Spinal Stenosis Ayurvedic Treatment

This is the condition characterised by narrowing of the spinal canal (lumen inside spine). As a result, the spinal cord and nerves passing through the spinal canal got compressed. Spinal stenosis usually developed as a complication of arthritis in the spine. The space inside the spinal canal is reduced by bone growths from the spine, herniated disc, injury to the spine or tumour in spine. 

Spinal Stenosis Signs and Symptoms

In some persons, there may not be any signs or symptoms. If they do occur, they may differ from person to person depending on the site of stenosis in the spinal canal. If it occurs at neck region, the symptoms are usually numbness/ tingling sensation over hands/ palms/ fingers, weakness of arms, neck pain and radiating pain to lower back or legs. If stenosis is at the lumbar region, there may be pain and numbness over both thighs/ legs/ feet, weakness of legs and bowel/ bladder incontinence. These symptoms often relieved by sitting or bending down. 

Spinal Stenosis Ayurvedic Analysis

This condition is developed as a complication of sandhigata vata (wear and tear/ arthritis of spine). Sankocha (narrowing) and swapa (numbness) are the manifestation of aggravated vata. Hence, this is a type of vatavyadhi. Manage the underlying sandhigata vata and the symptoms of sankocha in sushumna naala (spinal canal). 

Spinal Stenosis Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Aggravation of vata is the causative factor. Vata is usually increased by the over-intake of cold and dry food, bitter/ astringent/ pungent tastes; skipping of meals; keeping awake at night/ late night sleep; travelling a lot, over-exertion, trauma etc. 

Possible Complications of Spinal Stenosis Disease

If stenosis persists for long period, it will cause severe pain, bowel/ bladder incontinence, inability to walk/ stand, loss of body balance or paralysis. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Consider other conditions like spinal tumours, disc herniation, hypertension etc before starting treatment. 

Spinal Stenosis Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

The management is based on vatavyadhi chikilsa (treatment for disease due to aggravated vata). If ama (immature state of dosha) is present rukshana is done first. It includes, dhanyamla dhara, valuka sweda, churna pinda sweda etc. Internal medications are also given to pacify ama. This is followed by snehana (internal/ external/ both), swedana (kizhi, pizhichil, steam etc), virechana (purgation), nasya (nasal instillation of medicines), vasthi (with decoction/ oil/ ghee), lepana (external application of suitable medicine over the affected part), bandaging etc depending on the severity of the condition. Physiotherapy, yoga and meditation are used as supportive treatment. 


Include more whole grains, green vegetables, leafy vegetables, sweet tasting fruits, water, milk etc in diet. Avoid spicy, very cold, dry food items. Reduce the consumption of curd, red meat, tubers (eg: tapioca, potato etc). 


Mild exercises are recommended to reduce the tension in spinal canal, as per the physician’s advice. Rest can provide more relief from the symptoms. 

Spinal Stenosis Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Adopt normal body posture while sitting, standing or sleeping. Exercise regularly. Apply suitable oil all over the body before bathing. Head massage with suitable oil is also beneficial. Place the computer/ laptop/ mobile screen in level with eyes. Maintain healthy body weight. Avoid over-exertion and bearing weight over the head/ shoulders. Take appropriate treatment for arthritic conditions of spine.

Importance of Diet

Proper diet can reduce the vata aggravation and hence provide symptomatic relief. 


The person with spinal stenosis, should maintain normal body posture while sitting/ standing/ sleeping. Use a comfortable pillow while sleeping. Mild exercises can be done regularly. Reduce the exposure to very cold atmosphere. Stick on to a healthy diet plan. Avoid long journeys.

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