Ayurvedic treatment for Macular Edema

Macular Edema is a fluid collection in the macular area, one of the most sensitive part of the retina. It develops serious vision problems.

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Macular Edema Ayurvedic Treatment At Matha

Macular Edema is a fluid collection in the macular area, one of the most sensitive parts of the retina. It develops serious vision problems.

The main symptoms are blurring of vision and distorted vision. The straight lines seem to be wavy or double. The patient will also experience the dark areas in the central part of the visual field. Gradually, there may have floaters and flashes also. If not treated carefully, it may lead to further complications, even retinal detachment may happen which is possible to cause permanent loss of vision.

Systematic ayurvedic cure for Macular Edema

In ayurveda, this clinical condition is due to the vitiation of Kapha and pitta functioning in the eye. For this, there is a very successful line of treatment.

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If you are Diabetic or Hypertensive, there is a tendency of developing and triggering Macular Edema. So, keep them under control.

Ayurvedic Theory on the treatment of Macular Edema

According to ayurvedic analysis, Kapha and Pitta are the factors involved in the pathology of Macular Edema. The fraction of Pitta concerned with eye is Alochakapitta and the fraction of Kapha concerned with the eye is Tharpakakapha. So, any factor which vititates the Alochakapitta and Tharpakakapha are capable of developing Macular Edema in the eye. So itself, people with Kapha-Pitta Dosha prakriti are more liable to the development of macular edema.

Intake of too much sour tasted food items, hot and spicy, and deep fried food stuffs, exposure to light sources and extreme sunlight, lack of proper sleep, overstrain with computer screens etc are capable of vitiating Alochakapitta of the eye.

Likewise, excessive intake of curd, fried and baked food items, over eating, day sleep, headbath during night, overexposure to cold atmosphere, etc are capable of vitiating Tharpakakapha of the eye. If a person is practicing these factors, then the Kapha and Pitta of the eye become vitiated. If these vitiated doshas are confined to macula of the eye, it develops some pathological changes in this area. Swelling / build up of fluid in the macular area, encroachment of capillaries to the macula, sometimes hemorrhages, etc are the main changes. Gradually, the cells of the area may be degenerated. In this stage, the patient experiences very characteristic symptoms – Blurred vision, distorted vision, dimness of central visual field, intolerance to bright light, etc are main among them.

ayurvedic treatment for macular edema - infographic - matha eye hospital

In ayurveda, this clinical condition is due to the vitiation of Kapha and pitta functioning in the eye. For this, there is very successful line of treatment.

The treatment is conducted in two steps. First, the treatment is aimed to maintain the circulation in the retina of the eye so that the possibility of accumulation of fluid is eliminated. For this, treatment procedures such as sirodhara, udhwarthanam, etc. are preferable with appropriate medicines. In the next step, the retina is strengthened so that functional capacity of retina is revived or increased.

Treatment procedures such as Nethra tharpanam, Vitalakam, putapakam etc. are highly beneficial. Medicines selected for these procedures are very specific. These treatments are to be done under the supervision of an ayurvedic ophthalmologist only. Eye rest also is necessary during the period of treatment. So, hospitalization for a period of 2 weeks is recommended.

Trigger Factors for Macular Edema

  • Kapha Pitta Prakriti of the patient
  • Intake of food items which are capable of vitiating Kapha and Pitta of the eye (Alochakapitta and Tharpakakapha)
  • Habitual factors capable of vitiating Kapha and Pitta of the eye
  • Physical postures / exercise in head down on bend down position
  • Imporper sleep pattern
  • Mental stress and tenstion

Precautions for Macular Edema Patients

  • Regular scheduled pattern in food items and food timing
  • Avoid too much sour tasted and deep fried food items
  • Ensure Regular sleep (6 to 8 hours daily) in the night
  • Avoid day sleep and night awakening
  • Avoid exposure to bright light and artificial light sources
  • While doing exersices, be careful – avoid bend down and head down postures

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Frequently Asked Questions 

2 years back, there was a sudden blurring of vision in my left eye. In the next day, I noticed that central field of my vision is really dark. I went for checkup and after detailed investigation, doctors told me that it is fluid collection in the retina. And an injection in the eye is necessary. After injection, the darkness subsided gradually. But, after 2 months, it reappeared. Again, injection was taken. Doctor told you may have to take this injection repeatedly. Is this the only remedy? Doctor, If I am taking this ayurvedic treatment, can I stop the injection?

Yes. But you have to follow ayurvedic treatments as per our directions. You have to undergo systematic ayurvedic treatment as patient along with internal medicines. We have lots of patients who have reduced and completely stopped injections after treatment.

I am now 45 years. 4 years back, I had some visual problem and was diagnosed with macular edema. The injection was taken in my eyes and then it subsided. It again recurred after 8 months and the same treatment was repeated. Now, 4 times injection has already been taken. Last week, it again happened more seriously. I want to get some medicinal treatment.

There are effective medicinal treatments in Ayurveda for your problem. You can avoid further injections in your eyes. But, it is not a single drop or a tablet. You have to undergo scientific Ayurvedic treatment procedures like sirodhara, Netra tharpanam etc as an inpatient. Before that, have a consultation for the selection of medicines and procedures.

I am 62 years old and I am suffering from macular edema for the last 5 years. During this period, I have already taken 6 injections in my eyes. Even after that, my vision is decreasing. Is there any effective treatment in Ayurveda?

Macular edema is a fluid collection in the macular area of your eye. It is the most sensitive part of your eye. The chances of recurrence are very high in macular edema. In Ayurveda, there are very effective treatments for this condition. For that, scientific management is necessary. It includes external treatment procedures to be done in the hospital and also internal medicines. If there is any other systemic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension etc, medication of these condition is also very necessary.

I am 62 years old, retired person. I am diabetic for the last 5 years and it is well controlled with medicine. Recently, in a regular checkup, it was seen that my right eye was having some vision problem. After detailed investigations, doctors told that it was due to a fluid collection in the macular area of the retina. They also told that diabetes is a reason for it. An injection inside the eye is the only remedy is what they informed. Doctor, I don’t like injections in the eye. If there is successful treatment, I prefer ayurveda. What should I do for that?

It is not a serious problem. Don’t worry. It can be managed successfully in ayurveda. Since your diabetes is well controlled, treatment is not hard. But you will have to undergo systematic ayurvedic treatment procedures for the eye. Please consult immediately before it is too late.

I am 38 years old man and am otherwise healthy. One year back, there was a sudden blurring of vision in my right eye, more in central area. After checkup, doctors diagnosed it as macular edema. They suggested an injection inside the eye. I went ahead and the problem subsided. But, after 6 months, the same problem reappeared. I was much worried and again underwent the same treatment. This time, the problem was little more serious. Recently, I am facing the same problem in my left eye also. Doctors have advised to repeat the same treatment. Now I am afraid. I don’t want repeated injections in my eye. Is there any alternative in ayurveda?

Yes, there is. This seems to be very common nowadays. There is hopeful line of treatment in ayurveda without injections in the eye. For this, internal medicines, and external medicinal treatment procedures are necessary. Before starting the treatment, have a in-person consultation and discussion.

I am a diabetic patient for the last 5 years. To be Frank, it is not controlled. Last month, I had some vision problem, especially blurring of vision. Dimness in the central field of my vision was also there. It was diagnosed as macular edema and I was prescribed for injection in my eyes. I won't prefer injections in my eye. Are there any medicinal methods in Ayurveda?

Yes, there is. There are very good treatment methods for macular edema in Ayurveda. To avoid further recurrence, you have to take care of two points :
1. Control of diabetes
2. Follow the direction of your eye doctor.

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