TripAdvisor etc.?

Matha is an Ayurvedic hospital, NOT a Resort, NOT a spa and Not a hotel. Being a medical facility, patients have to submit their medical information and complete a medical consultation (either in-person or online) with our medical team to assess the clinical stage of the disease. After this consultation, we can decide treatment plans, duration of treatment, etc. Since treatment booking is possible only after completing the above steps, we have a medical helpdesk to help and guide patients to get treatment.

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