Arachnoiditis Ayurvedic Treatment

Arachnoid is the name of one of the membranes that covers the nerves of spinal cord. Inflammation of Arachnoid membrane is termed as arachnoiditis. It is a rare disorder characterised by severe pain and certain neurological symptoms. This disorder usually affects the arachnoid membrane of nerves at the middle and lower back spine, but rarely it involves the entire spine. In some cases, the problem stays the same and, in some others, it may progress to a worst condition. Possible causes are irritation of arachnoid due to injuries, complications of spinal surgery, multiple lumbar punctures, infections, compression of spinal nerve from bulged disc/ spinal stenosis etc. A number of events happens following arachnoiditis- like decreases flow of cerebrospinal fluid, nerve atrophy, impaired blood supply to the affected nerves, scar tissue formation that encloses nerve root, deposition of collagen, etc. 

Arachnoiditis Signs and Symptoms

It has no specific symptoms or signs, but the most common features are severe pain, numbness of legs, difficulty to sit for a long period, headache, bladder and bowel dysfunction, erectile dysfunction/ vaginal dryness, uncontrolled muscle twitching, cramps etc. the signs and symptoms may vary depending on the location of inflammation in spinal cord. 

Arachnoiditis Ayurvedic Analysis

Spinal cord (merudanda) and brain (mastulunga) are the coordinative authorities in body, which is the function of vata as per Ayurveda. Vata is responsible for movements, and any action in body. Deranged vata causes pain, numbness, difficulty in movements, bowel and bladder functions etc. Mastulunga and merudanda are counted as majjadhatu, and when vata gets dislodged in majjadhatu the person feels weakness of body, severe pain, sleep problems etc. All the diseases caused by vitiation of vata and characterised by the above said symptoms are grouped under vatavyadhi in Ayurveda. 

Arachnoiditis Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Vata is aggravated by injuries, traumas, infections, over-exertion, over-consumption of dry/ cold/ light food items, etc. 

Possible Complications Of  Arachnoiditis Disease

The major complication is chronic adhesive arachnoiditis, which is characterised by scar tissue formation and adhesion of spinal nerves leading to their malfunction. It is a main cause of disability in people with arachnoiditis. Other complications are chronic pain, muscle weakness resulting in poor quality of life. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Consider other conditions like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis etc before planning treatment. 

Arachnoiditis Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Symptomatic care can be provided to pacify vata and improve muscle strength. Internal medications are given along with procedures like rukshana (for removing ama if present), snehana (oil massage), swedana (mild sudation therapy- eg: pizhichil), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine), vasthi (enema therapy with suitable drugs) etc. In associated psychological distress, psychotherapy is effective. Supportive treatments like physiotherapy, yoga etc are also provided. 


Include more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, small fishes, meat soup etc in diet. Avoid the consumption of light food, cold and dry food etc.


Avoid heavy exercise as it may worsen the pain. Walking, water walking, mild stretching etc can be done as per the guidance of physician. 

Arachnoiditis Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

As the exact reason is not known, arachnoiditis cannot be prevented. But, certain precautions like avoiding over-exertion, daily oil massage all over the body, early cure of conditions like disc bulge/ infections/ injuries etc may be helpful. 

Importance of Diet

Certain food items worsen the pain and other symptoms due to aggravation of vata. Follow a diet pattern advised by the physician. 


  • Avoid over-exertion.
  • Eat healthy nutritious food.
  • Ensure adequate sleep.
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid stress.

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