Growing Young Ayurvedic Treatment

(Wellness Program for Senior Citizens)

The health issues of the elderly people are termed as geriatric health issues. They may be physical or psychological. The health issues of these individual are much important because of wear and tear and weakened immunity. They are prone to infections, injuries, disabilities, psychological distress etc.

Common Geriatric Issues

Due to ageing Due to chronic diseases Due to psychological problems
Reduced bone density Diseases of bones and muscles  Memory problems
Eye diseases (eg: cataract, glaucoma)  Degenerative diseases Poor coordination
Wrinkling of skin, greying of hair  Accidents  Social maladjustment
Lung diseases (eg: emphysema)  Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases etc Sexual adjustment (eg: depression, suicidal tendency)
Changes in mental outlook Increased dependency 
Hearing problem


Ayurvedic Analysis of Geriatric Health Problems

As per Ayurveda, age is mainly classified as 3 phases- young age (balya), middle age (Madhya vaya) and old age (jara, vruddha etc). Kapha, pitta and vata are the predominant dosh during these phases respectively. Kapha is mainly connected with growing, nourishment etc; pitta with maintenance; and vata with degeneration. This is the reason for wear and tear during old age. Vyadhikshamatwa (power of fighting against diseases) is also reduces during jara. All the dhatu (tissues) become gradually damaged in older people due to aggravation of vata and jara itself. Hence, they are prone to vatavyadhi (diseases of bones, joints, nerves and associated structures), kshaya (emaciation), swasa (lung diseases), hrdroga (cardiovascular diseases), arbuda (cancer), prameha (diabetes), problems of smrti (memory), anidrata (sleep disorders), loss of libido etc. 

Older people are considered as special group who are prone to several risks such as diseases, accidents, mental distress etc and they must be protected. In Ayurveda, there is a special branch of medicine called ‘Rasayana chikilsa’ exclusively for geriatric people. 

Rasayana Therapy

Rasayana therapy (rejuvenation therapy) is one of the 8 branches of Ayurvedic medicine which is meant for slowing down ageing process, maintaining dosha and dhatu balance, improving Vyadhikshamatwa etc. But it should be started from at a young or middle age. It can also be done for disease prevention/ cure even at old age, in addition with other treatments. Rasayana therapy includes not only medications and treatment procedures, but certain lifestyle/ diet modifications as well as behavioural changes also. 

Ayurvedic Interventions in Geriatric Health Issues

  • Hypertension-   Increased blood pressure can be effectively managed with Ayurvedic medicines. It is caused by srotorodha (blockage of channels in body) and vitiation of pitta. Some procedures such as siropichu (retention of medicine over the head), siro abhyanga (head massage with suitable oil), sirodhara (irrigation of head with medicines), pada abhyanga (foot massage), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine) etc are effective in reducing hypertension. 
  • Heart Diseases- Heart is the main location of pitta in body. Excess intake of food and drinks that aggravate pitta, along with mental factors such as excess anger/ stress/ anxiety/ suppression of tear and bowel etc are the causative factors of hrdroga (heart diseases) as per Ayurveda. Internal medicines along with abhyanga, mild swedana, virechana, vasthi, uropichu (retention of medicines at chest region), pada abhyanga etc are the common treatments. 
  • Diseases of Bones and Muscles- Joint pains, muscle pain, stiffness, restricted movements, deformities, numbness etc are caused by aggravation of vata (vatavyadhi). These are effectively managed with Ayurveda if the treatments have been started earlier. 
  • Stroke- It is exclusively a vatavyadhi (disease due to aggravation of vata). Ayurveda can effectively treat paralysis, facial palsy, disabilities etc if the care has started earlier. 
  • Cancer – Arbuda (cancer) are abnormal growths due to vata. The major causative factors are incompatible food, unaccustomed food, toxins in food etc. Internal administration of medicines, procedures like vasthi, nasya etc are very beneficial in this condition. Along with these, yoga, meditation, pranayama, psychotherapy etc can be given as per the condition. 
  • Diabetes – Prameha (diabetes) is mainly caused by faulty dietary and lifestyle practices such as excess intake sweets, heavy food, oily food, sedentary habit, stress etc. Effective diet therapy and behavioural modification along with appropriate medication can treat diabetes. 

Psychological issues like parkinsonism, depression, Alzheimer’s disease etc- These problems develop due to damage of brain cells due to old age. Ayurveda improves the functioning of nerves and slows down the disease progression by controlling vata. Specific internal medicines are available for these issues. For mental support, psychotherapy, yoga etc are provided. Major treatment procedures include snehana, swedana, nasya, vasthi etc.

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