Infective Arthritis Ayurvedic Treatment

This is a type of inflammatory arthritis which involves a sudden onset of severe joint infection. The common infective agents are bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. Infectious arthritis usually affects a single joint, (though other joints can also get affected) when the infectious agent enters the joint and causes inflammation. The risk is more for those who underwent joint replacement surgery, weak immune system, history of other joint disorders like gout, animal bite, wounds etc. Early diagnosis and management are mandatory to prevent severe joint damage and spreading of infection. 

Infective Arthritis Signs and Symptoms

The early signs and symptoms of septic arthritis are severe joint pain, fever, swelling, reduced range of motion of the joint, redness around the joint, skin rashes, loss of appetite, fatigue, irritability etc. Knee is the most affected joint, though it can occur at other joints. There may be other symptoms depending on the type of infection. Gradually, it causes damage of the tissues in joints. 

Infective Arthritis Ayurvedic Analysis

Agantu roga are the diseases that manifest due to external factors, and there will be invasion of the disease-causing agent first followed by signs and symptoms. Here, the external factor is infectious agent (krimi- microbes like bacteria) which may enter the body by trauma, injury etc. The disease affects sandhi (joints) and presented with symptoms like joint pain, swelling, stiffness, redness etc which are similar to vatarakta, kroshtuka sheersha (a type of vatavyadhi), Amavata etc. Rakta and vata are vitiated here damaging sandhi, and raktavaha srotas. Presence of ama causes fever, stiffness, loss of appetite etc. 

Infective Arthritis Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

It is caused by agantu factors (krimi) when the vyadhikshamatwa is deranged. Shleshaka kapha, vayu, rakta are vitiated here and it is resultant from prolonged usage of ushna, teekshna, ruksha, vidahi ahara, sedentary habit, trauma etc. 

Possible Complications of Infective Arthritis Disease

Infectious arthritis if left untreated, may lead to permanent tissue and bone damage in joints, which will interfere with daily activities. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Check whether there is any history of skin infection, osteomyelitis, joint replacement surgery, iv drug usage, prolonged antibiotic therapy etc. Reactive arthritis also shows similar signs and symptoms, but there is no joint infection. 

Infective Arthritis Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Symptomatic care can be provided- using internal medicines that can alleviate ama; and procedures like rukshana (eg: mid udwarthana/ dhanyamla dhara etc), swedana (eg: kizhi, steam bath), virechana (purgation therapy), vasthi (with suitable drugs), raktamoksha (blood-letting therapy), lepana (external application of pasted medicines), agnikarma (cauterisation) etc. Along with these, proper diet and lifestyle modification are also recommended. 


The diet for infectious arthritis involves easily digestible items which will fight against infection. Include more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat soup etc in diet and avoid spicy, hot items. 


Mild to moderate exercise are recommended here. Practice them with the guidance of a physician. Supportive treatments like physiotherapy, yoga etc are beneficial. 

Infective Arthritis Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

All the measures that are adopted for preventing arthritis can be incorporated here. Improve the immunity by following a healthy diet plan and lifestyle. Ensure aseptic conditions while undergoing joint replacement surgery. Avoid chances of animal bites, cuts and wounds. Exercise regularly. 

Importance of Diet

Healthy diet improves immune power and thereby prevents infections. Those food items that worsen the symptoms must be avoided. Proper diet is equally important as treatment in disease management. 


  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat wisely. 
  • Avoid stress.


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