Post Covid Rehabilitation Ayurvedic Treatment

People after been affected with and recovered from COVID-19 sometimes develop/ continue to have a group of symptoms for long period, and the condition is called post- COVID symptoms/ post- COVID 19 condition/ long COVID. This condition often starts about 3 months after recovered from COVID 19 and lasts for at least 2 months. 

Signs and Symptoms

The most common symptoms of post- covid condition include general fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, chest pain, recurrent fever, frequent muscle pain, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog) like memory problems, poor concentration etc, persistent cough, palpitation etc. 

Ayurvedic Analysis

Infections vitiate vata, pitta and kapha producing body aches, cough, cold, breathing problems, muscle ache, digestive complaints, skin problems and so on. Long term diseases (vyadhikarshana) cause aggravation of vata, decreased quality of dhatu (tissues), and poor Vyadhikshamatwa (immune power). It results in debilitation, organ damage, various discomforts, cognitive disfunction, poor quality of life etc. 

Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Covid is an agnathu roga (developed by entry of disease-causing factors from outside) and it further causes tridosha dushti (vitiation of vata pitta and kapha) leading to derangement of agni. As a result, Vyadhikshamatwa is reduced, dhatushosha (deranged tissue) occurs resulting in severe fatigue and other symptoms. 

Possible Complications

Though not so common, some people develop complications like cardiovascular diseases, sleep disturbances, loss of smell, frequent lung infections, skin rashes, mood changes, depression etc. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Some people develop other systemic diseases after being attacked by corona virus. They include diabetes, cardiac disorders, neurologic problems etc. 


Symptomatic care is provided along with treatments to remove agnimandya, tridosha dushti and increase Vyadhikshamatwa. Management may vary depending on the symptoms. Internal medication along with mild virechana (purgation), nasya (nasal administration of drugs), sirodhara (irrigation of scalp with suitable medicine) etc are provided. Supportive therapies like yoga, pranayama, psychotherapy etc are also given according to patient’s condition. 


Include more semi-solid or liquid food in diet. Avoid cold, dry, heavy to digest food items. Consume vegetables, sour fruits, nuts etc that improve immunity and digestive power. 


Mild to moderate exercise including breathing exercises should be done regularly as per the guidelines of physician. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are also effective. 

Preventive Aspects

For preventing the post-covid symptoms, one should put efforts to prevent Covid 19. Get vaccinated, follow the instructions by authority, and improve the immunity by taking healthy food, regular exercise etc. Ayurveda offers a number of medicines to improve the immune power to be used as primary as well as secondary prevention. Nasya (nasal administration of suitable drugs), dhoomapana (inhalation of medicinal fumes), etc are prescribed to practice on a daily basis to clear out the airway, prevent infections and increase immunity. 

Importance of Diet

The diet of person with post-covid symptom is very important. It must contain food items that increase immunity, good for respiratory system, and at the same time not worsening the symptoms. 


Avoid over-exertion. Follow a healthy dietary plan. Mild to moderate exercise is recommended to practice. Stay away from potential allergens, infective agents etc. Try to improve the immune power. Avoid long travel, smoking, alcohol intake, cold and dry food etc. Ensure adequate sleep and follow the preventive measures mentioned above.

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