Ayurvedic treatment for Uveitis

Uveitis is the inflammation of the uveal tract of the eye. The uveal tract is the main vascular layer of the eye and it consists of three main parts – the choroid, ciliary body, and iris.

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Uveitis Ayurvedic Treatment At Matha

Uveitis is the inflammation of the uveal tract of the eye. The uveal tract is the main vascular layer of the eye and it consists of three main parts – the choroid, ciliary body and iris. This layer is the main source of nourishment to the internal structures of the eye. So itself, any disease of this structure is considered as a medical emergency, because it affects the vision easily.

The main symptoms are redness of the eye, severe photophobia, watering of the eye, burning sensation, blurring of vision, and edema of the eye. In severe cases, there will be floaters and flashes of light in the visual field.

Even though it subsides by treatment, chances of recurrence are very high.

There are different types of uveitis:

  • Independent uveitis.
  • Associated with other ocular diseases
  • As a manifestation of autoimmune diseases
  • Associated with other systemic diseases

Systematic ayurvedic cure for Uveitis

In ayurveda, this can be considered as Kapha and pitta predominant condition of the eye. By systematic ayurvedic treatment methods, this condition can be managed successfully

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Ayurvedic Theory on the treatment of Uveitis

In ayurveda, this can be considered as Kapha and pitta predominant condition of the eye. By systematic ayurvedic treatment methods, this condition can be managed successfully. Internal medicines and external treatment procedures are equally important in management. So, the supervision and monitoring of an ayurvedic expert is compulsory.

If the condition is associated with other ocular diseases or other systemic diseases, the treatment should be focused on that condition also. Treatments for both should go side by side. By proper management, the recurrence and flare-ups can be avoided to a great extent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

5 years back, I had severe blurring of vision. After detailed checkup, it was diagnosed as uveitis. After treatment (including steroids), the problem subsided. But, when the medicine was stopped, gradually it reappeared. I repeated the treatment 5 times. Is there any hope in ayurveda?

Yes, there are very effective treatment procedures and medicines in ayurveda to control this disease. For that, systematic treatment procedures under the supervision of an ayurvedic ophthalmologist are advised.

I am writing this on behalf of my friend. He is 28 years and working abroad. He is having some eye problems and is diagnosed as uveitis. He has blurring of vision and it affects his profession also. If there is hope in ayurveda, he is willing to follow that. Can I give him hope?

The condition you mentioned (uveitis) is treatable in ayurveda. Please let him (patient) give the clinical history and details of treatment taken, medicines presently using, etc, so that we can give him the apt medical advice.

I am 41 years with an eye problem. It was diagnosed as uveitis 10 years back. It is recurring freequently and is being controlled temporarily with steroids. I need a permanent cure. Is there any method in ayurveda ?

yes, there are systematic treatments to control control uveitis and its recurrence. You will have to undergo scientific treatment procedures as inpatient.

I am 38 years old and otherwise healthy. I have recurrent attack of uveitis and am under steroid therapy. At the time of flareups, vision will be blurred to a great extent. I am really afraid about my vision. I want to know about ayurvedic approach in this aspect.

Yes, Scientific and systematic ayurvedic approach will give you good results. You need to be prepared for an inpatient level treatment also.

My daughter aged 10 years is diagnosed as uveitis. She is under treatment for the last one month. Doctors say that chances of recurrence is very high. They also gave warning about possible complications. Is there any method in ayurveda to avoid recurrence and complications?

Of course. Since the case is not so chronic, it is easier to get a good result. Internal medicines are also necessary along with external procedures. The exact medicines and treatment can be decided only after analyzing the condition in detail personally.

I am 35 years old with a vision problem diagnosed as uveitis. It was diagnosed 4 years back as blurring of vision, redness and pain. I was subsided with treatment including steroids. But, after 6 months, it recurred in the same way. Then also, the same treatment repeated and subsided. It again recurred after 7 months. Doctors say this is the nature of disease. Is there any solution in ayurveda for this ?

Yes. There are methods in ayurveda to prevent further recurrence of the condition. For that, oral medication and scientific level external treatment procedures are necessary. You will have to undergo inpatient (admitted) treatment and also continue simple medications thereafter.

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