Bursitis Ayurvedic Treatment

Bursitis is the inflammation of bursa (cushion-like structure filled with fluid around joints/ tendons/ muscles) characterised by pain. Common sites are shoulder, elbow and hip. Repeated movements or compression over the joint/ tendon cause the inflammation, and proper rest is enough to reduce the inflammation. It may also be caused by injuries, arthritic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, gout etc. 

When the bursa at the elbow (olecranon process) is inflamed by repeated trauma due to compression of the elbow on desk (while writing), it is called Student’s elbow/ olecranon bursitis. It can also result from infection, direct trauma to the elbow, bone growth over elbow etc. 

Prepatellar bursitis/ Coal miner’s knee/ carpenter’s knee- is the inflammation of bursa at the front of knee. It is often caused by continuous kneeling, direct trauma, infections or arthritis of knee. Infrapatellar bursitis affects the bursa (superficial or deep) just below the kneecap. 

Bursitis Signs and Symptoms

Pain and stiffness of the joint which increase on movements or by pressing, redness and swelling are the common signs/ symptoms of bursitis. 

Bursitis Ayurvedic Analysis

Vata is aggravated due to over-activity, trauma etc and it dislodges at the sandhi (joints) resulting in pain, restricted movements and swelling. It is called ‘sandhigata vata’ in Ayurveda

Bursitis Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

The main causative factors of vata vruddhi in joints are repeated movements, trauma/ injuries, lack of proper rest etc. 

Possible Complications of Bursitis Disease

Severe and chronic pain, and muscle atrophy are the major complications of bursitis. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Consider other conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, infectious diseases, diabetes etc before planning the treatment. 

Bursitis Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

It depends on the cause, state of dosha, occupation, prakruthi, and age of the patient. Internal medications are given along with rukshana (if ama is present- eg: dhanyamla dhara), snehana (external application of suitable oil), lepana (external application of pasted medicine), upanaha (bandaging with suitable medicines), agnikarma (cauterisation) etc. Supportive therapies like physiotherapy and yoga are also provided. 


Avoid spicy, dry, very hot and cold food. Drink more water. Whole grains, legumes, pulses, green vegetables, leafy vegetables, milk and dairy products etc are good to consume. 


Do regular exercise for maintaining the health and flexibility of the joints. Avoid exercise during periods of inflammation. 

Bursitis Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Use protective pads over the knees if you need to kneel frequently. Avoid bearing heavy weights. Exercise regularly. Do proper warm-up and warm-down before and after workouts. Take adequate rest in between tiring works. Maintain healthy body weight. Apply suitable oil over the joints before bath. 

Importance of Diet

Avoid the food items that increase inflammation. Sticking on to a healthy diet during and after treatment promote the recovery. 


Avoid compression over the joints and bursae. Drink more water. Maintain healthy normal weight. Indulge in regular exercise. Follow proper warm-up and warm-down prior to and after exercise. Do not lift/ hold heavy weight. Wear proper protective measures while practicing/ playing sports.

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