Tonsillitis Ayurvedic Treatment

Tonsils are the 2 bulged soft structures at the upper part of opening of throat. They are involved in body’s defence mechanism and hence their inflammation means the body is trying to fight against certain invading microbes. The inflammation of tonsils is medically termed as tonsillitis, which is characterised by enlarged tonsils with red colour. Usually, it affects children. 

Tonsillitis Signs and Symptoms

The usual signs and symptoms are swollen tonsils, sore throat, pain and redness/ white spots in tonsils, fever, difficulty to swallow food and drinks, palpable mass at the sides of neck, change in voice, bad smell from mouth etc. In small children who cannot describe the difficulties they feel, there may be drooling of saliva, continuous crying and denial of taking food. 

Tonsillitis Ayurvedic Analysis

Thundigeri is a disease of talu (throat) which is characterised by small bulging at the sides of throat with pain and swelling at the nearby body parts. 

Tonsillitis Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Thundigeri is caused by vitiation of kapha and rakta. Kapha is vitiated by over exposure to dust/ polluted air/ cold, intake of cool and spicy food etc. The causes of raktadushti (vitiation of rakta) are infections, intake of spicy, sour and hot food etc. 

Possible Complications of Tonsillitis Disease

The inflammation of tonsils causes sleep disturbances (breathing difficulty during sleep, snoring etc), spreading of infection to surrounding tissues and pus formation behind tonsils. The infection caused by streptococcus bacteria will lead to rheumatic fever, inflammation of kidneys etc. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Check whether there are any other serious infections before treating tonsillitis. 

Tonsillitis Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Internal medications are given to pacify kapha and rakta. Along with this, procedures like gandusha (gargling with suitable medicine), lepana (application of pasted medicines at the affected site) to drain out the pus, nasya (nasal instillation of medicine) etc are provided. 


Avoid intake of very cold/ hot, spicy food. Semi-solid or liquid diet is preferable. Take more fruit juices and water. 


It is better to avoid exercise while the tonsils are inflamed. 

Tonsillitis Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Avoid exposure to dust, allergens, mist, very cold climate etc. Maintain personal hygiene. Wash hands before having food, after toileting etc. Those affected with tonsillitis should not share their belongings with others. Daily gargling with warm water added with little salt is recommended to avoid infections. Improve the immune power by taking healthy food and preventive medicines. 

Importance of Diet

The consistency of food taken during tonsillitis should be semi-solid or liquid as the main symptom is difficulty to swallow food. Food items that promote immunity and reduce inflammation are recommended. 


Take proper rest. It is better to avoid head bath when the tonsils are inflamed. Avoid cold wind, dust, allergens, cold food and drinks etc. Gargle with suitable medicine or warm water added with salt.

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