Post Spinal Surgery Rehabilitation Ayurvedic Treatment

Every surgical intervention has risk and complication. Spinal surgery is generally the last option to manage diseases of spine. Prolonged or serious health condition involving back pain often needs surgery of spine. The common condition that requires spinal surgery are disc prolapse (slipped disc), bone spur/ osteophytes, abnormal curvatures of spine like scoliosis, sciatica, spinal cord compression, osteoporosis of spine etc. there are a variety of surgical interventions depending on the health condition of spine/ vertebra- like discectomy (removal of disc/ part of disc), laminectomy, disc replacement, spinal fusion surgery etc and all these can be grouped as 4 categories- discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion and kyphoplasty/ vertebroplasty. 

Common Complications of Spinal Surgery

  • Infections
  • Nerve root injury
  • Dural tear
  • Blood clots or haemorrhage
  • Cauda equina syndrome
  • Chance of recurrence 
  • Paralysis 
  • Cement leakage after vertebroplasty

In Which Conditions Ayurveda Can Help?

Even after surgery, some people experience recurrence of the problem/ symptoms. Ayurveda can help to reduce the symptoms along with improving the strength and health of vertebrae. Certain complications of spinal surgery like paralysis, cauda equina syndrome and nerve root injury, Ayurvedic interventions are effective. 

What Ayurveda Can Do in These Conditions?

Ayurvedic treatment is focused on reducing the compression on nerve roots, strengthening the spinal muscles and vertebrae, reversing the growth of bone spurs, by pacifying vata (the dosha which is responsible for diseases of locomotory system). Paralysis, recurrent back pain/ neck pain etc are grouped under ‘vatavyadhi’, which has very effective treatment in Ayurveda. In cauda equina syndrome, Ayurvedic interventions are aimed at managing the nerve impingement. 

Common Treatments in Ayurveda for Post-spinal Surgery Complications

The treatment often varies depending on the problem. Internal medications are given to balance the tridosha, manage the tissue damage (asthi/ bones, mamsa/ muscles, majja/ bone marrow) and strengthen the vertebrae and supporting muscles. Procedures such as rukshana (eg: podikizhi, dhanyamla dhara etc), snehana (abhyanga), swedana (eg: pizhichil), virechana (with suitable oil), nasya (nasal instillation of medicine), vasthi (enema with suitable drugs), bandage, lepana (external application of powdered medicines), pichu (applying cloth soaked in medicines over the affected part) etc can be provided according to the condition.

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