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Kudappanakunnu hospital - 0471-2731352 / 98471 95533
Moongode hospital - 9562997799
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First Consultation: Kindly schedule 3 to 4 hours for first visit. Patients undergo a detailed initial assessment. Next, the required diagnostics are done.  Later, patients consult with our Senior Physician. Doctor explain the diagnosis, treatments, medicines required and expected results.
Repeat Consultation: Patients must inform the unique Reg Number given. This helps save time. We can by ready with the medical records when patient arrives.
Inpatient Admission.  While booking admission, kindly inform the room preference. Following rooms are available.
Non A/C - Single occupancy
Non A/C - Double occupancy
A/C Room

NABH Accreditation

NABH Accredited - Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital
Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital (Moongode) Pvt Ltd - Our hospital at Moongode in Trivandrum is now NABH Accredited. The hospital is located at Moongode (Near Thachottukavu), Trivandrum, Kerala.
Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital becomes the first Ayurvedic Hospital in Trivandrum and entire South Kerala to achieve NABH Accreditation. 

Welcome to Matha

  • Matha is an ayurvedic hospital. It is NOT a resort and NOT a spa. 
  • The organization is family owned and hence a family culture is kept alive in all our hospitals. 
  • Our focus is on providing the best ayurvedic eye treatment to patients. Everything else is secondary to us. 
  • Our facilities are designed and built for middle class Indian patients. 
  • Our Kitchen provides veg diet suitable for ayurvedic eye treatment. Yet, if treating doctors allow, we work out slight modifications to meet patient preferences.
  • Please DO NOT expect leisure, entertainment or tourism related activities at our hospital units. It is a place where patients come to get their eyes treated. 
  • During eye treatment; reading, television, mobiles, laptops etc cause strain to eyes. Doctors may restrict their usage. Patients need to mentally prepare for this. Music devices are a safe option.  
  • Matha is NOT a research Institute. We do NOT conduct research on our patients. We provide only proven medicines and treatments to our patients. 
  • We respect and follow medial ethics. 
  • We do NOT use secret medicines or clandestine procedures. Qualified doctors and medical team deliver classical and scientific ayurvedic treatments.
  • We do not claim to have started operations centuries ago. Our hospital started in 2003. We have treated more than 12,000 unique eye patients during the past 16 years. Our satisfaction figures range from 75% to 95% depending on the clinical stage of disease.
  • We do not compromise on quality. We prepare medicines in our own GMP certified manufacturing unit. Our prices reflect the variations in price of raw materials.
  • Ayurveda is NOT alternative or complimentary for us. It is "The" Indian System of treatment. It is scientific and systematic. Respect this fact. 
  • We diagnose, and treat strictly on ayurvedic theories and principles. This applies to our evaluations also. We do NOT follow theory of other systems of medicine.  

Photo Gallery

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital Kudappanakunnu
Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital Moongode
Devadaram - The Ayurveda Panchakarma Unit of Matha
Medicine Manufacturing Unit of Matha

OP Timings and Consultation at all units of Matha

The OP Timings of all our units are given below. Please note the OP timings and be prepared before calling for fixing an appointment. 

Patients are requested to be on time for appointments. Patients coming for the first time need to be prepared for a 3 to 4 hour process.

Repeat patients are requested to inform their registration number while taking appointments. 

Hospital Unit

Ph: Number

O.P Timings

0471 2731352
9.00 am to 6.30 pm
9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Our Medicines

Matha - Eye treatment medicines
Devadaram - General Treatment medicines

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision: "To be the Global Leader and be able to set the Industry standards in the domain of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology". 

Our Mission
  1. To work with Energy, passion, honesty and commitment in providing the most effective treatment and best quality medicines in the domain of Ayurvedic ophthalmology
  2. To continuously improve our systems, process, procedures and technology in the best interest of our our patients
  3. To employ and train dedicated and competent professionals to achieve the above. 

Testimonial Videos

Mr Kumar talks about his experience at Matha. His mother underwent Ayurvedic treatment for diabetic retinopathy.

Mr Ivan Alex's father underwent ayurvedic treatment for Diabetic retinopathy at Matha. You can listen to his testimonial.

Miss Sophia speaking about her experience. She took ayurvedic treatment for Dry eyes at Matha ayurveda eye hospital.

Mrs Sumithra Damodar speaking about her ayurvedic treatment. She had completed treatment for macualar degeneration at Matha.

Miss Christeena brought her father to Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital. He underwent ayurvedic treatment for macular degeneration

Mr John on his experience of ayurvedic treatment for floaters in eyes. He underwent treatment at Matha

Follow up treatment (After completion of treatment)

  • Doctors decide a follow up plan for each patient. This depends on clinical stage of disease. Patient response to medicines during treatment also play a vital role in this plan. 
  • Follow up plan includes internal medicines and simple external treatments (like eye drops). Patients need to continue these at home. 
  • Review dates and their frequency are also fixed. 
  • Doctors track the progress and make modifications to the follow up plan on each review.  
  • The necessity of repeat treatment is also evaluated. 

Insurance and Mediclaim options at Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital

  • Mediclaim reimbursement from all major policies are available. 
  • Cashless facility is not available at Matha  
  • Patients submit the claim form and checklist of documents. We provide the required documents as per this checklist. 
  • If the policy states need for NABH hospital, please get admitted in our Moongode unit only. 

International Patients

  • Patients from over 25 countries come to Matha for ayurvedic eye treatment. 
  • They follow the culture and values of our country and our hospital during treatment. 
  • Do not expect luxury or preferential treatment. All patients are equal to us.
  • Do not expect tourism or sight seeing activities during your stay. Expect only the best ayurvedic eye treatment. 
  • Valid visa and requisite documents are compulsory.

How to Reach

First step is to reach Trivandrum. Flights, train and buses are available.
By Air : Nearest airport is Trivandrum airport (TRV)
By Rail: Nearest railway stations are: Trivandrum Central (TVC) and Kochuveli (KVCL)
By Bus (Long distance Buses): Long distance buses arrive in Trivandrum at Thampanoor Bus stand.

After Reaching Trivandrum City

  • By Taxi – Always travel by prepaid taxi with a pre-fixed charge. Do give the hospital address beforehand while travelling by prepaid taxi. Ola, Uber, Celcabs, Mango Cabs, She Taxi, and FastTrack are few reputed taxi providers operating in trivandrum. Direct taxi is available to kudappanakunnu and moongode hospital. 
  • By Autorickshaw – Autorickshaws are cheaper than taxi but can accommodate only 3 passengers and limited luggage. Always hail a autorickshaw from a prepaid autorickshaw stand.Direct autorickshaw is available to kudappanakunnu and moongode hospital. 
  • By local city bus – This is the cheapest means of transport. 
    • Kudappanakunnu hospital - Direct buses are available. You may also get down at either Peroorkada (3 kms) or Mannanthala (5 kms) and then proceed by either autorickshaw or a second bus.
    • Moongode Hospital - Direct buses are available. You may also get down at thachottukavu (3kms) and then proceed by either autorickshaw or second bus. 
Google map location of our hospitals

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital (Kudappanakunnu), Jayaprakash Lane, Kudappanakunnu P O, Trivandrum 695043. Ph 04712731352, 9847195533

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital (Moongode), Moongode - Meppukada Road, Moongode P O, Trivandrum 695573. Ph 9562997799

Ayurvedic Treatment for Short Sight (Nearsightedness)

Short sight is very very common nowadays. The main symptom is inability to see distant objects. Hence, this condition is also called nearsightedness. The reason for short sight is a defect in refraction. Light rays are not converged on retina.
Mechanical aids such as glasses, contact lens etc are only supporting aids. When we remove such aids, the problem still remains. Generally, short sight develops in childhood. As child grows, the problem also grows. So does the power of glasses.

Ayurvedic treatment for shortsight at Matha  follows a medicinal approach. The different steps in  ayurvedic treatment are summarized as :
  1. Internal ayurvedic medicines to improve nervous system of eyes. This in turn increases the functional capacity of the organ. 
  2. External ayurvedic treatment procedures. Nasyam, tharpanam, putapakam, aschotanam, sekam etc are just few of them. Medicines selected for these procedures will be specific to the individual. These procedures bring back the refractive media to normal stage. This controls the error in refraction.
  3. Practice of eyeball movements. Scientific eyeball movements  maintain the flexibility and elasticity of eye muscles.  This helps to maintain curvature and movement of structures in normal position. 

A combined action of all these three steps will bring good results.