Eczema Ayurvedic Treatment

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterised by itching, dryness and inflammation of skin. It is common among young children though all age groups are affected. There may be periods of recovery in between relapses. It will not spread by touching.  Genetics plays an important role in the manifestation of eczema. The affected skin lost its ability to retain the moisture content and hence it becomes prone to infections, allergies etc. Invasion of large number of staphylococcus aureus is another reason for eczema, as it can destroy the useful bacteria from skin that maintain the barrier function. 

Eczema Signs and Symptoms

Even though the signs and symptoms vary widely among individuals, the common features include itching, drying, cracking, thickening, swelling, rashes (of varying colour depending on the skin colour), rough eruptions, oozing etc of/ on skin. 

Eczema Ayurvedic Analysis

Vicharchika is a type of kushta (skin disease) characterised by profuse itching, skin eruptions, blackish discolouration and oozing. 

Eczema Causative Factors (Ayurveda)

Kapha is the more vitiated dosha due to incompatible food intake, over consumption of heavy food/ oily food/ milk/ curd/ fish/ fermented food etc, frequent food intake before digestion of previous one, alternate exposure to heat and cold etc. 

Possible Complications of Eczema Disease

Common complications are asthma, food allergy, skin infections, permanent skin discolouration, hay fever, chronic scaling of skin, allergic contact dermatitis, sleep issues, psychological disturbances etc. 

Other systemic diseases and precautions to be taken

Ask whether there is any food allergy, asthma etc before planning treatment, as they are often affects people with eczema. 

Eczema Disease Management with Ayurveda Treatment

Internal medications along with procedures like udwarthana (powder massage), snehana (internal and external), swedana (sudation therapy- eg: steam bath), vamana (emetic therapy), virechana (purgation), lepana (external application of suitable pasted drugs) etc are provided. In addition to these, strict diet modification is also given. 


Avoid the triggering food items and causative food items (eg: fish, curd). Limit the consumption of spicy, oily, cold food. Drink more water. Take more whole grains, vegetables, fruits etc. 


Mild to moderate exercise can be done as per the instruction of physician. Yoga, meditation and pranayama are also effective to reduce stress. 

Eczema Preventive Aspects in Ayurveda

Eat healthy nutritious food only when feel hungry and digestion of previous food. Do not accustomed with fish, curd, heavy and oily food etc. reduce the intake of salty, sour and spicy food. Apply suitable oil over the body before bath. Do seasonal purificatory therapy (panchakarma). Ensure adequate sleep. Limit the consumption of alcohol and quit smoking. Do not expose body to alternate hot and cold atmosphere. Exercise regularly. 

Importance of Diet

Avoid the triggering and causative food items during and after treatment. Selection of right food is essential to achieve better results of treatment. 


Follow the dietary modifications advised by physician. Apply suitable oil over the body before bathing, avoid rubbing/ scratching skin. Limit the intake of alcohol and quit smoking. Avoid stress. Use soft cotton dresses that won’t irritate the skin. stay away from other triggering factors.

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