Gastritis Ayurvedic Treatment

The inflammation of the lining tissue of stomach is called gastritis and is seen in many conditions like intestinal infection, excess intake of alcohol etc. It may be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (gradual onset). If there is not any associated diseases or complications, gastritis resolves within some days even without treatment. The inflammation is usually caused by damage of mucous membrane lining the stomach wall by contact with digestive juices or some infections. 

Signs and symptoms

 The common features of gastritis are pain and burning sensation in stomach (which may increase or decrease by having food), poor digestion, nausea, vomiting and feeling fulness in stomach after taking small amounts of food etc. 

Ayurvedic analysis

 Amlapitta is a disease affecting upper abdomen and its symptoms include indigestion, regurgitation of acidic fluid or partially digested food to mouth, pain and burning sensation in stomach, bad taste in mouth etc. 

Causative factors (Ayurveda)

 The causes of amlpaitta are excess intake of food and drinks that cause paka (inflammation) of stomach; sour/ salt/ spicy food, alcohol; stress etc. 

Possible complications

 The common complications are ulcer in stomach, perforations in stomach wall, bleeding, stomach cancer etc. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

 Consider other disease conditions like Chron’s disease; medications (eg: pain killers); autoimmune factors; alcoholism; history of cancer etc before planning treatment. 


 Common treatment includes internal medication (kashaya, choorna, gutika etc) that reduce pitta, agni and inflammation. Snehapana, swedana (eg: steam bath, shirodhara), virechana (purgation), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine), vasthi (enema with suitable drug) etc are provided along with diet changes. 


 Reduce the consumption of spicy, hot, processed and junk foods. Include more vegetables, milk, fruits, nuts, buttermilk etc in diet. 


 Mild to moderate exercise can be done as per physician’s guidance. 

Preventive aspects

 Consume healthy diet that will not cause irritation to stomach. Exercise regularly. Avoid stress, smoking and alcoholism. Ensure adequate sleep. 

Importance of diet

Certain food items can worsen the symptoms, and therefor follow a healthy diet during and after treatment. 


 Avoid the triggering food and drinks. Quit smoking and alcoholism. Take food in small quantity at frequent intervals. Avoid stress. Ensure enough sleep. Exercise regularly. Do not skip meals. Drink plenty of water.

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