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Cleanse your mind, body and soul at the right intervals to prevent future diseases without sacrificing your profession

Do I need a panchakarma treatment now?

Do you wake up feeling tired and without an abundance of energy? Do you start your day with constipation? During your normal day, do you feel unnecessary restlessness and impatience? Do you feel sleepy during your working hours? Do you feel sad and weak without any specific reason? and finally, at the end of your day, do you feel that you have no energy left?

If you relate to the above feelings, then your profession and daily routine is silently consuming your well-being. It’s not your fault. The stress, lack of exercise, alcohol, unhealthy food, are all now a part of our modern-day life. Do you want to get your vigor and health back? Ayurveda has a proven detox and rejuvenation program called Panchakarma which has been time tested for more than 5000 years.

The new herbal cleansing Panchakarma program will help regain balance of your “doshas”. A natural way to cleanse your mind, body and soul. The programs are strict, and we follow only authentic ayurvedic treatments. All medicines used in our treatments are handmade by our team, using only traditional methods, under the watchful eyes of our doctors.

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At Matha ayurvedic hospital, all treatments are customized for each patient by the treating doctor. The clinical-stage of disease, other systemic complaints, dietary regime, and habitual factors are considered before deciding on a care plan.

First NABH Accredited hospital in Trivandrum as well as Entire South India

Our focus is on providing the best ayurvedic treatment to patients

Our Kitchen provides veg diet suitable for ayurveda and yoga.

Matha is not a research Institute. We do not conduct research on our patients.

We prepare herbal medications in our own GMP certified manufacturing unit.


What They Say About Us

"The treatment and facilities provided are best.The staff and doctors are very good . A good atmosphere is the best thing I found here. Dr P K santhakumari madam is best and caring . The way she approaches the patient is excellent ."

Hamna Arshad


“Really great treatment and calming surrounding for patients.Dr.Santha kumari Mam ,Dr. Athira,Dr.Heera and therapists Dhanya Chechi ,Suma Chechi and Sreekala chechi were absolutely appreciated for their support and care.Highly recommended ."

Navamy Nair


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an ideal season for doing panchakarma treatments?

Treatments for specific conditions can be taken in all seasons. Doctors consider the season in addition to your condition before deciding upon the treatments and medicines. Hence there would be minor changes in your treatments or medicines depending upon the season. It is also noticed that during monsoon, the body has more power to heal. That is the reason why monsoon is believed to be more beneficial for rejuvenation treatments. Also, treatments for depression is better in non-monsoon seasons.

How many days of treatment do I need to plan for?

Panchakarma treatments require between 14 to 21 days for you to get full benefits. There are 3 phases to be completed for a full panchakarma course. Preparation, Treatment, and Rejuvenation. It takes 14 days to complete the preparation and treatment. 21 days are required to complete your rejuvenation.

Can I complete panchakarma treatment in 7 or 10 days?

Panchakarma treatments require between 14 to 21 days for you to get full benefits. By taking treatments for 7 or 10 days, you will only be able to experience the benefits of panchakarma at a superficial level. However, such small course of treatments can be taken for symptomatic relief and stress relief, and not for the full benefits of panchakarma

Is panchakarma recommended during pregnancy?

Panchakarma shall not be taken in the first trimester of pregnancy. During the second and third trimester, only those mild treatments that are specifically prescribed for pregnancy can be done. The best option is to postpone your panchakarma till the lactation period is over.

Can I take panchakarma during menstrual cycle?

Menstruation itself is a strong natural cleansing process. In ayurveda, all cleansing treatments including panchakarma is avoided during this period. Instead, your doctor will be able to select an appropriate body treatment most suited for you during that time. For this, please inform your doctor if you have periods during the treatments. Carefully selected internal medicines can also be taken during this time.

How often do I need to repeat panchakarma?

Normally, a full course of panchakarma is advised once a year. However, depending on your specific health condition and progress made, doctors may prescribe some specific treatment procedure to be taken after 6 or 8 months.

What are the exact treatments that I would be undergoing during my panchakarma?

Every person is unique. and every treatment plan is also unique. We try to include as many treatments as possible to improve your overall health and well-being. This approach is not just limited to treatments and medicine, but also the food, lifestyle advises, connecting with your inner self and self-relaxation.

How is my treatment plan, medicines and diet selected for me?

Every person is unique. and every treatment plan is also unique. The process starts with our medical questionnaire that is filled before your arrival. This gives our doctors an overall idea of your clinical condition and gives them time to prepare a rough treatment plan. This is finalized after a detailed in-person consultation after you arrive. Diagnostics are done (if needed) to further understand your health concerns.

The final treatment plan is reviewed on a daily basis by our doctors and changes may be made if necessary based on your daily progress.

I am quite healthy now. Can I do panchakarma?

A major percentage of people undergoing panchakarma are healthy. The search is for perfection. We assess the lifestyle, energy levels, bowel movement, metabolism, emotional wellbeing, sleep pattern and find scope for improvement. A proper panchakarma cleansing once a year is the best health gift that you can reward yourself with.

Is panchakarma a detox program?

Panchakarma aids in detox. However, the benefits of panchakarma are not limited to detox. It’s a three-stage cleansing of your mind, body and soul. The first phase is the preparation phase, then comes the cleansing phase and finally, the rejuvenation stage. After completing the three stages, your body experiences a rebirth, fueled by an abundance of energy.

I have a specific health concern. Will I be able to cure it with panchakarma?

Please contact us with your specific complaints. Our medical team will be able to guide you.

What internal medicines will I be given?

Medicines as per scientific ayurvedic principles to aid your panchakarma would be provided. The medicines are prepared in our own GMP certified manufacturing unit under the supervision of our doctors.

What if I do not want any particular treatment?

All treatments would be done only after taking consent from you. Each treatment would be explained to you by your treating doctor. The benefits and risks (if any) would also be explained before getting your consent. Please ensure that you clarify all your doubts and queries with our doctors.

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