Hives Disease (Urticaria) Ayurvedic Treatment

Urticaria or hives is an allergic skin reaction that may occur at any age, at any part of body. It may be acute or chronic and is caused by swelling of upper dermis. Sometimes, urticaria can develop without an allergy (autoimmune reaction). Common allergens are pollen, animal dander, certain food items, some medicines, insect bite, poisonous plants, etc. Urticaria may also develop following hay fever, infections, stress, increased sweating, tight clothing, exposure to sunlight/ heat/ water etc, extreme weather, etc. Cholinergic urticaria is often developed by stress and heat. 

Hives Disease (Urticaria) Signs and Symptoms

The common symptoms and signs of urticaria are itching, swelling and redness that may either develop soon after an allergic exposure or later. Individual lesions are well-defined, pinkish or reddish in colour, varying in size (2mm- 30cm), and sometimes blend to form patches of raised skin. some lesions form a light centre. Hives may develop focusing a specific body part or on a wide area. Blanching is another sign of urticaria, that is when the red lesion is being pressed the middle portion become white in colour. Individual lesions disappear within 24 hours after eruption of new one. 

Hives Disease (Urticaria) Ayurvedic Analysis

Udarada is a skin disease characterised by skin eruptions, itching and redness which often manifest during sisira rtu (cold season). Kota is another skin condition with eruptions all over the body, itching and redness and is a common symptom of infections, insect bites, sannipata jwara (fever caused by vitiation of tridosha), and rakta dosha (disorders of blood). 

Hives Disease (Urticaria) Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Kapha is the vitiated dosha in udarda, which is aggravated by excess intake of sweet/ salty food, heavy/ oily food, sedentary habit etc. Excess intake of lavana (salt), katu (pungent) ahara causes kota

Possible Complications of Hives Disease (Urticaria)

Angioedema is a common complication of urticaria which is characterised by swelling of the affected part. Chronic urticaria causes mental distress and poor quality of life. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Check whether there are any other skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, etc before planning treatment. 

Hives Disease (Urticaria) Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Internal medications are given to pacify pitta, rakta and kapha. Symptomatic management is provided including lepana (external application of pasted medicines), raktamoksha (blood-letting), vamana (emetic therapy), virechana (purgation therapy) etc. If it is associated with stress, psychotherapy is provided. 


Avoid consumption of oily, salty, and spicy food, very hot/ cold food, incompatible food, fermented food, alcohol other food items that are allergic to the person. Include more citrus fruits, green vegetables, etc in diet. 


Exercise is not a remedy for urticaria. But regular exercise can improve one’s immunity. 

Hives Disease (Urticaria) Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Avoid over-exposure to sunlight, heat, potential allergens etc. Maintain personal hygiene. Avoid tight clothing and heavy sweating. Practice periodical virechana (ayurvedic purgation therapy) and nasya (nasal application of suitable oil) as per the guidance of physician. Avoid excess intake of spicy, sour, hot food items. 

Importance of Diet

Choose the right diet with the help of physician that can balance tridosha and improve immunity. Certain food items trigger the symptoms, and hence identify them and avoid their consumption. 


  • Avoid excess sweating, tight clothing, over-exposure to sunlight, heat, cold, etc. 
  • Stay away from potential allergens. 
  • Reduce the consumption of spicy, hot, sour food. 
  • Avoid scratching of the lesions.

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