Treatment Cost at Matha Ayurvedic Eye Hospital and Panchakarma Center

We have Standardized rates for each Treatment and each Medicine

Treatment cost and Medicine (used for treatments as well as oral medicines) costs are same at all our hospital units. 

Accommodation charges vary based on the type of room selected

Pathyaharam (Ayurvedic Diet Suitable for treatment) charges are fixed and includes all meals for whole day

Treatment Cost at Matha Hospitals

Matha has three hospitals in Trivandrum. You can opt for any one of our hospitals, rooms will be provided based on availability

After consultation, doctors prepare individual treatment plan for each patient (if they decide to accept that patient). Treatment and Medicine costs are estimated after preparation of this treatment plan

Additional Charges (not included in treatment charges given above):


Pickup / Drop: ₹850 to ₹1500, depending on vehicle type, arrival time, waiting time etc


Bystander Charges: ₹ 250 /day per person. (Food charge included)


Laundry: Fixed rate for each dress item (contact reception for details)


Special Diet: Cost varies based on items. (contact medical team for details)


Extra Fruits, Juice etc. outside the normal diet (if taken extra)


Discharge Medicine: Approximately ₹1500 to ₹3000 /month.


Investigations (Diagnostics): Between ₹1000 to ₹10000. (contact medical team for details)



Admission confirmed only after consultation and our medical panel decides to accept that patient.


For Urgent Room Booking, kindly inform our medical team, to complete consultation on priority.


Above estimate is only to give an idea. Exact costs are based on the treatment plan.

What to Expect During your Treatment Stay

Multiple Treatment Procedures by experienced and qualified therapists at specific intervals in a day.

Oral medicines of various types at specific intervals each day.

Continuous Monitoring and Assessment– Multiple visits each day by doctors, and Consultation with our chief physician on alternate days.

Proper Environment for Natural Healing – Calm rooms, devoid of eye strain causing elements such as TV, Wifi, etc.

An Environment where eye strain activities such as reading, looking at computer screens, WFH (work from home) etc are strongly discouraged by our medical team.

Pathyaharam (Ayurvedic Diet suitable for treatment) will be provided.

Timely Education about Treatments so that patients can understand about the treatments including pre-treatment and post-treatment precautions needed. These aspects are vital for getting full benefits from the treatment.

Continuous Assessment of Oral Medications – Regular evaluations after each oral medication is needed to monitor progress and this helps doctors to assess and make corrections to the treatment plan as needed.

Usage of Medicines prepared in Own vaidyasala – All Medicines used for treatments and oral medicines are prepared at our own vaidyasala, under the watchful eyes of our Doctors.

Access to Custom prepared Specialized Medicines – For Serious medical conditions, access to our vaidyasala facilities to prepare specialized medicines as per the instruction of our doctors.

Access to all Modern Eye Investigations - We have facilities for all modern Eye Investigations and Diagnostics which will help understand the clinical stage of disease and monitor the progress.

What to Expect in Pathyaharam

We provide South Indian Veg Diet suitable for Ayurvedic treatment, which consists of :

Herbal Drink when you wake up

Breakfast (idli / dosa / puttu / upma etc) – the item will be as per the daily menu

Juice – fruit will be of that day

Lunch – Rice, Chapathy, Avial, curry (as the menu), veg salad, thoran (as per the menu)

Evening Tea and snacks


A Typical Day during your Stay at Matha

06.00 - 07.00 am: wake up, daily prayers, meditation, and time for daily rituals

07.00 - 07.15 am: Herbal Drink

07.45 - 08.00 am: Preparation for your daily treatments

08.00 - 09.00 am: Early treatments

08.30 – 08.35 am: Daily Gathering for Prayer and Lamp Lighting

09.30 - 11.00 am: Morning treatments, time to connect with your mind and soul

11.00 - 11.10 am: Light juices

09.30 - 01.00 pm: Morning treatments and consultation with physicians

01.00 - 02.00 pm: Lunch time

02.00 - 04.00 pm: Afternoon treatments and relaxation time / consultation with physicians

04.00 - 04.10 pm: Evening tea/snack time

04.10 - 05.30 pm: Evening treatments and rest thereafter

05.30 - 06.45 pm: Time to interact and meet with other patients

06.45 - 07.30 pm: Dinner time

07.30 - 09.00 pm: Time to fill your mind with good thoughts and get ready for a good sleep.

*The above costs are valid till 30 Sep 2024. understand if there are any changes.

How to get Ayurvedic Treatment from Matha


Contact us

Tell us your health concern via contact form, email, or phone


Medical Questionnaire

Fill up the medical questionnaire that we send to you.



Consult our Chief Physician at the time slot we schedule for you.

Matha Consultation Request Form

For URGENT ADMISSION, kindly click on the link below and we will process your case on priority. If you encounter any difficulties with the form please contact us at +91 86064 82494 (available from 9 AM to 6 PM Indian time) for assistance.

What They Say About Us

"The treatment and facilities provided are best.The staff and doctors are very good . A good atmosphere is the best thing I found here. Dr P K santhakumari madam is best and caring . The way she approaches the patient is excellent ."

Hamna Arshad


“Really great treatment and calming surrounding for patients.Dr.Santha kumari Mam ,Dr. Athira,Dr.Heera and therapists Dhanya Chechi ,Suma Chechi and Sreekala chechi were absolutely appreciated for their support and care.Highly recommended ."

Navamy Nair


Our Hospitals

Matha has three hospitals in Trivandrum. You can opt for any one of our hospitals, rooms will be provided based on availability.

Know more about the treatment costs of Matha Ayurveda Hospitals

Our Hospitals

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital & Panchakarma Centre

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Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital & Panchakarma Centre

Eye Hospital Road (Moongode - Meppukada Road), Moongode P O Near, Thachottukavu, Kerala 695573

Reception: 9562997799

Matha Ayurveda Eye Hospital - Eighteenth Stone

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