Psoriasis Ayurvedic Treatment

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease often characterised by itching, scaling, oozing etc. Common sites affected with this skin disease are trunk, scalp, knee etc although it affects the entire body. Though the exact reason for psoriasis is not clear, it can be considered as an autoimmune condition causing increased thickening of skin. Symptoms appear at frequent intervals after periods of relapse. The common triggering factors are certain medications, infections, food items, wounds etc. There is no complete cure for this condition. 

Psoriasis Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of psoriasis are different depending on the type. But the common features are patch like skin eruptions with varying size (from small spots to large patches), scaling and dryness of skin, itching, burning sensation, bleeding from skin, skin cracks etc. The colour of rash and scales may vary according to the skin colour of the individual- purple coloured rash with grey scales over black or brown skin, and reddish rash with white/ silver scales over white skin. There are different types of psoriasis like guttate psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, plaque psoriasis etc, and their signs and symptoms are slightly different. 

Psoriasis Ayurvedic Analysis

As per Ayurveda ‘Kushta’ is a disorder affecting skin. It is of 18 types depending on the dosha predominance and they have different signs and symptoms, and prognosis. In the prodromal stage, the person may experience roughness/ tenderness of skin, excess/ less sweating, colour changes over skin, burning sensation/ itching/ tingling sensation over the skin, rapid ulceration etc. Chronic cases will start oozing, and gradually due to microbial invasion skin, ligaments, blood vessels and thin bones will be damaged. 

Psoriasis Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Mithyahara (faulty dietary practices), mithya vihara (faulty habits), viruddhahara (incompatible diet), over consumption of oily/ heavy to digest/ liquid diet, frequent food intake before digesting the previous one, over consumption of curd, milk, jaggery, fish, salt, sour food, black gram, fermented food items etc, wicked deeds that cause psychological disturbances, day sleeping, certain infections etc, suppression of vomitus, indulging in physical activity soon after having heavy meals, exposure to cold (cool water, cool atmosphere etc) soon after coming from hot atmosphere etc are the causative factors of kushta. As a result, skin, lasika (lymphatics), blood and muscle tissue are got vitiated and produce eruptions over skin called kushta. 

Possible Complications of Psoriasis Disease

The usual complications are psoriatic arthritis, autoimmune diseases like IBS/ Chron’s disease/ Celiac disease etc, problems of eye (eg: blepharitis, conjunctivitis), hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, depression etc. 

Others systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Know whether the person travels a lot, as travelling is a major triggering factor. Other factors that can cause psoriasis are certain medicines (eg: drugs for hypertension), excess alcohol consumption, living in cold and dry climate etc. 

Psoriasis Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

The management of kushta/ psoriasis includes snehapana (internal administration of suitable medicated ghee or oil), snehana (external application of suitable medicinal oil- as abhyanga), swedana (sudation therapy- eg: steam bath, shirodhara), vamana (emetic therapy) or virechana (purgation therapy) as per the state of dosha and type of disease or raktamoksha (blood-letting) if needed. All these therapies are accompanied by internal medication and dietary modifications. Sometimes, the person needs psychotherapy if there is associated stress/ anxiety. 


The diet should contain more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts etc and less spicy/ sour/ salty items, curd, meat, egg etc that trigger the symptoms. Strictly follow the diet instructed by physician. 


Mild to moderate exercises are beneficial during and after treatment. Yoga, meditation and pranayama are also useful to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Psoriasis Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Follow a healthy diet plan. Exercise regularly. Avoid stress, anxiety, excessive anger/ sorrow/ jealousy etc. Stay away from incompatible food habits, unhygienic habits/ atmosphere. Practice seasonal purificatory therapies (panchakarma) to clear out the unwanted materials from the body. Apply suitable oil all over the body before bath. Expose to mild sunlight. Limit the intake of alcohol. 

Importance of Diet

The right choice of diet is essential to prevent and manage psoriasis as certain food items can trigger the symptoms. Follow the instructions of the physician before planning a diet. 


Avoid scratching or itching over the scales. Follow the diet advised by the physician. Use the prescribed medicines to add in the bathing water. Avoid drying of skin- drink plenty of water, apply suitable moisturiser or oil over the affected part. Limit the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. Stay away from mental stress/ anxiety.

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