Ayurvedic treatment for Macular Degeneration

According to ayurvedic theories, macular degeneration is a Vata-pitta predominant. In the case of dry type, the vitiation of Vata is more. So, Vata-Samana chikitsa concentrating on the head and eye is necessary to manage the case.

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Macular Degeneration Ayurvedic Treatment At Matha

Macular degeneration is now one of the major causes of blindness. It is now in the first place among the causes of blindness in the working group of the population. It is a degenerative eye disease where patients easily miss the early stage. This is because there is no serious visual problem in this very early stage. Hence it is important to see your eye doctor regularly to find early warning signs. As the condition progresses, patients experience wavy and blurred vision. The next stage is loss of central vision. Patients with advanced macular degeneration are considered legally blind. This is because even if rest of rest of retina is still working, and peripheral vision is maintained, it is not as clear as the central part. Victims become aware of this condition only when their visual perception starts getting affected.

Our aim is to help in controlling distorted vision, blurring, and dark areas in the visual field for macular degeneration. Ayurveda treatment for macular degeneration last approximately 15 to 18 days for the management of this condition.

Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

  • Blurring and decrease in eyesight, especially distant vision.
  • Unable to look at a bright light, especially sunlight.
  • Certain areas in the visual field may be missing.
  • The patient sees a straight line as curved or zig-zagged.
  • The shape of the object may seem changed. i.e., sometimes objects are seen as large or small in size.
  • Darkness in the center of the visual field, so the patient would be unable to see the focusing object. The central darkness may increase in size and lead to total blackout.

The different visual problems cause confusion among patients. They have a lot of doubts.

The macula, located in the inner layer of the eyeball within the retina, is the most sensitive part of the eye. It serves as the focal point for light convergence, where light rays reflected from objects converge onto the retina, specifically the macula. Any defects or degeneration in this area lead to visual disturbances, given the crucial role of the macula in the visual process.

Visual disturbances occur due to a series of reactions initiated upon light convergence on the macula. These reactions involve photochemical, electrical, and nervous processes, culminating in nerve impulses carried through the optic nerve to the brain stem and visual cortex. Hence, any impairment in the macula disrupts these processes, resulting in visual symptoms.

Senility predisposes individuals to various eye diseases, and the likelihood of developing macular degeneration increases if the macular area is already weakened or delicate. Factors such as eye strain exacerbate this vulnerability, further contributing to the development of ARMD. Senility often presents general eye problems related to vision, including blurring, difficulty in reading, presbyopia, or changes associated with cataracts. However, ARMD exhibits specific additional symptoms.

Characteristic symptoms of ARMD include central field loss, where patients experience a dark area in their central field of vision, as well as pockets of missing vision. Distortion in vision objects, difficulty in color perception, and perceived changes in object size or distance are also common symptoms. These visual impairments significantly impact daily life, affecting professional and practical activities.

In Ayurvedic theory, all three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—are equally important in eye function. However, the macula is primarily associated with Pitta due to its role in light convergence. Pitta imbalance, particularly affecting the macula, is a significant factor in the development of macular degeneration, especially ARMD.

Treatment of ARMD in Ayurveda involves addressing both the local eye condition and systemic factors. Ocular treatments focus on controlling Pitta locally, while treatments on the head region address systemic factors and maintain overall balance. For ARMD cases with predominant Vata involvement, a different treatment protocol is followed, emphasizing Vata and Pitta balancing measures.

Preventive measures are essential in averting the development or progression of macular degeneration, especially in aging individuals. Ayurvedic recommendations include protective eye practices, such as daily head massages with suitable oils, application of collyrium, and oral medications tailored to individual constitution and age.

Early intervention and proper management can control ARMD, preserving vision and preventing blindness. However, while ARMD is manageable, it is not curable, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures in maintaining eye health and preventing degenerative changes. Ayurvedic treatment, when administered correctly by experts, can effectively manage ARMD and improve visual outcomes, allowing individuals to maintain a good quality of life with preserved vision.

Systematic ayurvedic cure for Macular Degeneration

There is a very careful selection method for medicines used in treatments. The medicine varies according to the body constitution of the patient. Age, mental status, habitual factors, etc also play a vital role in medicine selection.

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The macula is the most sensitive small central area of the retina of the eye. This area controls the visual acuity of a person. Age-related macular degeneration is found to be a major cause of blindness in the working group of people. Like any other age-related problems, macular degeneration also seems to be developing an early age nowadays than before. Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is of two types:

1. Dry ARMD
2. Wet ARMD

Dry ARMD – Atrophic Type

Dry ARMD is the degeneration of this macular area, which is capable of leading to blindness, sometimes by a long period of 10 years. But there is some type which may develop blindness even within a few days. Dry “Drusen” is the main pathological change in dry ARMD. It is small yellowish deposits of lipids that accumulate within the retinal layers. The main symptoms are blurring of vision and loss of central area of the visual field. Here, the area of focus will be dark, and this makes difficulty in reading also. Distorted vision is another major problem. Straight lines may be wavy. The shape of the object also will be distorted. In a chronic condition, there will be missing/blank areas in the visual field. This makes reading more difficult. The patient may experience intolerance towards the bright light.

In Ayurveda, this is treated as Vata predominant eye disease. So, different types of treatment procedures are adapted to normalize the functions of Vata. This treatment is performed in three stages:

  1. Normalize the “channels” of the eye so as to avoid the accumulation and deposits in the retinal layers. For this, Nasyam – administration of medicine through nostrils is found to be very effective. But the medicines used for nasyam should be specific for this particular condition.
  2. Melt and drain out the Drusen’s (deposits) – To achieve this, specially modified treatment procedures are to be conducted in the eye. Anjanam, Netrasekam, Aschotanam, etc. are the options.
  3. Strengthen the retinal tissues to improve the functional capacity of the retina. Netra tharpanam, Putapakam etc. are the methods to apply for the apt medicines.

All the procedures should be done under the supervision and monitoring of a expert specialist only.

Wet ARMD – Haemorrhagic Type

Wet ARMD is a variety of macular degeneration where the function of the retina, mainly macula is damaged seriously. The macula is the most sensitive area of the retina responsible for sharp and accurate vision. Here, blood circulation of the retina is seriously involved in the pathology and there will be an encroachment of vessels towards the macular area. Later, walls of blood vessels become damaged and the fluid/blood leaks into the retinal layers. If not handled correctly in time, chances of leading to blindness are very high. Nowadays, the incidence is found to be increasing. Diabetes is seemed to be a contributing factor. The main symptoms are blurring of vision. Most often, the onset will be sudden. Associated symptoms are distorted vision. The shape and size of the object may be distorted. Straight lines – vertical and horizontal may be wavy. The patient may experience dark areas or moving shadows in the visual field which obstructs the vision. In serious conditions, there will be flashes of lights of flickering dots.

In Ayurveda, this condition is pitta dominant. The aim of the treatment is to bring the functions of pitta back to normal. Here, pitta is vitiating the blood and blood vessels and so, to maintain the blood circulation of the retina is the most important factor of treatment. this can be achieved in two steps:


  1. If there is bleeding in the retina, take steps to arrest it. For this, the treatment procedures should be done both on the head and in the eyes. Sira Sekam, Netra Sekam, Vitalakam etc. are the specific procedures for this. Selection of raw materials, mode of preparation of medicine, and mode of application are equally important. It should act on the retinal cells. It should arrest the bleeding and should not make any damage or side effects to the retinal cells. It is safe in the hands of an expert ayurvedic ophthalmologist.
  2. In the second step, the retinal tissue is strengthened so as to avoid the further onset of the pathology. For this, Netra Tharpanam is the procedure of choice. It is a procedure where the selected medicine is kept in the eyes for the calculated time. Internal medicines are equally important throughout the treatment period.

Ayurvedic theory in the treatment of Macular Degeneration

Identification of the dosha predominance is a vital factor in ayurvedic eye treatment. According to ayurvedic theories, macular degeneration is a Vata-pitta predominant. In the case of dry type, the vitiation of Vata is more. So, Vata-Samana chikitsa concentrating on the head and eye is necessary to manage the case. For this, Brimhana nasyam, Siro vasthi, Siro Dhara, Nethra tharpanam, etc. are beneficial.

There is a very careful selection method for medicines used in treatments. The medicine varies according to the body constitution of the patient. Age, mental status, habitual factors, etc also play a vital role in medicine selection.

Other systemic diseases get considered while selecting medicines. In the case of the wet type, pitta is more predominant. So, this factor is also considered before selecting the medicines.

Pittasamana, chakshushya and Rasayana drugs are suitable for this. The treatment procedures should be mainly ksheeradhara, netrasekam, vitalakom, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a 58 aged old man. I am using reading glasses for the last 15 years. Two year back, I felt some changes in my ability to see. My eyelids, and other structures seem normal. When I focus on an object, it seems to blurred and straight lines curved. When I look at people, the face is not clear. When I went for a checkup, the doctor told that there is some problem with my retina, especially macula. According to his advice, I am using vitamin tablets and de-oxidants. But no considerable result till now. Can Ayurveda help me?

Yes. Ayurveda can do something. But it does not mean that we can cure the disease completely. As you know, it is a degenerative disease. With ayurvedic remedies for macular degeneration, we can arrest or delay the degeneration. So, we can control the deterioration of vision. Anyways, Ayurveda can save you from being blind.

I am 68 now. About 9 year back, I was seeing small dots and thread-like things moving in front of my eyes. The doctor told it is not a serious thing and to leave it off. But my complaints keep on increasing. Now, the doctor told me that an injection inside the eye may sometimes work out. That was also done. But no improvement. Is there any alternative in Ayurveda?

There is a degeneration of macula (the most sensitive part of the retina) of your eye. There are procedures in Ayurveda to strengthen the nerves. This increases the functional capacity of the eye. This helps you to experience better eyesight. So you can have a trial in Ayurveda.

My age is 50. I am a old lady using reading glasses for the last 5 years. I have no hypertension, diabetes or any other systemic diseases. Since one month back, I experience dimness in visual perception. Sometimes, the straight lines seem curved, especially the horizontal lines. Sometimes, I miss the steps while climbing the staircase. Is it a serious problem? I prefer ayurveda treatment.

It is the starting of a serious problem. It is the initial symptoms of macular degeneration. Since you are in the initial stage, the Chances of a positive result for the treatment are more. Immediate ayurveda treatment can save your eyes.

I am a middle aged man. When I look at an object, the center portion seems dark. The peripheral part is visible. Why is it so?

It may be due to macular degeneration. We can confirm by fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) and Optical coherence tomograph (OCT). Fluid accumulation if present is controlled first. After that degenerative changes treated. This is the principle of ayurveda treatment.

I am 58 years old and used to spend more than 6 hours on computer daily. last year, I noticed some distortion in my vision. The straight lines were seen wavy, especially the vertical ones. This problem was more in certain areas. I consulted doctors and they told this is the starting of dry age-related macular degeneration. I was prescribed some medicines. But they did not give me much results. Instead, it was progressive. Now, I can’t see the face of person clearly. Shape of the object also seems to be distorted. Sometimes, central field is totally dark. Is there any method to prevent the progress of disease?

Yes, there is. It is not an easy task. You have to be prepared for a systematic ayurvedic treatment as an inpatient. The progress of the disease can be arrested and the vision can be improved.

I am a lady of 55 years and have been using glasses for reading purpose for the last 10 years. Also suffering from diabetes for 8 years. Four months back, there was a sudden blurring of vision in my right eye in such a way that I was not able to identify the objects. immediately went for checkup and was diagnosed as hemorrhage in the eyes due to macular degeneration, and an injection inside the eye was given. After that, there was improvement. But the same repeated after two months. Doctors say that there is no permanent cure for this. And, I have to go on with the injection. I am not comfortable with this injection. Can I avoid this injection if I shift to ayurveda?

Yes. You can live without those injections if you follow ayurvedic methods. There is a successful line of treatment in Ayurveda to handle the haemorrhage in macular degeneration. Before starting the treatment, a detailed in-person consultation is necessary so as to have an ayurvedic analysis of the situation.

I am 70 years old and am diabetic for the last 10 years. 2 years back, I experienced mild blurring of vision and occasional flashes of light in left eye. I thought it is due to my age and so did not give much importance. But, after three months, there was sudden increase in blurring and there was dark wherever I focus. after detailed investigations, doctors diagnosed this as fluid accumulation and leakage in retina due to macular degeneration. They also said that diabetes is a reason for this. I have already undergone laser treatment and injection in left eye with no result. Now, my main problem is that the same thing started in right eye also. But no treatment was done in it. I wish to have ayurvedic treatment in my right eye.

Since you have already tried and failed in left eye, you need to have ayurvedic treatment in right eye. Through the ayurvedic approach, vision in the right eye can be protected. For that, internal medicines and also specific external treatment procedures are necessary. since it is to do under monitoring and observation of an ayurvedic doctor, you have to be admitted in the hospital for treatment.

I am aged 62 now and had a cataract in both eyes. 6 months back, I underwent cataract surgery in my right eye, but after the surgery, my eyesight became worse. Why is it so? The doctor says that my retina is weak. Now, I want to save my left eye. What should be done?

There are treatment procedures in Ayurveda to strengthen the retina. The treatment for retina and cataract is different. So you better undergo ayurveda treatment for your retina problem. Only after that, think of treatment for cataract.

I am 48 year old businessman doing extensive travel. Nowadays, I find it difficult to face bright light and feel more sensitive to the light. In the bright light, I see small spots like or thread-like objects in front of the eyes. I consulted an ophthalmologist. He told that there is a possibility of macular degeneration in my eyes. I prefer ayurveda treatment for this problem. Is it possible?

According to Ayurveda, your problem is the ‘pitta-predominant’ condition. At present, it is not a serious problem. Systematic ayurveda treatment methods can treat this condition. So Start treatment immediately.

I am a patient of macular degeneration for the last 4 years. I am using vitamin tablets and anti-oxidants. 4 months back, there was a sudden loss of eyesight in the right eye and I can see only shadows. The examination confirmed bleeding in the eye . According to their instruction, I underwent laser treatment. Even after that, the vision has not increased. Can Ayurveda help me? I am also a diabetic patient.

Ayurveda can help you, but only medicine is not enough. Food habits, oil for the head are also important. We have to consider habits like sleep, bath, watching TV, etc. Overall management can save your eyes.

I was quite asymptomatic until 2 months back. Then, there was a sudden dimness in my ability to see in the left eye. I thought it was a problem with my reading glasses. So I went to the optical shop, but no glass was suitable to improve my eyesigh. why is it so? Is there any serious problem?

Glasses are not a solution to all eye problems. There may be something wrong with your retina of the lens. Differential diagnosis is necessary to start treatment. So, after a detailed checkup. Have a diagnosis if there is cataract or any other retinal degenerative conditions.

When I look at straight lines, they seem curved. There is a general blurring of vision also. Is it a serious problem? Can ayurveda help me ?

It is the beginning of a serious problem. If you are prepared to take ayurvedic treatment procedures immediately, your eyesight can be protected.

I am a retired person of 65 years age. I am using reading glasses for the last 20 years. Recently, I experienced that vision in the central field of my vision is not clear. Since there was not much practical difficulty, I did not pay attention to it. But gradually, the problem increased and the central field became dark and invisible. Also, I noticed there is distortion of the straight lines and also shape of the objects. When consulted doctors, they diagnosed it as dry ARMD. they gave me antioxidants and vitamins and informed there is no permanent cure to this problem. In my experience, the disease is progressive. Can Ayurveda help me?

As you are aware, this is an age-related degenerative condition. In Ayurveda, there are methods to slow down the degeneration and to improve the functional capacity of the eye. This will protect your vision and you can avoid practical difficulties in your day to day life. For this, systematic management is necessary.

I am 71 years old and having habit of reading. 2 years back, I have difficulty in reading due to dark areas where I focus. When I consulted, the disease was diagnosed as dry ARMD. No medicine was prescribed except some vitamin tablets and anti-oxidants. In my experience, my disease is progressive. Now, there is some blank areas noticed in the vision especially while reading. I have to shift my eyes to read the letters properly. I also find it difficult to tolerate bright light, more in the night. Is there any remedy for this in ayurveda?

Since it is a degenerative and also senile in nature, a total cure is not possible. but we can reduce the intensity of the disease and slow down the degenerative changes so that you can continue your reading without many practical difficulties. For this, you have to undergo basic level ayurvedic treatment. Other systemic problems such as diabetes, hypertension etc. should also be taken into consideration while treating this disease.

I am 68 years old man, otherwise healthy, no diabetes, no hypertension. But I am suffering from a serious eye problem. My vision is decreasing gradually. It started 3 years back as a sudden blurring of vision along with distorted vision of the object. It was then diagnosed as macular degeneration with fluid leakage and bleeding in my eye. I have already undergone two laser treatments and three injections in my eye. Still the problem is increasing. Now, I am really afraid. I hope in ayurveda, there will be methods to solve my problem.

We cannot offer a total cure to this problem. But, it is treatable. You can avoid these injections and lasers if you are ready to follow the ayurvedic line of treatment. We advise an inpatient level treatment for a period of three weeks. After that, you will have to follow some simple medications at home. Anyways, your vision can be protected and you can expect a gradual improvement in vision also.

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