Delayed Milestones in Children Ayurvedic Treatment

Milestones are the important turning points during the growth journey of a child where the developmental changes like crawling, talking, standing etc are expected to be happen. Any delay in the developmental changes from the anticipated time can be termed as delayed milestones or developmental delay. In a normally developed child 4 types of skills are expected to be achieved- gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills and social skills. The possible causes of this condition are genetic predisposition, premature birth, complications during pregnancy or childbirth, infections during infancy or early childhood, malnutrition etc. 

Delayed Milestones Signs and Symptoms

The child with developmental delay shows delayed onset of age specific skills, which include cognitive functions, motor skills, social skills, language and speech etc. The common signs are delayed crawling, rolling over, and sitting up; delayed talking/ difficulty to speak; problems in memory, learning, problem solving, social communication, performing everyday tasks, etc. 

Delayed Milestones Ayurvedic Analysis

Sarvanga vata (vitiation of vata all over the body) is the condition in which all the organs are affected with vata and is characterised by disabilities, difficulty to move the body, problems with speech, memory, reflexes etc. Vyanavayu (which controls all the activities in body), pranavayu (associated with intelligence, memory etc) and udanavayu (related with speech, memory, voluntary actions etc) are vitiated here. 

Delayed Milestones Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

The possible causes are birth injuries, beejadosha (genetic factors), krimi (infections), problems during pregnancy (garbhopaghatakara bhava), vatala ahara seva by garbhini (pregnant women consuming excess amount of food items that aggravate vata) etc. 

Possible Complications of Delayed Milestones Disease

Usual complications are cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, mental retardation, fragile x-syndrome etc. 

Others systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Consider other conditions like malnutrition, seizures etc before planning treatment. 

Delayed Milestones Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Ayurvedic management of delayed milestones is focused on pacifying vata and improving agni. Symptomatic care is provided- with internal medication, procedures like snehana (oil massage), swedana (eg: pizhichil), virechana (purgation therapy), vasthi (enema with suitable drugs), lepana (external application of medicinal pastes), siropichu (application of cotton soaked in suitable oil over the head) etc. Along with these, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, behavioural therapy, special education, and speech and language therapy are also provided. 


The diet of the child must be healthy and nutritious enough. Include more vegetables, nuts, fruits, milk, fishes, egg etc in diet. 


Passive exercises are included in physiotherapy. When the child achieves muscle power and reflexes, they are allowed to perform active exercises. Yoga (with assistance) is also effective. 

Delayed Milestones Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

This condition cannot be prevented but certain precautions can be adopted by the mother during pregnancy time in order to prevent the possible risk- like get vaccinated, prevent infections, avoid habits that harm the foetus, etc. After the birth of child, avoid the environmental risk factors such as radiations, chemicals, injuries, infections etc. 

Importance of Diet

Ensure adequate nutrition to the child. Certain food items can vitiate vata and further worsen the condition. Choose the right food with the help of physician. 


  • The parents should accept the child’s condition, support them to achieve the milestones and improve their special skills.
  • Avoid chances of falls, injuries, infections etc.
  • Eat healthy nutritious food.
  • Avoid over-exertion and mental stress.

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