DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) Ayurvedic Treatment

These are a group of diseases characterised by gradual weakening and loss of muscle mass. A number of varieties of muscular dystrophies are there, and the most common one starts from childhood itself (especially in boys than girls). Other types often manifest during adulthood. No treatment can cure the disease, only symptomatic care is provided. 

DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) Signs and Symptoms

The main feature of all muscular dystrophies is the progressive muscle weakness. The signs and symptoms of each variety are different. Duchenne muscular dystrophy is the common type and its signs and symptoms are muscle pain and stiffness, frequent falls, toe walking, delayed growth, difficulty to raise from sitting or laying position, abnormal walking style, difficulty to run or jump, large calf muscle or learning disabilities. Children are the victims of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Similar symptoms with less severity occur in Becker muscular dystrophy. In Myotonic muscular dystrophy, the person feels difficulty to relax the neck or facial muscle after contracting first. This is common among those having lean face and neck. Congenital muscular dystrophy begins from birth itself or its symptoms are evident before 2 years of age. Several other types of muscular dystrophies are there, and their signs/ symptoms are different. 

DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) Ayurvedic Analysis

Diseases from birth are termed as ‘Beejabhaga avayava dushti’ (chromosomal or genetic abnormalities) in Ayurveda. Mamsa dhatu kshaya is the reason for weakness of mamsa dhatu (muscles) and their reduced growth/ bulk. 

DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

The causative factors are srotorodha (blocked channels of nourishment) and agnimandya (weakness of transforming energy that converts rakta dhatu/ blood into mamsa dhatu) in mamsa dhatu

Possible Complications of DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) Disease

Walking disabilities, shortening of muscles and tendons, breathing and swallowing difficulties, scoliosis and heart disease are the major complications. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Consider other diseases like heart problems, breathing disorders before planning treatment. 

DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

The management is based on correcting the agni (transforming energy within dhatu), srotorodha (blockage of srotas/ channels of nourishment) and mamsadhatu kshaya. Internal medicines are given to improve agni and nourish mamsa dhatu. Snehana (internal/ external application of suitable oil all over the body), swedana (mild- eg: njavara kizhi), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine), anuvasana vasthi (enema with suitable oil) and rasayana therapy (nourishing treatment) are the major treatments provided. Pranayama, yoga and physiotherapy are also beneficial. Those developed due to Beejabhaga avayava dushti cannot be cured completely. 


Include more whole grains, nuts, meat soup, ghee, milk etc in diet. Avoid excess intake of spicy/ bitter/ astringent tastes, light food, curd etc. 


Mild to moderate exercise and yoga are recommended to strengthen the muscles. 

DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Muscular dystrophy cannot be prevented, as most of them are congenital in origin. The symptoms can be reduced by daily oil massage, consumption of healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Importance of Diet

Take food items that promotes muscle strength and growth. Food which increases vata will worsen the symptoms. Follow the instructions of physician for getting a good diet chart. 


Do regular exercise and daily oil massage over the body. Take proper rest. Avoid excess intake of spicy/ very hot/ cold/ dry food, skipping of meals, continuous travelling etc that will lead to vata vruddhi (aggravation of vata).

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