Scoliosis Ayurvedic Treatment

The deviation of spine to either side is known as scoliosis. Some children develop scoliosis (even from birth), but its exact reason is not known. In adults, it gradually develops following diseases of spine (eg: arthritis). 

Scoliosis Signs and Symptoms

Deviation of spine to one side and elevation of shoulder, hip and shoulder blade on single side. 

Scoliosis Ayurvedic Analysis

Aggravated vata dislodges at kasherukasthi (spinal bones) and deforms it. As a result, the person may experience difficulties to do simple works (eg: bearing weight, bending), or pain. 

Scoliosis Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Vata is aggravated due to over-activity, injuries/ trauma, intake of bitter/ astringent/ pungent tastes in excess, dry and cold food etc. In children, birth defects can cause vata vruddhi (increased vata). 

Possible Complications of Scoliosis Disease

The major complications of scoliosis are pain, breathing difficulty (if the deviation is at the upper part of spine) and problems with physical appearance. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

It is often associated with some neuromuscular diseases (like cerebral palsy) or birth defects in children, and in adults with spinal cord abnormalities, infections or arthritis of spine. 

Scoliosis Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Treat the underlying condition and strengthen the spinal muscles. Internal medications along with procedures like rukshana (eg: udwarthana/ medicinal powder massage), snehana (external application of suitable oil), swedana (sudation therapy- eg: steam bath, kizhi), nasya (nasal instillation of medicines), virechana (purgation), vasthi (enema with decoction and oil/ ghee), brumhana (nourishing and muscle strengthening- eg: njavara kizhi), therapy lepana (external application of pasted medicines), bandages, kati vasthi (retention of suitable medicinal oil at the affected part), lumbar weight, physiotherapy, yoga etc are provided depending on the cause, state of dosha and several other factors. 


The diet should be easy to digest, containing more of whole grains, green vegetables, milk, ghee, nuts etc that can alleviate aggravated vata. Avoid very cold/ hot, spicy, dry food, curd etc. 


Mild to moderate exercise/ yoga can be done that provide support and strength to the spine and spinal muscles as per the direction of physician. 

Scoliosis Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Avoid abnormal body postures. Treat diseases of spine as soon as possible. Avoid chances of accidents/ falls. Daily oil massage is recommended to normalise vata in body. Take healthy balanced diet having all the six tastes. Ensure adequate rest. Avoid bearing heavy weights in hands, shoulders or head. 

Importance of Diet

Proper diet enables fast relief. Following the food items that aggravate vata, will worsen the condition even with appropriate treatment. 


Use lumbar belt/ support. Avoid over-exertion. Do regular exercises/ yoga. Stick on to a healthy diet. Avoid long journeys and extremely cold conditions.

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