Otalgia Ayurvedic Treatment

Pain in ear (persistent or intermittent) is medically called otalgia. The common cause of otalgia in children is otitis media (middle ear infection). Referred ear pain or secondary otalgia is the condition where pain in ear is transmitted from another sites like jaw, teeth etc. Other possible reasons of otalgia are external ear infection (eg: swimmer’s ear- infected ear in swimmers), allergies, altitude changes, foreign body in ear, perforations (holes) in ear, loud sound etc. 

Otalgia Signs and Symptoms

The usual symptoms or signs are pain in ear, fever and irritability. Small children with otalgia will cry continuously. 

Otalgia Ayurvedic Analysis

The pain in ear is called ‘Karnashoola’ in Ayurveda and is caused by aggravation of vata. Other dosha also can cause Karnashoola

Otalgia Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Vataja karnashoola is caused by injuries, water games, infections, foreign bodies in ear, excessive exposure to loud sounds, speaking too loudly etc. Its symptoms are ear pain, headache, stiff neck, aversion to cold etc. Paittika karnashoola will cause ear pain with burning sensation, sudden pus formation, local temperature around ear, discharge from ear etc and is caused by infections, intake of spicy/ hot food etc. Kaphaja karnashoola will cause pain in ear along with heaviness of ear/ head, itching in ear, thick discharge from ear etc. Its causes are exposure to cold wind/ mist etc, intake of food that increases kapha, infections etc. Karnashoola due to vitiated rakta will show similar symptoms of paittika karnashoola. All the dosha may simultaneously aggravated and result in karnashoola

Possible Complications in Otalgia Disease

If left untreated, the pain may increase and interfere with daily activities. Other complications are serious infections spreading to other parts, perforations in ear etc. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Check whether there are any diseases of ear, teeth, brain etc before planning treatment. 

Otalgia Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Snehapana (consumption of medicated ghee that reduces vata) at night, local swedana (sudation), karnapoorana (filling the ear canal with suitable medicine), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine), shirovasthi (retention of medicinal oil over the head)/ shirodhara (irrigation with medicated oil/ decoction over the head), lepana (local application of pasted medicine), karnadhoopana (fumigation with medicinal fumes), gandusha (gargling) etc are the common treatment options in karnashoola depending on the dosha state. Internal medications are also given along with these procedures. 


Consume more semi-solid/ liquid diet which are easy to digest, containing more whole grains, vegetables, soups (vegetable or meat) etc. Try to eat warm food. Avoid the intake of dry/ cold/ spicy food. 


During the painful episodes, its better to avoid exercise. 

Otalgia Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Avoid speaking too loudly, hearing very loud sounds, travelling a lot, swimming in polluted water etc. Apply suitable oil in ear canal daily. Prevent infections. Do not insert anything inside ear canal. 

Importance of Diet

Choosing right diet can help easy recovery. The physician will recommend a diet plan depending on the state of dosha


Avoid over-exertion, long travels, hearing loud voices, speaking loudly, exposure to cold wind, head bath etc when there is pain in ears.

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