Ayurvedic treatment for Myopia

 Ayurvedic eye treatments for myopia improves vision in a step by step and phased manner. For simple myopia, the duration would be between 14 to 16 days. For degenerative myopia, it takes a bit longer – around 16 to 18 days.

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Myopia Ayurvedic Treatment At Matha

Ayurvedic eye treatments for myopia improves vision in a step by step and phased manner. For simple myopia, the duration would be between 14 to 16 days. For degenerative myopia, it takes a bit longer – around 16 to 18 days. know more about treating simple myopia and degenerative myopia in Ayurveda.

Simple Myopia and Degenerative Myopia

Myopia, otherwise known as shortsightedness is a common condition, known to almost everybody. But the term ‘Degenerative Myopia’ is unknown to most. Myopia is of two types :

  • Physiological myopia or simple myopia
  • Pathological myopia or degenerative myopia

Among these, degenerative myopia is the most dangerous. Here, the eyesight will keep on decreasing. It is not simply due to the anatomical variations of the structures (cornea, lens, etc.). But there will be degenerative changes in the retinal layer in this condition.

There is a common misunderstanding among parents about myopia in children. The trend is to see if the power of glass is decreasing. But, we need to see the visual acuity. i.e., if the child is getting full correction with glasses. The first aim is to get full correction with the present glass. Then the aim is to decrease the power of glass by increasing the functional capacity of our eyes.

Stages of Myopia

In the initial stage, there will be correction with glasses. So, the patient will be unaware of its seriousness.

Most often, change of glasses happens once in a year and sometimes once in six months (about -1 to -1.5 at a time). After a particular stage, there is no further correction with glass. Only in this stage, the patient becomes aware of the seriousness of the condition.

By this time, the power of glass would have reached around -10D. Now, the patient starts to think of alternative methods other than glasses in this stage.

Other than decreased distant vision, there are other associated symptoms also. They are eye strain, pain in the eye and headache. Floaters (moving dark spots in front of the eye) and watering of the eyes are also seen. Difficulty to face bright light and flashes of light in front of the eyes are also indications.

After this stage, the disease may turn to a complicated stage. There are possibilities for retinal detachment and optic atrophy. These pathological changes are capable of leading to blindness.

There are certain other non-myopic complaints that may arise alongside.

Systematic ayurvedic cure for Myopia

Ayurvedic eye treatments for myopia improves vision in a step by step and phased manner. For simple myopia, the duration would be between 14 to 16 days. For degenerative myopia, it takes a bit longer – around 16 to 18 days. know more about treating simple myopia and degenerative myopia in Ayurveda.

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Myopia in children: Expectation vs reality

A common mistake among parents in assessing myopia is to rely only on the power of glasses. The expectation among parents is: “lower the power, better the status of eyes”. This is true. But only to a certain extent. A fundamental truth is being missed. We are NOT focusing on the power of the child’s eyes. We are concentrating only on the power of glasses.

To have a correct assessment, we need to follow a three-pronged approach. Data on three aspects are vital :

  • Visual acuity of eyes without glasses
  • Visual acuity of eyes with glasses
  • Finally, the power of glasses

Let’s try to understand visual acuity. It is a numerical value given to the power of your child’s eyes. Not of the glasses that he is using. The difference between the two is important. The ideal value of Visual acuity (or VA) is 6/6 in the Indian system. In the Western system of medicine, it is 20/20. Getting the VA of eyes without glasses is the first step.

The next step is to determine the visual acuity with the existing glass. Is the child getting 6/6 eyesight with glass? If yes, it means that he is getting a full correction. In this situation, the sight problem may be minor and usually termed as simple myopia. Ayurveda treatment for simple myopia is easy. Younger the child, better the result. This is true until the age of 15. Beyond that age, results are not that easy to come by.

If a full correction is not achieved with glass, then it may be a degenerative condition. This is a serious condition and requires immediate medical attention. We need to look at the history of the rate of degeneration. Usually, a high rate of degeneration is common. This condition may usually be degenerative myopia. Ayurveda treatment for degenerative myopia is not as easy as simple myopia. Here, the first aim is to arrest the rate of degeneration. Only after achieving this, will we be able to start with reversing the damage done.

Ayurvedic Treatments for Myopia

Ayurveda can offer good results in the treatment of simple and degenerative myopia. The hospital and clinic have a dedicated department for providing ayurvedic eye treatment for children. That is a reason why during vacation times, you will find a very big crowd of children at Matha. According to ayurvedic principles, it is a Vata-Pitta predominant drishtigatha rogam. The line of treatment is Rasayana and chakshushya. The procedures strengthen the sclera and arrest degenerative changes in the retina. On undergoing proper ayurvedic eye treatment, significant improvement in the ability to see happens.

It is wise to remember that prevention is always better than cure. We have compiled a list of Eye care tips for children. These tips will help you maintain good eyesight and prevent the need for treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ayurvedic treatment for simple myopia

My age is 22 and I am a myopic patient for 4 years. Now I am using -7 D glasses in Right eye and -8 D glasses in the Left eye. I have to work in front of a computer for more than 8 hours per day. Now, I am not able to work that much time. There is tiredness. Sometimes, floaters and flashes of light are also present in the eyes. Is it dangerous? Is there any treatment in Ayurveda

The recent symptoms say that your eyes are very weak and the nervous layer is getting damaged. It is serious. You need to undergo treatment. There are Ayurvedic methods to save your vision.

I am a myopic patient from childhood and using spectacles. Now, I see small dark spots and threads are moving in front of the eyes. What is it? Doctors advised me to neglect it, but I am afraid of it. Can we remove it by ayurveda treatment?

The new symptoms point to a serious problem in the future. Do not consider it “simple”. You need to be ready to undergo systematic Ayurvedic treatments. Also, you need to SPEND TIME for treatment. If so, YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR EYES.

I am myopic from childhood. I am using spectacles (glasses). Last time, I did not get correction to 6/6 with any glass. So, I am not able to see distant objects even with glass. Is there any treatment in Ayurveda?

It means you are suffering from Degenerative myopia. Also, your nervous layer is getting involved in the pathology. Don’t worry. Ayurveda can help you.

I am using contact lenses for short sight for the last 6 years. Now, I see flashes of light in front of the eyes. I am afraid of it. Is it a serious problem? Can Ayurveda cure it?

Seeing flashes is not good. According to Ayurveda, it is due to pitta vitiation. If it is increasing, there is a possibility of even retinal detachment. Ayurveda can help you in this condition.

I am a 20-year-old boy and am using spectacles (glasses) for short sight for the last 10 years. Every year, the power of the glass gets increased. Why is it so? Can we stop it?

To change the glass every year means your disease is progressing. It is not simple myopia, but pathological in nature (degenerative). Glass is not a permanent solution for this type of myopia. Ayurvedic Treatments to overcome degenerative changes or at least to arrest degeneration is necessary. There are successful medicines for this purpose in Ayurveda.

I am a a 22 year old man and I am myopic from childhood. I have been using glass for the same. At present, -14 in Right eye and -12 in the left eye. Six months back, there was a sudden loss of eyesight in the right eye. Doctors confirmed a detached retina. I underwent surgery for it. There was a slight improvement. (C.F – 3 meters). There is no improvement in with glass. Why is it so? Doctors told that I have to be careful with the left eye. How to be careful? Is there any treatment in Ayurveda to protecting my left eye?

Of course there are methods. Glasses can correct only the refractive error. It has nothing to do with the retina. Now, your retina seems affected. That is why eyesight is not improved with glasses.

I am a myopic patient from the age of 10. In the beginning, I was using a glass -0.5 D in the right eye and -0.75 in the left eye. My present power of glass is -8D in the right eye and -9D in the left eye. Now I my age is 22. Why is the power of my glass increasing? The blurring is there even with glass. The doctor has told me that there is no use of changing the glass further. What should I do to protect my eyesight?

Yours is Progressive myopia. Glasses cannot prevent the progress of the disease. It can only help in refraction. You can strengthen your eyes by Ayurvedic methods.

My age is 20. I am using glass with -11D and -12D. Two year back, I consulted an ophthalmologist. Then they told that if my eyesight is constant for 1 year, we can go for laser treatment. But, it was not under control. Every 6 months period, I have to increase the power of my glass. Is there any method in Ayurveda to keep my eyesight at least constant?

You need not worry. Ayurveda treatment for myopia can help you in this aspect. By systematic ayurvedic methods, your sight can be constant. There are chances of improvement also.

My son is 6 year old now. He is not able to read on the blackboard in the classroom. An Eye specialist prescribed spectacles during the consultation. Is it a treatment? Can we remove the spectacles after some time?

your child is having myopia. Since he is only 6, there are higher chances for positive results. Your son needs a combined treatment along with eye exercises and internal medicines. He will also need Special ophthalmic medications. All these will help your child to remove the spectacles.

Frequently Asked Questions on ayurvedic treatment for degenerative myopia

My son has now reached the age of 8. We noticed his problem when he was a six year old boy. The doctors told me that it is a serious type of myopia and prescribed -5.00 glasses in both eyes. We got advice about laser treatment. But that treatment is possible after attaining the age of 18. We also need to change the glasses until then whenever necessary. Every year, he has to change the glass. Now, it is -8.5 in one eye and -9.5 in the other. Is there any treatment at least to prevent the progress of the disease in Ayurveda?

Yes. There is. There are methods in Ayurveda to prevent the progress of degenerative myopia. There are treatments to increase the eyesight also. It is a systematic and scientific approach. This approach includes internal medicines as well as external treatment procedures.

I am now 18 year old and my glasses are -10 and -11 in R.E and L.E. It started from -2 in both eyes by the age of 7. Vision is clear with the present glass. There is a headache and eye pain while reading for a long time and working on a computer. I am afraid whether I can continue my studies. Is there any treatment in Ayurveda for the above condition?

Ayurvedic treatments for myopia can help you in many ways. There are internal medicines and external medications for the eye. There are very specific treatment procedures to protect your eyes. Doctors decide medicine after analyzing the problem on the basis of ayurvedic principles. Inpatient treatment will also be necessary.

I am now 20 years. Now, my vision is very poor. Even with high power glasses (lenses), I am not able to work on computer and read books. I am very much afraid. Can anything be done in ayurveda ?

Yes, there is definitely hope in Ayurveda. There are methods to prevent deterioration and increase the functional capacity of the system in Ayurveda. By systematic ayurvedic treatment procedures, the vision can be improved.

I am working as a project manager in a software company age 35. Now I am using -10 and -12.5 power glasses in the right eye and left eye. Vision is not corrected even with this glass. I am afraid. If the condition is progressing, I will not be able to continue my work. What should I do?

You have to follow ayurvedic treatments. This can protect your vision in such a way that you can continue your works and have a good future. You have to take internal medicine and also undergo inpatient treatment.

My son, now 16 years old. He has a serious eye problem. His vision is very low and even with glasses, he is not getting perfect correction. Doctors say that it is degenerative myopia. The condition is getting worse and worse over the last 3 years. What can be done in Ayurveda ?

Don’t worry. The vision of your son can be protected by Ayurvedic methods. By systematic ayurvedic treatment procedures, I believe the vision of your son can be improved.

My daughter is 12 years, now using glasses -6.5 in the right eye and -7.5 in the left eye. She is not able to read small letters even with this glass. Doctors are not suggesting any methods other than using spectacles. In our experience, vision is decreasing. Can Ayurveda protect the vision of my daughter?

Of course, Ayurveda can help you. There are treatments in Ayurveda to strengthen the retina and to improve the vision. The condition is to be analyzed on the ayurvedic basis and select an appropriate line of treatment.

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