Ayurvedic treatment for Central serous Retinopathy

CSR is a medical condition in which there will be fluid accumulation behind the retinal layers. if the fluid collection is in the central area of macula, vision will be seriously affected. In severe condition, there is chances of detachment of retinal layers and it may lead to severe loss of vision.

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Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR) Ayurvedic Treatment At Matha

CSR is a medical condition in which there will be fluid accumulation behind the retinal layers. if the fluid collection is in the central area of macula, vision will be seriously affected. In severe condition, there is chances of detachment of retinal layers and it may lead to severe loss of vision.

The main symptoms are blurring of vision and dimness of vision in the central field. So, the patient sees dark circular area wherever he looks. Reading will be difficult because of this symptom. Patient has to shift his eyes to get a clear view of central words. Usually, it affects one eye first. Later, the same happens in the other eye also.

In some cases, there will be recovery by its own. But it may not happen always in all people. Recurrence is another major problem. The exact cause of this disease is still unknown. Stress and related hormone release and also long-standing steroid therapy are found to be contributing factors. Sometimes, diabetes mellitus also influences the early development.

Systematic ayurvedic cure for Central serous Retinopathy

If analyzed on the basis of ayurvedic theory, Kapha and Pitta are the predominant factors in the pathology. The main aim of treatment is to normalize the circulation so as to avoid possibility of accumulation of fluid. To achieve this, there are highly effective internal medicines and also scientific treatment procedures. Sirodhara is the procedure of choice. Internal medicines may vary from individual to individual according to the clinical stage, body nature of the patient, age of patient, and other systemic diseases if any such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis etc.

In the next stage, treatment will focus to prevent further development of disease. For this, retina is to be stabilized and strengthened. Netra Tharpanam is the procedure of choice. The result depends upon selection of medicine for this procedure. Since these are to be done under the supervision of an ayurvedic expert, hospitalization is recommended.

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Frequently Asked Questions on ayurvedic treatment for Central serous Retinopathy (CSR)

I am 35-year-old working in a bank. One week back, I experienced a sudden blurring of vision in my left eye. Immediately, I went for a checkup. Doctor told that it is CSR. Doctor also told that sometimes it may subside by 2 to 3 weeks, and some vitamin tablets were prescribed. If not subsiding, further treatment may be necessary. He also told that there is chance of recurrence. I am not satisfied with this answer. I want a permanent cure. Now, one weeks is already over, but there is no change. I believe sir, that ayurveda can cure my disease.

CSR is a fluid accumulation behind the retinal layer. In ayurveda, there is successful treatment for this. It is better to undergo a systematic ayurvedic management in order to prevent further attack. So, I recommend two weeks of hospitalization for the treatment since physical and eye rest is necessary during the period.

Four years back, I was diagnosed with CSR. Without any medicine, it was subsided after 3 months. But, again, reoccurred. Then, laser treatment was done. After one year, the same repeated. Now, it is three times. There is some permanent vision problem in that eye. Is there any permanent cure for this in Ayurveda?

The chances of recurrence are very high in the case of CSR. But, if you undergo a systematic ayurvedic treatment as an inpatient, the chances are very very rare. Also, there are simple medicines to be followed at home to prevent further occurrence.

I am 32 years old and working as a Software Engineer. 5 months back, I had a heavy workload and hence worked day and night continuously for a week. After that, I experienced blurring in my vision and also a distortion of vision in the right eye. When I focus on objects, that area seems to dim. The vertical and horizontal lines seem to be zigzag or wavy. What should be done?

You need not be worried. Ayurveda can help you to protect your eyes. For that, you have to be prepared for a two weeks treatment as an inpatient for systematic ayurvedic treatment procedures. After the course of treatment, you need to follow our instructions and simple medications, further recurrence can be avoided.

I am a diabetic patient and suffering from CSR for last 2 years. I have already undergone allopathic managements including laser, intra ocular injection etc. within this period. But, even now, there are dark areas within my vision. I have to shift my eyes to see the objects in front. I want to know about ayurvedic solution for this problem.

There is successful line of treatment for CSR in Ayurveda. Diabetes is a contributing factor for CSR. So, it is better to undergo a systematic ayurvedic treatment. Internal (oral) medicines and external treatment procedures are equally important in the treatment.

Sir, my problem starts 3 years back. Now, I am 45. One morning, I noticed vision in right eye is little dim. I did not give much importance. But, within 3 days, the problem increased. A dark circular area was seen wherever I look. I was afraid and went for checkup. Doctor Diagnosed CSR. As per his advice, I underwent laser treatment. Dark area disappeared. But after 6 months, the same repeated. Same treatment was again done. There was improvement. But after 9 months, it again happened. This time, doctor did not advise laser. He told the fluid is in the center part and my retina is thin. so, I was asked to wait and see. Sir, now I am little afraid. I wish to follow ayurveda for further management.

CSR is treatable in ayurveda. Since you have already undergone treatment in other systems for the last three years, an in-person consultation is needed for an ayurvedic analysis and diagnosis. The treatment is to be planned accordingly.

I am 34 years old and otherwise healthy. Six months back, I experienced a dimness of vision in my left eye in the central area of my vision field. Also, the objects seem to be distorted. The straight vertical lines are very wavy. When I consulted an allopathic doctor, they diagnosed it as CSR. They asked me to wait for 4 to 5 months, and if not getting better, advised that I should go for an injection in my eyes. Now, it is already 6 months. The problem is not getting subsided. Instead, it is increasing. I am afraid. Is there any treatment in Ayurveda?

Your condition, CSR (Central Serous retinopathy) is a fluid accumulation in the retina. In some cases, it may get absorbed by itself. But the chances of recurrence is very high. In Ayurveda, there is a very good treatment for this condition. Internal medicines and also scientific external treatment procedures are necessary. Have a consultation first.

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