Hemiplegia Ayurvedic Treatment

When only one side of the body is paralysed, it is called hemiplegia. It is caused by diseases or injury to brain or spinal cord. Depending on the cause, hemiplegia may be temporary or permanent. The common causes are stroke, haemorrhage (bleeding) or aneurysm in brain, trauma to brain, spinal cord injuries, birth injuries to brain, hematomas, brain tumours, certain diseases like multiple sclerosis and infections such as meningitis, encephalitis etc. 

Hemiplegia Signs and Symptoms

Weakness of either side of body, difficulty to do daily activities, problems with walking/ speaking/ swallowing food/ drinking water etc, partial or complete loss of sensation, problems with cognition, mood etc, rigid or loose limbs, seizures, deviation of mouth to either side, slurring speech, drooping of saliva etc are the common signs and symptoms of hemiplegia. 

Hemiplegia Ayurvedic Analysis

Pakshaghata/ Pakshavadha/ Ekangaroga is a type of vatavyadhi where either side of the body become paralysed. As a result, the person feels difficulty to perform activities. It develops when aggravated vata attacks sira (blood vessels) and snayu (tendons/ ligaments) in body. Pakshaghata caused by vitiation of vata is very difficult to cure, and those mixed with other dosha (pitta or kapha) too are not easy to manage. The disease caused by kshaya (degenerative causes) are incurable as per Ayurveda

Hemiplegia Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Aggravation of vata is the cause of Pakshaghata. Vata is increased by over intake of bitter/astringent/ pungent tastes, very cold and dry food, skipping of meals, taking very less amount of food, over exertion, injury/ trauma, stress etc. 

Possible Complications of Hemiplegia Disease

If not treated well, it is a life-threatening condition. Chronic cases will experience difficulties to do daily activities. Bed sores often develop after long periods of laying on bed. Bladder or bowel incontinence is another complication. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Consider other disease like hypertension, diabetes, renal disorders etc before planning treatment. 

Hemiplegia Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

The management of Pakshaghata is determined by the cause of the disease, state of dosha and type of the disease. If ama s present, rukshana is done (with internal medication and procedures like udwarthana, pinda sweda, etc). Otherwise, snehana is done (internally and externally) followed by swedana (eg: kizhi, dhara), virechana (with suitable oil), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine) and vasthi (with decoction, oil). Snehana and virechana is the major therapies in pakshaghata. Along with these, physiotherapy, yoga and pranayama are provided as supportive therapies. 


Include more whole grains, vegetables, liquid or semi-liquid food, milk etc in diet. Avoid bitter/ stringent/ pungent tastes, very dry and cold food and very light food. 


Physiotherapy or mild exercises that enables movements of the affected part is essential part of treatment. Yoga and pranayama enhance the quality of life.

Hemiplegia Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Avoid over straining with the body, speech and intellect. Take adequate rest in between continuous activities. Apply suitable oil all over the body before bath. Take nutritious diet. Avoid chances of accidents and traumas. Take proper care of infections. Control diabetes, hypertension, cardiac diseases etc. Maintain healthy body weight. Quit smoking and limit the intake of alcohol. Avoid bearing weight over the head/ shoulders. 

Importance of Diet

Right diet enhances speedy recovery. Follow the instructions of physician about diet. Food items that aggravate vata will worsen the condition further. 


Take medicines properly. Maintain personal hygiene if the person is bed ridden. Try to move body/ body parts in frequent intervals. Walking is a good exercise. Consume healthy diet. Sleep adequately. Avoid stress/ anger/ sadness.

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