Cushings Disease Ayurvedic Treatment

Cushing syndrome is characterised by higher levels of cortisol hormone (produced by adrenal gland) in the body. It can be caused either by over production of the hormone in body (endogenous Cushing syndrome) or by excess administration via medications. The characteristic features of this condition include fatty hump at the back of neck, pink or white stretch marks over the skin, and round face. Endogenous Cushing syndrome is usually caused by pituitary adenoma (non-cancerous tumour of pituitary gland), a tumour secreting adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) in lungs/ pancreas/ thymus or other organ that is not usually producing this hormone, diseases of adrenal gland or inheritance. 

Cushings Disease Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of Cushing syndrome may vary depending on the levels of cortisol in body. The common features are buffalo hump, fat deposition at the middle of upper back, moon face, fragile skin that bruises easily, slow healing wounds, stretch marks at arms/ thighs/ breast/ abdomen, acne etc. Less common symptoms/ signs include- fatigue, darkening of skin, headache, muscle weakness, new or worsened hypertension, emotional outbursts, reduced bone strength resulting in repeated fractures, recurrent infections, cognitive difficulty, depression/anxiety etc. In particular, there may be irregular menstruation and abnormal hair growth on face and body in women with Cushing syndrome. In men, Cushing syndrome causes reduced sexual drive and fertility, and erectile dysfunction. 

Cushings Disease Ayurvedic Analysis

Over production or blockage of natural factors in body (like enzymes, hormones, secretions etc) is due to srotorodushti (vitiation of channels). It is caused by agnimandya (reduced power of transforming energy). Agnimandya causes deranged production of bodily factors resulting in weak bones, fragile skin, abnormal fat deposition, problems with fertility etc. 

Cushings Disease Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Agnimandya is caused by viruddhahara (incompatible food), adhyashana (food consumption prior to the digestion of previous food), day sleep, sedentary habit, excess intake of heavy/ oily/ cold food etc. 

Possible Complications of Cushings Disease

Common complications are type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, reduced muscle mass, recurrent infection etc. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Check whether there is any other hormonal issues, diabetes, hypertension etc before planning the treatment. 

Cushings Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Internal medicines are given to correct agni and remove srotodushti. Along with these, procedures like udwarthana, snehana, swedana, vamana, virechana, nasya etc are given according to the state of dosha. Dietary modification and exercise are mandatory to tackle the condition. 


Reduce the intake of oily/ heavy to digest/ cold and spicy food. Include more whole grains, vegetables having bitter taste, fruits, nuts etc in diet. Drink plenty of water. 


Mild to moderate exercise are recommended. Yoga, meditation and pranayama are also beneficial. 

Cushings Disease Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

It cannot be prevented effectively as the exact reason for endogenous Cushing syndrome is not known. Exercise regularly. Take healthy nutritious food. Avoid stress. Limit the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. maintain healthy body weight. Those developed by medication can be prevented by wise modification in medicine as per the physician’s advice. 

Importance of Diet

Choose the right diet during and after treatment as per the guidance of physician in order to regulate the production of cortisol hormone. 


Follow the dietary restrictions, exercise daily, avoid stress and stick on to a healthy lifestyle.

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