Immunity Plus Ayurvedic Treatment

(To improve immunity)

Immunity is the body’s ability to prevent disease causing agents and other foreign bodies. A new born baby has an inherent capacity to fight against foreign bodies and microbes and is called innate immunity, whereas the immunity which we gradually gained during ages is called acquired immunity. Immune system involves spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, antibodies, certain cells called macrophages, white blood cells, lymphocytes etc. 

Immunity Related Problems

When the immune system fails to work properly it causes immune system disorders. They may be primary immune deficiency (child born with weak immune system), acquired immune deficiency (weakening of immune system following a disease), allergic responses due to over-active immune system and an immune system attacking one’s own body (autoimmunity). 

Common immune system disorders are- severe combined immunodeficiency, temporary acquired immune deficiency, AIDS, overactive immune system disorders like asthma/ atopic dermatitis or eczema/ allergic rhinitis/ anaphylaxis, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis/ diabetes/ systemic lupus erythematosus etc. 

Ayurveda and Immunity

Ayurveda mentions Immunity as Vyadhikshamatwa (the ability to withstand diseases), and Bala (power to resist diseases). Vyadhikshamatwa includes vyadhibalavirodha (ability to fight against manifested diseases) and vyadhi utpadaka pratibandhakatwa (preventing the manifestation of diseases). It is also described that everyone does not have same level of Vyadhikshamatwa as same food/ environmental factors etc produce certain difficulties in only some people which clearly indicates they are having a poor Vyadhikshamatwa. In case of Janapadodhwamsa (epidemics/ pandemics) it is recommended to stay away from the place where disease is spreading (isolation) in order to maintain vyadhikshamatwa. Kapha dosha is responsible for maintaining body’s vyadhikshamatwa

Bala is the visible outcome of ojas. The supreme power that enables transformation of one dhatu (tissue) from other is called ojas. If all the dhatu are in their normal healthy state we can say that ojas is intact, and it can be detected by one’s bala (immune power). Bala is of three types- sahaja (obtained by birth), kalaja (acquired by time) and yuktikruta (attained by using proper food and medicines). A lot of regimens are described for pregnant women for begetting a child with good immunity. After birth, certain rituals, regimens and food recipes are mentioned to boost the immunity of the child. Healthy food and behaviours provide strong immunity. 

Conditions Where Ayurveda Can Help

Autoimmune disorders can be treated well with Ayurveda. They include rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, SLE and so on. In conditions involving over-active immune system, Ayurveda helps to normalise the functioning of immune system- eg: skin allergies, anaphylaxis, asthma. Ayurveda can also improve the weakened immune system which causes several infections and diseases frequently. 

How Does Ayurveda Work? 

Ayurvedic offers un-interrupted functioning of bodily tissues by maintaining agnibala (transforming energy in body) and improving ojas. Treatment procedures like shodhana (purificatory therapy) clear out the bodily channels which are involved in dhatu parinama (tissue development), and thereby enable the ojas to reach up to last dhatu (sperm and ovum). The un-interrupted flow of ojas implies bala of the individual. Kapha dosha is maintained at a healthy state to attain vyadhikshamatwa. Healthy diet and behaviour along with medicines that provides rejuvenation (rasayana) offer good vyadhikshamatwa by nourishing dhatu

In conditions involving over-active immune system, Ayurveda treatments are aimed to pacify the aggravated pitta. Treatment of autoimmune diseases involve correction of rakta (blood), pitta, and vata.

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