Meniere’s Disease Ayurvedic Treatment

The disease affects the inner ear (often single ear) which cause giddiness and hearing loss. It usually begins at middle age though all ages are affected. The actual reason of this disease is not understood, yet changes in the levels of endolymph (fluid in inner ear) is found to be a cause. 

Meniere’s Disease Signs and Symptoms

Meniere’s disease usually causes hearing loss, recurrent vertigo (giddiness), fullness in ear and ringing/ hissing/ other sounds in ear (tinnitus). 

Meniere’s Disease Ayurvedic Analysis

A group of symptoms like bhrama (vertigo), Karnanada/ karnakshweda (tinnitus) and badhirya (hearing loss) occur in karnaroga (disease of ear) caused by vata. Aggravation of vata causes vitiation of kapha (Tarpaka kapha) in ears. 

Meniere’s Disease Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Tarpaka kapha in ears get vitiated followed by increased vata in urdhwajatru (above neck region). Kapha dushti leads to altered functioning of the indriya (sense organs) especially ear. The common causes of karnaroga (disease of ear) are exposure to cold wind/ mist/ loud sound etc, indulging in water games, stress etc. 

Possible Complications of Meniere’s Disease

Chronic Meniere’s disease will lead to permanent hearing loss, frequent episodes of vertigo, increased chances of falls and accidents, stress and reduced quality of life. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Check whether there are any autoimmune diseases like SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus), rheumatoid arthritis; diabetes; injury or disease of head etc before planning treatment. 

Meniere’s Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Treatment is based on the symptoms and cause of the disease. Avoiding the triggering factors is necessary. Shiro abhyanga (oil massage over the scalp), shiro dhara (irrigation on head with suitable oil), shiro vasthi (retention of medicinal oil over scalp), shiro pichu (application of cotton soaked in suitable oil over scalp), karnapoorana (filling of ears with medicinal oil), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine) etc are then common treatments along with interna medicines. 


 Avoid cold, dry and spicy food. Include more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, juices, nuts, milk etc in diet. 


Avoid exercises during the attack of disease. Otherwise, indulge in mild to moderate exercise, yoga, meditation and pranayama as instructed by the physician. 

Meniere’s Disease Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Meniere’s disease cannot be prevented as the exact cause is not known. Limited intake of dietary salts, alcohol etc helps a lot. Quit smoking. Avoid speaking loudly for long periods. Regular oil massage on head along with retention of suitable oil in ears can reduce vata in above neck region. Exercise regularly. Ensure adequate sleep. Avoid stress and use protective measures in ears while listening to high volume music, travelling etc. 

Importance of Diet

Food that further increase vata will worsen the condition. Follow a diet as per physician’s guidance. 


Avoid long travelling, looking downward or upward continuously, hearing too loud voices, speaking loudly, jerky movements etc. Control blood pressure. Limit the consumption of salt and alcohol. Apply suitable oil on head and perform karnapoorana (retention of medicated oil in ears) as per physician’s advice. Indulge in mild to moderate exercise/ yoga/ meditation.

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